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In her -glorious- name!
Player: @Thefixer
Origin: Mutation, UGE
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Rebecca E. Tessella
Known Aliases: Erinyes, Erin, E.
Species: Human
Age: 20
Height: 5'10
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Red (Dyed Black)
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Arachnos Fortunata Mistress
Place of Birth: Parker, Colorado
Base of Operations: Cap Au Diable
Marital Status: In a relationship
Known Relatives: Classified
Known Powers
Major Mind Minipulation and Telekinisis
Known Abilities
Classified, Powers Classification Charile Plus
Standard issue breastplate and helment, impervium weave catsuit.
Tess can't work wiki's. Lawl.

((A work in progress. Bare with me folks, typoes incomming! =) ))


The Past

The Early Years

Rebbecca E. Tessella was born and grew up in a small suburb of Denver, Colorado along with her sister, Lauren. Her early years were mostly unremarkable, showing no outward signs of any psychic abilities whatsoever, and lead a quiet life as one usualy does in a quiet rual community. She was a different person then, even in outward pysical appearence. With flaming red hair and bottle green eyes, Tess easily dominated everyones attnetion in her younger years. Becca did well in her sudies, stayed out of trouble, and was remarkably...unremarkable.

The Incident

It was about mid morning on bright, warming summer day in Becca's 18th year. The sun had come up and was begining to warm the pavement, the birds were singing, and the air had the crisp quality of fresh rain from the night before. Bad things shouldnt happen on beautiful summer days, however the following incident is seared into the minds of those left alive to recall it.

Becca was standing in line at a bank, waiting to cash a paycheck from a lucerative little summer job she had fell into. Fresh out of High School and into the 'real world' at last, she was reflecting on how well her life had been progressing. A steady boyfriend, an interesting job, first down payment going through when she finially got to deposit the check in her hand...things were going to be just fine.

If only.

Standing in line in a crowded bank, Becca's life suddunly took a violent turn for the worst. It was at this time, 10:30 on a saturday morning that Becca's powers manifested. A victem of of spontanious genetic expression, she came into her powers all at once with absoultely no control whatsoever. And in the confines of a small, populated building, the results were catastrophic. Becca's unrestrained psionic potentail whiplashed through the crowd with horrific force, rending the minds of all those near her and gaining power with each mind destroyed. Storms of telekenitic energy swept up everything not bolted down...and many things that were and hurled it around the room with punishing force and deadly results. Even the heavy steel vault door was torn from its hinges and hurled through the front doors of the bank.

In the space of a few breaths, over thirty people had died. Becca stood immobile in the center of the storm, writhing in agony as previously unused centers of her brain were catapaulted into a frenzy of activity. Surrounded by a tightly swirling mass of debris, bodies and gore, she was the very immage of carnage. Rebecca was Rebecca no more.

Capture and Inprisonment

Not long after the inital shockwave had instantly redecorated the bank, security forces and police were already mobilizing for what they thought was a robbery in progress, or some form of terrorist attack. The brave men and woman of the Parker Area Police were soon at the doorsteps of what had quiclkly become a slaughterhouse. Demands of cease and surrender only made things worse as a tramatised Tessella effortlessly ripped apart her surroundings. The building was eventually gassed and an unconcious Tessella heavily sedated. She was summerily tried and interred at the Zig, the only place equiped to deal with a prisoner of her talents.

Tessella was drugged and placed under psionic dampeners to exist in a sort of chemically induced coma for years. Feed and hydrated through tubes, she was rarely brought around to even half conciousness, for fear of what her powers might do. The cocktails and dampeners served to crush her mind and spirt and eventually even her powers begain to receed, and would have been eviedent if she would have ever been allowed to awaken. Instead, she existed, a living a life unlived, a living zombie bound to a table, destined to never awaken again.


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