The Vigilants

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Vigilance to the last!
The Vigilants
Type: Heroic Supergroup
Debut: Apr 28, 2012,
founded by Sally Galvis
Colors: Blue and Gold
Logo: Cube
Website: The Vigilants
Overseer Galvanized Gal
Warden Lunar Plight
Warden Maverick One
Levels: Any
Play style: Casual, Hardcore
Roleplay: Expected and Required
Timezone(s): US Eastern to Pacific -

see website for details

Recruiting: Yes
Contact: Any current leader, as above

Emblem Cube3Small.pngConcept

The concept of this SG came on a whim after being asked to come back to CoH. A classic themed SG with a modern, techno twist, dedicated to global threats over minor ones. It was influenced a lot by the like of The Avengers (Size, style, Focus), Justice League (Style), and SHIELD (Focus). We wanted a small, intimate group with an ability to roleplay and respect for the classics.

Emblem Cube3Small.pngMission

The Vigilants are an enclosed organization dedicated to the safeguarding of Earth and its inhabitants against intergalactic and interdimensional threats. Their focus is primarily on alien and otherworldly beings, though, they still take the time to deal with more localized threats out of a sense of duty.

Emblem Cube3Small.pngCurrent Roster

Active Membership

Name Archtype Origin Primary Secondary
Galvanized Gal Scrapper Technology Staff Fighting Electric Armor
Lunar Plight Controller Natural Dark Control Dark Affinity
Quick Quills Scrapper Mutation Spines Super Reflexes
Blue Ward Blaster Technology Energy Blast Energy Manipulation
Curetes Brute Technology Broadsword Shield
Etienne Remy Brute Natural Staff Fighting Regeneration
Proto-Sentinel Brute Technology
Bright-Light Peacebringer Natural Luminous Blast Luminous Aura
Techspert Scrapper Technology Broadsword Shield
Dashed Hope Blaster Technology
Marcellus Boothe Corruptor Natural Beam Rifle Kinetics
Hameln Brute Mutant Staff Fighting
Vorlent Controller Technology Ice Control Time Manipulation
Gal Ray Corruptor Technology Beam Rifle Traps
Legatus Zetta Scrapper Natural Staff Fighting Regeneration
Erebus Prime Scrapper Magic Dark Melee Invulnerability
Snake's Bite Scrapper Mutation Spines Regeneration
Silver Osprey Scrapper Natural Staff Fighting Super Reflexes

Emblem Cube3Small.pngHistory


The creation of The Vigilants came about thanks to a single girl known as Galvanized Gal. Having been contacted and given a gift by an extragalactic being known as The Entity, she set about a task he had given her. Her task was to form a supergroup based on technology and science and gather like minded extraordinary individuals to help safeguard the planet against alien and otherworldly threats. But more importantly, to prepare the planet for an eventual and possible future invasion that could very well change Earth forever.

Current Events

  • April 28th, 2012

-Sally Galvis, aka Galvanized Gal, creates The Vigilants and begins recruiting in Atlas Park and Pocket D for potential members.

  • April 30th, 2012

-Sally surpasses her goal of ten members to establish the group, reaching a total of twelve.

  • May 5th, 2012

-Sally reaches her goal of twenty members.

  • May 9th, 2012

-Plan One for the Bastion is set in place, station now operational.

Emblem Cube3Small.pngVigilant Code

  • No Killing the innocent or those who surrender willingly.

-Life is precious. Those who're uninvolved in the dealings of villains, caught within their scheming webs unwittingly, or desiring to just live a life of their own without harming others are to be protected. We will go out of our way to save and protect those innocents in harms way, regardles sof the situation. Similarly, those who surrender willingly are also worth protecting and saving, as no one is beyond help or redemption.

  • No committing of crimes, regardless of the good they MAY do.

-We strive to do good in all ways, that includes utilizing unconventional means when going against certain situations that require a different approach. We do our best to work inside the law at all times, to affirm it's power, and to show respect to the leader's who put them in place to protect their worlds, nations, and/or cities.

  • Respect the local and global authorities.

-We believe that those in legal authority deserve respect due to their dedication to go beyond the call of duty with a willingness for self-sacrifice, regardless of their ability or lack thereof.

  • No one is beyond help or redemption.

-A life is a life, regardless of the side it stands on. All life is precious, and we seek to preserve and save as much of it as possible. Even villains and those who do wrong can be rehabilitated, redeemed, and turned into a beacon of honor, justice, duty, and truth.

Emblem Cube3Small.pngBase of Operations

The Bastion

The Bastion is a modular, orbital space station designed so each section can be shifted independently, allowing for critical sections of the station to be moved to a more protected location during times of crisis. Powered by a crystal similar to the one Galvanized Gal utilizes with her suit, it is capable of powering a state of the art security system, cloaking device, life support, numerous observation and communication devices, mobility, and defensive weaponry systems.

The Bastion is currently undergoing construction, slowly expanding each day as new modular sections are built and attached to the main station.

It's current location is current classified.

6991831638_6c061728d5.jpg 6991836714_b5c70f00bd.jpg

The Bastion Plans

Being a modular space station, the Bastion is capable of shifting modules (rooms) to new positions. Each configuration is labeled as a plan. As the Vigilants gain more funding, more plans will be set in place.


Emblem Cube3Small.pngAffiliations


  • The Entity

-Little is known of this powerful being. Only that it contacted Sally one day, gave her a gift, and a task to create the Viiglants. Sally described the being as an immaterial and intangible, warm gold-blue light that spoke to her without words.


  • Praetorians

-Marcus Cole, Maelstrom

  • Rikti


  • Shivan


Emblem Cube3Small.pngOverview and Other Information

  • Technology, Science, and Alien based

-Though we're based on science and technology, we accept all origins. It is more the theme and concept we focus on.

  • Classic Costume with a Modern Touch

-Our one requirement is that you have at least one classic-styled costume. Any Golden or Silver Aged costume, with modern touches is acceptable.

  • Mature Roleplay Centric

-Our content is rated Mature, akin to a Rated R action flick. Other, more adult types of RP is accepted, though only in private.

  • Small Roster

-To make for more intimate and inclusive roleplay, our group is to be capped at about twenty members. Some exceptions may be made in extreme cases.

  • Ranks and Roles

-Ranks and Roles will be determined on a mix of activity, roleplay, and prestige. Though ranks will mean little beyond recruitment and certain permissions, roles will be judged based on characters and how well their concepts fulfill them.

  • True Heroes

-Our group is more for true hero types. Heroes like Statesman, Superman, and Captain America. We do, however, accept vigilantes, so long as they have a moral code in line with the Vigilants.

  • Inspirations
-Our inspirations come mostly from The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D., and a bit from The Justice League.
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