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The Resolute
Under the bludgeonings of chance, my head is bloodied but unbowed.
Member of
+ The Codex +
OOC Information
Technology Archer/ Natural Tank
Archery/Devices : Dual Blades/Willpower
Player: @Lion-Hearted
Activity Level: Main Character
Basic Intel
Real Name: Rachel Sarah Wharton
a.k.a: Scout, Rach, Blue
Biographical Data
Birthdate: 21st December, 1982
Birthplace: New York City, NY
Nationality: American
Residence: Steel Canyon, Harrison Suites
Occupation: Scout
Marital Status: Divorced
Legal Status: Registered Hero
Relatives & Associates
Jason Caine (ex-Husband)[1]
Known Powers
Skills & Abilities
Demolitions & Espionage
The Gizmo, c4, compound longbow, assorted arrows, The Chameleon, caltrops, smoke cannisters, web grenades, body armour, proximity-triggered explosives and rocket boots
Codexcross 01-1.png
"Virtute et Armis"

I actually made Tipscout, complete with her background history in the winter/spring of 2005 on Pinnacle server. At first she was a bit of a joke that developed out of me O.D'ing on lowbie CoV missions in Port Oakes; but when they made character transfers possible between the servers, I looked at her, dusted her off and brought her over to Virtue at level 20.

She's never looked back.

Tipscout went from being my vague, joking stab at playing a blaster to a fully-developed, mature and complex character of breath-taking bravery and frail humanity. I've gone on to make a few alternate versions of her; but frankly none of them have the same appeal to me that Tipscout, hovering invisibly with her bow, picking off everything around her with an efficiency that would give Legolas wood, does. I only hope playing with her has been almost as much fun for the players around me as playing her has been for me.


Character History


Rachel Sarah Wharton grew up studying archery from her father[2], a Fang Agent in the Wyvern forces. He would be regularly stationed in the Rogue Isles, gone for months at a time; but his return would always mean intensive lessons in archery for Rachel and the occasional family camping trip. She would practise what he taught her faithfully in the months when he was gone.

When he was murdered by a meta-human villain on the 27th of January 1995 while on patrol in the Rogue Isles, thirteen year old Rachel was devastated. Within a year of her father's death, Rachel began sneaking out of her room at night, donning a mask and beginning to take out her grief and rage on the criminal classes that operated in Paragon.

Her Personal Mission

(Personal mission info pending)

Returning the Favor

Tipscout has always tended to be a loner by preference and for many years she operated as a solo hero. This changed in the autumn of 2007, when she approached and was accepted into the ranks of a super group known as The Reciprocators. Tipscout found balancing on the thin line between vengeance and justice appealed to her own personal beliefs. She wasted no time in using their superior resources to aid in her search for her father's killer and even abandoned her 'day job' as a lawyer to devote herself to heroing full-time. It was within the halls of the Citadel that she met her future husband, Phaize, and they developed a fast friendship, cemented with the uncanny way they seemed to be able to work together on almost any case. However, she chafed under the restrictions of teamwork with the group at large and left in the spring of 2008, fully intending to return to her familiar solitude.

Within days of her departure from the Reciprocators, she was approached by a tempting offer from the Riverdene foundation to help assist with setting up and overseeing operation of the shadowy Codex inside of Paragon City.

Finding Aria

(finding aria info pending)

End of the Line

(End of the Line info pending)

The Codex

(codex info pending)



Tipscout's skills with any sort of ranged weapon are phenomenal. She prefers the use of the bow over firearms as a matter of stealth and skill, priding herself on her abilities. A lifetime of training has put her almost in a class of her own with her weapon of choice, but Tipscout is constantly seeking to improve, pushing herself to the limits of her talents. She easily rivals a Wyvern agent; but despite her idolistic admiration of Manticore, Tipscout has never actually put herself forward to join their ranks.


(scouting section pending)


Tipscout has extensive experience and ability with explosives -- whether used for destruction of structures, breaking through into strongholds or delicately shaping a charge to simply blow a lock, she knows instinctively how much to use and where to place it to achieve her aim. Given enough time to prepare, Tipscout can create a hazardous battleground that yields all advantage to her allies and punitively weakens, debilitates and distracts her enemies.


(combat section pending)


The Scout and the Spy

(S&S info pending)

  1. a.k.a. Phaize
  2. Ryan Alan Wharton. Born in Devon, England on 15 April, 1960
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