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Talus Nightmare creation

Talus Nightmare was created by the devious Dr. Kane Valos, librarian of Paragon High School. Jacob was simply walking down the hall when he supposedly heard a crash in the library. He checked the library and saw Mr. Valos, normally called Mr. Kane by students, chanting a foreign language while standing over a pentagon, clearly drawn with red marker in the center of the room. "Leave this place at once, student. I must remove your memory of this moment." He blasted Jacob with a strange red beam. He was transformed into nothing but a head. This head had spider legs. You'd become sick at the sight of it. He scurried out the window, forgetful of the past. Eventually he made it to the hands of an alchemist, Travis, who gave him his steel-winged body.

Talus's Powers

Talus's powers were created by himself, with the help of Travis. He learned alchemy from Travis, and has surpassed Travis's alchemy skill by a huge amount. This includes electricity control and energy blasting. If Talus's abilities are absorbed by technological means, Talus will be greatly weakened. Talus has nearly unlimited stamina considering he doesn't have a body, nor does he have muscles or blood.

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File:Screenshot 2008-11-18-16-48-20.jpg
At his first glance of Steel Form...
Talus Nightmare
Player: @RobotoHQ
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper, Brute.
Security Level: Blaster, 23. Brute, 1.
Personal Data
Real Name: Jacob
Known Aliases: Wings of Steel, Jakester, Silver Storm
Species: Human, however due to transformation he's half-alchemy.
Age: Eighteen, nineteen soon.
Height: About '8 in all forms excluding original form.
Weight: Over 500 pounds in Steel form, about 150 in fake-body form.
Eye Color: Hazel when in fake-body form, blue in natural(steel) form.
Hair Color: Black when in fake-body form, brown in natural(steel) form.
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Ex-Arachnos Operative, Hero
Place of Birth: Unknown due to memory loss.
Base of Operations: Unknown due to memory loss.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown due to memory loss
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Inhuman strength(overall, mainly villain), flight (overall), energy and electricity release (Hero Only)
His steel armor due to the incident.
Can be very serious and thoughtful at times, otherwise a fun-loving type of person.
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