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"Solving today's problems with tomorrow's solutions."

Money Makes the World Go Round.
Established by Brooklyn Cale in 2009, Titan Industries is a mercenary venture based in St. Martial in the Etoile Isles. Operatives are free to pursue their own agendas for the most part and have full access to their employer's extensive network of resources. In exchange, employees are expected to give a cut of their incomes to the company and occasionally perform jobs assigned to them by Titan Girl. Though eliminating a troublesome competitor is not unheard of, most of Brooklyn's tasks involve the acquisition of advanced technologies. No one is exactly sure what she does with the items she procures, but one thing is clear - Titan Girl pays extremely well.

Don't Call Us, We'll Call You.
Anyone who stumbles into Titan Industries' official headquarters in the casino district of St. Martial is likely to find a very small waiting room, staffed by one very bored secretary. There is no Human Resources department to call. There is no application to fill out. In other words, Titan employees are recruited. Word tends to travels in the Rogue Isles, and the company is constantly watching for potential operatives. If someone seems like a possible match, a representative from Titan Industries will initiate contact to see if the interest could be mutual.

The Less Said, the Better.
Though nothing is ever truly secret, Titan Industries strives to keep its operations off the front pages of newspapers. Employees are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism, efficiency, and discretion. The company has no problem with individuals advancing their own agendas or pursuing separate interests, but activities that bring too much attention to the business are discouraged.

One Big Happy Family.

Once hired by Titan Industries, employees will be granted access to a range of civilian, military, and intelligence networks from across the globe. Brooklyn's service in the United States military has given her a number of contacts and resources, but she's always looking to expand her interests. Individuals with unique talents, specialized skills, or access to untapped sources of information are highly valued, but anyone with potential is considered a worthwhile asset. Titan Industries does not discriminate against any particular background, so arcane experts would be recruited alongside soldiers, spies, and security consultants.

Employees are encouraged to take full advantage of the company's resources, which includes using the skills and talents of fellow operatives. Infighting and subversion are unlikely to result in promotions, while cooperation and respect generally yield better assignments and bigger paychecks. That is not to say that competition and self-promotion are not acceptable. Titan Industries is a business after all, and nothing is better for the bottom line than a healthy amount of ambition.

Breaking the Fourth Wall ((OOC Information)):

  • Titan Industries is currently not accepting applications. Sorry! We'll let you know when that changes!

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