The Tomorrow Knights

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The Tomorrow Knights
Saving Tomorrow by Protecting Yesterday
Leader: Saturn-Nine
Group Colours: Blue and White
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Frequently
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Leader Discretion
Contact: Saturn-Nine
Silver Age Theme

The Tomorrow Knights are a fictional supergroup of heroes role-played in The City of Heroes MMO on the Virtue Server. Members are either from the 32nd Century or were recruited in present-day to assist with the primary and secondary goals of the group. The Tomorrow Knights are based on the Silver Age group called "The Legion of Super-Heroes"




In an effort to gather intelligence to complete their mission, The Tomorrow Knights have formed alliances with groups of heroes on Earth with beliefs that match their own. Alliances have currently been formed with the following supergroups:



This is a quick and dirty Timeline for those of you in the Tomorrow Knights of my idea for the future they come from (additions and suggestions welcome!)

2007: Second Rikti War

2008: The Team arrives in the Past

2045: The Nictus War

2100: Multi-Dimensional Alliance formed

2200: Arachnos is finally driven from the Rogue Isles, forced off planet

2225: Arachnos attacks Mars.

2227: In the battle of Phobos, Arachnos defends it's Martian foothold, drives off concerted heroic assault, kills Miss Liberty 3. Last public appearnace of Statesman.

2228: Spider City begins construction in the Olympus Mons Crater

2229: Paragon City's expansion engulfs all of Rhode Island, official becomes Paragon Megalopolis.

2300: MegaTokyo destroyed by giant, radioactive monster from space.

2525: Man's Still Alive, Woman Survives

2600: Earth teams with Heroes, Order reigns.

2655: The Psychic Wars, Alliance forged between earth and Mu Two Penal Colony of Saturn built, ESPers imprisoned there.

2800: Neo-Arachnos War, contact with Saturn Penal Colony Lost

2825: In the second Battle of Phobos, Neo-Arachnos forces driven back from earth, the moon of Phobos is destroyed before it can be dropped on Paragon.

2900: The United Worlds are formed, uniting various planets and even alternate dimensions including Praetoria and the Rikti homeworld.

3000: During Millenium celebrations, the Praeotian ambassador is killed, ties with Praeotia cut.

3100: Contact with Saturn Penal Colony re-established by Portal Corp.

3105: Tomorrow Knights formed by Time Inc. as a force of young heroes from across the worlds of the U-W.

3108: Due to massive time distortions, a group of Tomorrow Knights venture back in time to stabilize and save the future.

(Copied from's forum, original post by Gothik Gloria) --FredrikSvanberg 03:15, 25 February 2008 (MST)




Founding Members
Saturn-Nine | Aspera | Atom Girl | Barometrica | Crumplezone | Ferrite | Ice Moonling
Incredibubble | Kyudo Kid | Queen of Lemuria | Speedforce | Twilight's Daughter | Ultragirl | Void Girl

Junior Members
Dyna Max | Galaxy Gal. | Incandescent Boy | Star Jester | Kinmedic | ABRAHAM | Lady Zephyr
Thermal Radiance

Former Members
Ice Fall
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