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Technic 'Yubi
Player: @Technic 'Yubi
Origin: Magic/Science
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Technic
Known Aliases: Tech, Techy, Foxguy, Mr. Fox
Species: Bio-Experiment/Meta-Creature 'Fox Anthro'
Age: 19 (appearance)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 195lbs
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Red with a Green spot in the center of his bangs
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Mercenary/Student
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Unknown [Any are presumed Deceased.]
Known Powers
Shadow creation and manipulation, Lightning creation and Manipulation, Slow Regeneration.
Known Abilities
Knowledge of some machines, good with building when his mind is put to it, vast knowledge of magic and fighting styles.
Blast goggles [Serve no purpose] Scarf, Small assortment of bladed weapons he uses in combat on occassion.
Tech tends to mix his abilities around, combining them with one another to for better attacks.
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Real Name: Technic

Known Aliases: Tech, Technic, Techni, Foxie [self refering.], FoxGuy, Mr. Fox

Identity: Public

Occupation: On/Off Mercenary, 'Student'

Affiliations: Academie de Vindicta, Faraway Avalon, This Blue Earth

Physical Attributes

Height: 6'0"

Weight: Around 195lbs

Eyes: Silver, full silver, no pupils, iris, etc...

Hair/Fur: Shoulder length with a little spikey appearance to it. Red in color, with the exception of the front/middle of his bangs, which are green. Tech's fur is Black, with unique red stripes. Stripes run down the side of his arms and legs, starting at his shoulders and waist, ending at his wrists and ankles, respectively. About an inch wide each stripe.

Meta-properties: Large fox ears, Fairly large and poofy Fox Tail, feet that resemble paws.

Character History

The Failed Experiment

The Lost One

The Technician

The Restless Blade

The Isles


Technic tends to be a little scatterbrained at times, going from this, that, and the other thing quite a bit during conversations. He'll sometimes start conversations, and end up going off on little tangents every which way, occassionally coming back to the original topic. He does have the potential to be serious, but he doesn't act on it too much. He can come off a little dark towards people he doesn't know, but also can be to his friends when in a foul mood. Though at the same time he can come off very joking to new people, teasing and making cracks at them or things around them, but he means them all in good fun.

He's very excitable when it comes to fighting, he thrives off the action in fact. He'll usually get too into the moment and sometimes can go too far with the fight, much to the misfortune of his opponents. He's the kind of person who burns through all his power within the first several minutes of a fight, leaving him mostly defenseless. There are times when he can become arrogant of his skills and overstate feats of power he's accomplished. Though at the same time, he can also belittle himself and say he's not strong enough, or as strong as he wished he could be.

Tech tries to act silly when he gets the chance, one of his personal mottos being "weird is Good!" Though he's sometimes a bit of a downer when in the wrong moods, which can change on a dime half the time. Tech also has a problem with being easily embarrassed, and tends to blush a great deal during conversations behind his black fur. This has lead to him becoming a bit more 'shy' when around people, even his friends. He's become more quiet over time, but bringing up something that grabs his interest will allow him to engage more actively.

Likes / Dislikes

Weaknesses and Limitations


Technics powers revolve around his ability to create and manipulate elements and his energy in anyway he wishes. He's only capable of creating and manipulating Fire, shadow, and lightning elements along with his own energy. He has the ability to use any of these with one another, and he does so freely. He enjoys mixing and matching different levels of these elements to create effects he's not even looking for sometimes.


Technic's main form of attacking and basis for most of his magic and arts. While he does not quite understand where the source of his dark powers originate, they are a major part of his being. His level of control and understanding of Shadow and Dark magic are to the point where he can create solid weaponry and objects, or use them as projectiles. The projected 'blasts' will usually take the form of some type of bladed weapon, due to his preference of Swords and sharp objects them it comes to weapon based combat. This includes needles, daggers, shurikans, anything he can think of.

The Shadow magic is what seems to define Technic as a fighter and a person. While they have no direct link to his personality or psyche, the energy that bases itself in the shadows and darkness are most easily detected by any readable Aura. The Shadow also augments his physical strength and stamina, allowing him to increase the amount of damage he can deal, though has very little impact on his ability to resist damage at all. It's also very useful for reducing his opponents ability to detect or see him, even more so when he is fighting, as it causes a sort of blurring effect. His control over this 'element' also gives him further abilities when he wields his Shadow Blades, a set of blades he either discovered or created through the use of refining Shadow. He doesn't quite understand it himself.


Technic's 'secondary' element, while not as refined or controlled as Shadows, are part of what define his abilities. While unsure of just how many Volts or Amps he is capable of putting out when pushed to his limits, he typically prefers to keep them below anything that is considered 'lethal'. He is also unable to control it as well as he does Shadows and Darkness, he is unable to wield lightning as a 'solid' object, no forming it into weapons or bladed gear. At the very most he is capable of running a visible current along his body or along an already created weapon, allowing him to augment attacks directly.

Electricity or Lightning is also associated with speed and quickness, and this is no less true when it comes to Technic. The electrical currents he is capable of controlling, are also linked to him and augment his speed, allowing him to move faster than most. It also seems to have a immense impact on his reaction. He's able to react quicker than most anyone he really knows, to the point where he claims it's almost like seeing his opponents in slow motion. This only seems to kick in when his blood is pumping and his adrenaline is going, which is only during combat. It is a useful skill, as it allows him to survive longer during a fight by avoiding most hits directed at him. The effects can also be seen in his down time though, when out with his friends. The augmentation could very well be the source of why he seems to frequently stare off into space. Perhaps it shuts off his brain from time to time, or maybe he's actually running through a lot of things in his head, multitasking. It's hard to say.


Technic's ability to manipulate and control energy is not as obvious or defining as his control of the other two powers, but it's still part of who he is. For the most part, the control over energy allows him to shift and alter the energy of attacks directed towards him. Allowing him to effectively redirect an attack, be it away from his body, or back towards the enemy before him. This, when paired with his reaction time, allows for a very decent defense to keep himself alive during battle. It requires very little focus for him to do this, as he can see the attacks coming, and he can quickly alter his body or the energy around him to shift the attack.

The ability to manipulate energy has very little impact on any other part of his character. He will very rarely use a 'pure energy' based attack like a projectile, he doesn't often employ 'Ki' or 'chi' attacks. He will occassionally use it to project one of his attacks, to give it a sort of 'energy signature' to his shadow or lightning strikes.


Technic's ability to Regenerate from damages and wounds are not an automatic thing, nor are they Instant. He needs to consciously put forth an effort to heal from any of his wounds at an advanced rate. He has to focus his attention away from a fight, and put the energy forth towards the wounds to allow them to clot and heal. Normally this takes but a couple minutes, which leaves him open for attacks during a fight. As a fight progresses, depending on Technic's level of remaining energy, or his focus, this varies as well. If a match is long and drawn out, his energy reserves would begin to deplete and thus allowing less to be focused into healing, this is also true is one manages to break through his normally calm and arrogant personality during a fight, leaving him irritated.

He is also capable of regenerating lost limbs, but this requires him to enter a sort of 'Coma-like' state, that leaves him completely vulnerable to any surprise attack. With that being said, he will have to find a place of sanctuary to 'sleep'. Depending on the extent of the wounds or lost body, the process itself could take anywhere from 24 hours, to 7 days.

Technic's Stamina, or Endurance is exceeding high all on it's own, as he's had to train himself to have as such, as he seems to burn an excessive amount during a fight. It could be simply because he goes all out, or it could be a design flaw in his creation. He is capable of slowly restoring his energy during a fight, but it requires a sort of rest period, where he doesn't attack, and usually ends up defending, which can drain him more, but not as quickly as he would if he was fighting back.


Technic, as he feels foxes should be known for, is also well trained in the arts of agility and acrobatics. As such, this training allows him to move more fluidly around the battlefield when in combination with his reaction time. A lot of his movements could easily be mistaken for a type of 'dance' or 'break-dancing' as he will admit to. From this combination of skills, is also where his cockyness and arrogance stems when he engages in combat. He can be seen 'showing off' when he fights, as it feels it helps get into his opponents heads.

When his agility is combined with his naturally augmented strength and speed, it allows him to also perform a sort of 'super jump', which allows him to leap in excess of fifty feet into the air, or to perform such feats such as running along or up walls, as well as wall-jumps and the alike. These skills are quite handy to him as he has long since lost the ability to fly, and needed to train himself to get around from one place to another quickly.

Heightened Senses

Technic was created with the abilities centered around that of a fox, his senses have adapted to such a way where it has the potential to hurt if given the right stimulus. At one point in time, he could make the claim he could 'see' Auras if he focused his energy into it, but he has since lost this ability, requiring an external source of focus, this being a pair of enchanted eyeglasses he is rarely seen without. He typically doesn't employ this ability during a fight, but usually will before a fight to see what he is going up against. While unable to 'see' them without assistance, he is still able to sense someone by the presence of their Aura or power, which still allows him to get a feel, but not as accurate.

His hearing is quite powerful itself, allowing him to hear a good distance away if he focuses on it. He's also trained himself to be able to focus on and hear two different sources at the same time, thanks to the ability to just naturally pivot and turn his ears. This allows him to listen in if something catches his focus, though he rarely does this as it still splits his attention. While focusing on listening, it's easy to distract and harm him in this manner, as it's possible to disable him with sound. Something loud enough will cause him to stop, and usually try to get remove himself from, or destroy the source of sound.

Associates and Friends

Charater footnotes

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