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         "I like to think I am creative with how I kill and torture people. My favorite act is the spleen balloon animals."

File:Rose VV.PNG
Player: @Zakuno2
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Rosamia Clark/McClymont
Known Aliases: Webmaster Rosamia
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5'11
Weight: Undisclosed
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Scottish
Occupation: Wraith Spider
Place of Birth: Inverness Scotland
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Isle
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Bruce McClymont (Father) Ailie McClymont (Mother Presumed dead) Tela McClymont/Clark (Sister)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Various Shark like abilities
Power Suit allows energy blades to form from hands, Can also produce shields of various functionality.
Officer of the Wraith Spiders



Rosamia's energy powers stem from her power suits. The original power suit was created by Aeon Labs for the crab spider special forces unit run by Mako. Since the first suit Rosamia has commissioned upgrades and entirely new suits from Aeon Labs to make her a more efficient killer.


The primary ability of the suit allows for pure energy to be channeled through the hands to various thicknesses and masses. Rosamia usually channels this energy into blades on her forearms, as she prefers to cut off her foes body parts. For more dire situations she focuses the energy into a solid round mass. She then uses this to break bone and systems the are too armored for the blades to reach.


Rosamia's power suit also allows energy to be transmitted into shielding. Rather than being transmitted through the hands the energy is run through her back. The energy is the pulled forward forming a protective bubble around her. But this comes at a cost as the shield cannot block more than physical blows and a more determined attacker would eventually break through. Over time the power suit has been upgraded so the shield protects against a greater influx of attacks. From elemental attacks to energy. The suit also allows itself to "Overload" Providing maximum protection. This in essence makes Rosamia invincible able to shrug off most attacks. This comes at a cost as the shield batteries run out of energy quickly causeing all systems to crash until energy can be restored.


Rosamia's personality is brash and sarcastic. She can make a joke about an issue that her commanders would surely kill her for. Rose has very little compassion for human life. She in fact takes pleasure in making peoples lives miserable. Rose has a love of killing and torture. She considers herself to be a "Creative expert" on the issues. She constantly experiments on her prey, always looking for a way to develop her craft further. The only two things Rose respects is power and family. Rose believes that Absolute power corrupts but that power is also absolutely awesome. Rose respects the family unit above all else. She believe that a family should look out for each other and form a bond of unity. She loves her family fiercly and would destroy Recluse himself if he ever harmed them.


Like all recruits who join the elite inner circle of Mako's Crab Spiders, Rosamia was infused with a very special DNA strain. The DNA of Mako himself. Since the original infusion her mutations have wildly taken control. She has mutated into what only be described as "A Killing Machine." Her hands turned into claws, her teeth became sharp and pointed, gills formed on her neck, and worst of all..... she has lost most of her self control. The mutations have sometimes been blamed on her outlook on life and flat out cannibalism, as Rose never used to hurt or torture people. The mutations have also effected her stomach acids making them incredibly strong. Rose is able to digest almost any substance, from meats and veggies, to metal and steel, there is very little rose can not eat.



TH-114 was born Rosamia McClymont on October 07th 1982 in the city of Inverness Scotland. Rosamia's mother was a homemaker and father a ship builder in the Merkinch district of Inverness. A direct result of this was Rose's exposure to the Sea and her love of the ocean grew as she did in age. Rose went through school with very few friends, she preferred to spend time with her father as they both had a passion for sailing. Her life was calm and uneventful save for the small war that raged in this district.


In the Merkinch district since the late 40's there was a small war that raged for control of the ship building facilities and distilleries that dotted the area. Nemesis troops dotted South Kessock controlling the whole area. What Nemesis wanted with the facilities was never clear. But they where a constant irritant to the 5th Column troops. The 5th Column occupied the factories along the Caledonian Canal. The local 5th Column where an infiltrated Nazi army the came to the area in the early 40's. They where only loosely affiliated with the 5th Column in Paragon. Their war for the area lasted decades. Rose was fearfull of the 5th Column soldiers and tended to stay away from them as much as she could. The Nemesis soldiers on the other hand she found to be kind. As she was later heard to be saying, "I liked those Nemesis soldiers. They used to play with me and give me candy."


Several events happened in a short ammount of time that caused rose's life to change forever. At the age of 6, Tela, Rose's Sister was born. Rose spent less and less time with her father and more time helping her mother with her sister.Rose adored her little sister and ended up spending more time playing with her than anything else. At the same time all the shipyard in the area where mysteriously bought out. The new owners a "Cage Consortium" had quickly bought up all local businesses in the area. Mass amounts of workers where either laid off or moved out of the area to a place called Sharkhead isle. Rose's father was one of the latter.


Rose's entire family was relocated to Sharkhead isle. Her father was sent to work repairing ships in Port Recluse while her mother stayed home. Rose's mother came up with the idea of registering their children with new last names in order to help them fit in with the local children. Rose's father was strongly against this. He believed that they didn't need to get in the way hundreds of years of family progress just to make one comfortable and forbade is wife from changing their names. Ailie changed their names out of spite.

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