The Neo Crusaders Foreword

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A Foreword:

"Let me begin quite simply by saying that my story doesn't start like that of a conventional hero. I wasn't blessed with superpowers or a heart of gold. I wasn't given the means to fight injustice, and I wasn't given insight into human morality. I walked the line, and I crossed it, more often than I can count. I've broken, paralyzed, tortured and killed. I've taken down Paragon's finest when no violence was necessary. I was filled with rage, and had a misguided moral compass. It wasn't until I met my partner and best friend, Aeolon, that I turned over a new leaf. Some of you agreed with what I did before, some of you did not. For most of you, my actions are not ones I can be forgiven for, but that is a weight I brought upon myself.

"It doesn't matter. My past is behind me and I am here as a new man. I realize today that my draconian, one-man army approach did nothing in regard to the bigger picture. I was just one man. Now, I've pooled my resources and collected my contacts to build a group that will fend for the well-being of humanity.

"With some friends and the help of a benevolent sponsor I managed to bring together a collection of true, selfless heroes that are willing to fight for all of you.

"Today, we're a small organization known as the Neo Crusaders. We come together to fight against anything that threatens the safety of humanity. We stand between you and whatever force attempts to prey upon you. We are soldiers in a never-ending fight for your existence. You may not agree with some of the methods we employ, but they're a lesser evil indulged only to protect you. We allow ourselves to be taken by some of the darkness so that we can best fight it. I used to be a reckless, angry young vigilante with no regard for human life, seeking justice for my own self-gratification, but now I rise with others to fight for those that cannot fight for themselves. We lead a campaign against any and every threat, and only death will stop us from keeping you safe.

"We are the Crusaders."

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