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REAL NAME:Grant Miller
ALIAS(ES):Rave Spider
RELATIVES:Senator Michael Miller (Father), Allison Miller (Mother), Adrian Miller (Brother)
BASE OF OPERATIONS:Talos Island, Rhode Island
PLACE OF BIRTH:Providence, Rhode Island
LEGAL STATUS:Dual Citizen of the United States and European Union with a criminal record, now pardoned
OCCUPATION:Adventurer, Crime-fighter, Competitive Break-dancer
AFFILIATIONS:The Headliners (Former), The Infiltrators, The Challengers (?), The Freedom Phalanx, The Midnight Squad, D.A.T.A, The Vanguard
ENEMIES:Phanto, Exadeus, Showtime, Powerlaser, Mountain Ogre, Dr. Zoo, Dr. Lazarus Crom, Warcry, Lord Recluse, Emperor Marcus Cole, Cap'n Mako, Black Scorpion, Clarissa Van Dyne, Nemesis, Tyrone Hammer, Donald Fitzer, Gyrfalcon, Dreck, Clamor, The Center, Requiem, etc. (Notable enemies from nearly every known villainous organization in the world)
HEIGHT:5'9" WEIGHT:168lbs EYES: Normally Hazel, upon usage of powers eyes have been known to emit a light blue glow HAIR:Jet black
POWERS/WEAPONS:Subject possesses a mutant survival instinct that grants him the ability to adapt and overcome any challenge regardless of circumstance. This is categorized as both a Prodigal and Olympic level "muscle-memory". This ability also allows the subject to alter his molecular and physical relationship with not only himself, but the world around him in order to thrive. This power adaption alongside his brains' ability to retain information leaves the subject with a near limitless supply of powers and abilities ranging from Density control, tactile telepathy, and energy manipulation, to near light-speed travel, exceeded only by the fastest man on the planet: Johnny Turbo. It is theorized that the rate of the subjects growth in power and knowledge of his abilities is exponential with no end in sight without physical extinction of the subject overall. With this fact in mind, our supposition that the subject will inevitably become the most powerful mutant on the planet is considered to be mathematically accurate by 97.7%.

REPORT - Orthrus 0022
(Transferred from ORTHRUS 0022's Alpha log on subject: Grant Miller/Rave Spider)

It should be noted that subject is considered an "Omega Level" Metahuman with the ability to psionically alter his molecular relationship with himself and others. It has become apparent over time that the subject possesses a Factor 17 evolution rate, in that his abilities are scaled to the 17th differential. In lamens terms, as the subject is exposed to greater threats to his person or to objects or individuals that he deems worthy to protect, his abilities expansively evolve per Darwinistic classifications of survival and evolution in order to adapt & overcome.

Psychological and sociological charting reveals that the subject's vast majority of abilities are pooled and accessed at a subconscious level. However, bearing in mind the factor level of Grant Miller's power rank; it is to be assumed that his abilities and mental knowledge will grow in triplicate, with the amount of time shortening exponentially by an indetermined mathematical rate.

Subject is a known hacker in several deep web communities, with a general understanding of neurocomputing and nanotechnology. His adaptive inventive abilities and high ratio IQ make him an incredibly versatile tool for usage. However, social and psychological triggers have made Grant Miller very wary of group, team, and corporate structures. It is advised when engaging the subject that personal leverages be used in order to gain trust or placate.

Physical reports indicate that the subject is highly dextrous, can press weights now exceeding 100 tons, and can render himself intangible at will. Employ the usage of power dampeners if engaging subject; any and all forms of physical attack are considered to be highly erroneous. Psionic engagement is preferred. Specific authorization required for all units excluding Cerberus Unit regarding physical confrontation. Subject is a highly skilled martial artist, and a versatile combatant due to his brief, but dense history of combat with foes exceeding his power level greatly.

It is theorized that if used correctly, #27 could prove to be the most powerful asset that we have yet to acquire. However, extremely careful means must be used in order to achieve positive results, as subject is extremely dangerous, highly adaptive & incredibly intelligent..

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