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Player: Player2
Origin: magic
Archetype: dominator
Threat Level: 26
Personal Data
Real Name: Ursula Baader
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: human
Age: unknown
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 133 lbs
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Citizen of Germany
Occupation: treasure hunter
Place of Birth: Straubing, Germany
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
earth control, electrical assault
Known Abilities
various mystic talismans & arcane texts, jetpack
No additional information available.



Other Associations


Status and appearance matter very much to the woman known as Terra-Joule. As a young woman in Nazi Germany, she worked very hard to acquire a position of prominence serving the Führer. When the Third Reich was crushed, she faded into obscurity for a time, though she enthusiastically established her usefulness with the 5th Column when that organization surfaced and has continued to prove herself a valuable asset to its leadership. Since learning of him, Terra-Joule's priorities have shifted to doing everything she can to serve the evil alternate reality version of Statesman known as the Reichsman. In her ideal fantasy, he overthrows the nations of this world and rules with an iron fist... with her as his bride.

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Terra-Joule is a tall, blue-eyed, very blond Bavarian woman with a curvacious but athletic figure. Her usual attire is a black leather jacket and skirt reminiscent of her uniform when she served the Third Reich during World War II. Since acquiring powers, she wears a domino mask which is heavily associated with the costumed adventurer community as a symbol of her desire to belong to something greater than mere humanity. In more recent years since her debut on American soil, she has occasionally worn a proper "super villain" costume which consists of a white leotard and full black and red cloak.


Terra-Joule's powers are the result of investigations into occult texts and artifacts on behalf of Adolf Hitler during his reign over the German empire during World War II. Though she was subservient to her male counterparts on such missions, she possessed both the drive and talent for mastering the arcane forces they sought for their Führer. Much of her research dealt with elemental magic which enables her to cast spells to control earthen and electrical forces, however she has learned various spells which grant her abilities outside the traditional elements. Of these, the greatest of her powers is immortality, a secret which she did not even share with the Führer himself. Terra-Joule neither ages nor can she be killed by mundane forces. She herself was unaware that she had acquired this gift until roughly twenty years after the war concluded and she had not aged a day.

Earth Control

Terra-Joule can manipulate stone to entrap and crush her foes. She knows additional spells in this element, but has yet to master them.

Electrical Assault

Preferring electricity --a combination of air and fire magics-- over the earth, Terra-Joule can hurl bolts of lightning and super-charge her muscles for destructive melee attacks.


Terra-Joule maintains a vast private collection of mystic trinkets and magical writings, many of which she stole from her own people after World War II had ended. She convinced herself that it was to keep such power out of the hands of the Allied Forces, but truthfully it was done out of her own selfish lust for power. Despite her education and decades of exposure and experience with arcane forces, much of her collection is beyond her own magical ability to use. She continues to study and experiment in hopes of unlocking even greater magical secrets which she might use to further her agendas.

Weaknesses and Limitations

Despite being virtually immortal, Terra-Joule can be harmed as any normal woman can. However, she suffers no long-term side effects from injuries and cannot be killed. She has more than once suffered injuries that should have proven fatal or, at least, permanently disabling. Although she recovers, the pain and trauma have occasionally put her out of commission for days at a time while her body recovered.

Character History

Born to humble upbringing in the small Bavarian town of Straubing, Ursula Baader became enraptured by the Third Reich when she attended a rally in Nuremburg as a teenager. She quickly rose in rank amongst the Führer's favored agents for her dilligence and results in the field. She became a chief assistant on a number of expeditions seeking various occult secrets. Her thirst for knowledge lead her to become fluent in many languages and the study of archaeology and mysticism. Through her research and handling of certain arcane texts, she gained true power over the elements as well as, to a lesser extent, time and space.

After the fall of the Third Reich, she faded into obscurity for a time only to discover that she had become virtually immortal through the powers she wields. Throughout the history of the 5th Column, she has worked under the codename of Terra-Joule. Presently, she desires to see Reichsman become the new Führer of this world and become his wife so that she may rule at his side.


With super-humans becoming a fast-growing facet of the population, Terra-Joule quickly abandonned what she considered archaic notions of racial purity. Her new vision has all of humanity as inferior to those who wield power. But even amongst those with special abilities, she maintains a segregated world view.


Terra-Joule has faced Miss Liberty several times in the past. As of yet, she has not faced the hero's daughter, Ms. Liberty, but is most likely looking forward to such an occasion.

As usurpers of the 5th Column's powerbase, Terra-Joule views The Council with great disdain. They show no respect for tradition and she has no use for them. Likewise, they view her as an out-dated relic that has stubbornly refused to move forward. More, that she actively opposes their goals for no other reason than spite is an insult to their authority. With the resurgence of the 5th Column, dealing with Terra-Joule has become more problematic than ever.

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