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Becoming a Member

Becoming a member with the Neo Crusaders is not difficult: simply contact a member of the Supergroup in game and inform them of your wish to join. Either they will induct you themselves, or let someone who can induct you know that you're interested. We traditionally do RP introductions when a new member is introduced into our ranks, but this can be skipped in favor of a simple 'out of character' explanation of the information you would've received during that time.

Notable members to contact if you're interested in joining would be Sozyn/Aeolon at the global @Sozyn, KuroKitten/Valor Sun at the global @KuroKitten, or Honor Moon at the global @Honor Moon.

Some Rules

We are heavily opposed to godmodding. Everyone character is powerful in their own right, but if one can create and destroy universes and uses this power to lord themselves over the rest of us, there is no fun in playing with him/her. We suggest that if your character is this powerful, that you tone it down out of respect for the give and take of RP. We take godmodding seriously, and if we see you do it, or hear complaints that you are RPing in this way, we'll discuss it with you, and let it slide twice. On the third strike, you will be kicked out of the SG. RP should be fun for everyone, not just you.

It is important that you attempt to respect grammar and spelling. We're not grammar Nazis, but we'd like to understand what you are saying when you RP with us. Please refrain from using abbreviations like 'u', '2', 'idk', 'idc', etc., when in character.

Activity is important to us, but it's not more important than real life. We have a twenty day absence kick policy, but we will re-invite as long as you contact us when you would like to come back. If prior arrangements are made with one of the group's superiors, this guideline does not apply.

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