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Uncle Skeleton is the nickname for one of the Voodo Gods of Death, Baron Samedi. The character is not ment to defame those that practice Voodo. The character is actually based more on the James Bond villain from Live and Let Die. A few aspects of the character are, however, true about the Voodo God, such as being a sex God. I originally made the character back in early 06' but then I had to quit the game. I have returned to the game and so has Uncle Skeleton.

Uncle Skeleton2.JPG
Uncle Skeleton
Player: @Uncle
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Baron Samedi
Known Aliases: Confidential
Species: Loa
Age: unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Haitian
Occupation: Loa of Death
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: None
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Zombie Horde, Dark Blast, Darkest Night
Known Abilities



Master over both death and sex, Uncle Skeleton has developed a rather debauched and obscene personality. He finds the reasons for death both funny and absurd. A cultured man and a terrible womanizer. He is fond of cigars and rum and often is seen with one or the other in hand.


Zombie horde

Using his divine powers, uncle skeleton can call forth zombies to do his bidding. he uses them in battle for two key reasons. The first is that he cannot yet take solid physical form on earth and thus he cannot strike any would be enemy. The second reason is a matter of uncle skeleton's personality, he is a lover not a fighter.

Dark Blast

Death always follows Uncle Skeleton. This fact allows him manipulate death itself into a weapon against those who would oppose him. He can focus the power of death into his hands and then release it, hurtling the dark energy at his foes.


Even though he is a loa, Uncle Skeleton's power is limited while on earth. His death attacks are aimed at draining life force and some life forces are stronger than others. The attacks don't always work. The zombies that he employees are his only real source of strength. Without the zombies he is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks and if he becomes overwhelmed by enemies he will have no choice but to retreat back to the underworld.

Character history

Guardian of the underworld, sauve of pleasure

When a person dies, they're soul goes to the underworld. But, before they can crossover, all souls must pass by Uncle skeleton. As the all knowing Loa of death, he chooses who will go to paradise and who will remain on earth as horrible ghosts. The other aspect that he is attributed to is, ironically, sex. If one were to describe in what way he is attributed to sex, the only answer would be that he is sex itself. He introduced sex to the human race and when ever someone feels that desire for sex, it is a result of his will. These duel roles are a demanding job. To ease his amount of work, uncle skeleton uses different incarnations of himself to complete his job.

The first incarnation

His first incarnation deals solely with death. This incarnation is responsible for shuttling the dead to the underworld. The incarnation, called Climetere, enters the earth trough grave yards. He then calls the souls of the dead to follow him. Once Climetere and the souls of the dead reach the crossroads of the underworld, Uncle Skeleton determines where the souls go next. Climetere returns to the grave yards and starts over again.

The second incarnation

The first incarnation deals only with death, the second deals only with sex. This incarnation, called La Croix, is the extrema expression of individuality. He offers people the reminder that life is full of pleasures and that men should delight in them. His motto is that people should live happy and live well. This often translates into the belief that people should enjoy other people, which is essential for good sex.

Maman Brigitte

With such a voracious sexual prowess, one wonders if there is any woman that can tame and fulfill Uncle Skeleton. There is a woman who did and has, her name is Maman Brigitte. Maman Brigitte is also a death loa, but her exact role is unknown. Uncle Skeleton first took a like to her when she demonstrated her ability to liquefy red hot peppers and then drink them. He quickly discovered that Maman Brigitte was just as obscene and debauched as he was, maybe even more so. Their courtship was brief, Uncle Skeleton married her and they adored eachother. But they would not be together forever.

Misplaced Love

Maman Brigitte can easily cross between the earth and the underworld. The only part of Uncle Skeleton that can attempt the same is his first incarnation, but that is limited to only grave yards. This fact did not pose that great a problem, until Maman Brigitte didn't return to the underworld. Uncle Skeleton became worried, but he had no means for which to find her,or so he thought. Among the loa there is a loophole concerning those that marry. Married loa are considered to be one in the eyes of the other loa. The two cannot be separate. This loophole allows for Uncle Skeleton to enter the earth and reclaim his bride. The downsides to the loop hole are that he cannot take solid form and no new souls can enter the afterlife till he returns.

The Isles

Uncle Skeleton took the chance to act on the loop hole and entered the earth. His search took him all across the globe. From darkest Africa, to the frozen Arctic. His frantic quest brought him no closer to finding his lost wife. Finally, when he was about to give up he pinpointed her exact location, The Rogue Isles. The Isles were found to be teaming with dark energy, energy that Uncle Skeleton could use to strengthen his divine powers on earth. The energy found around the Arachnos is particularly strong, the more life he steals from the Arachnos the stronger he becomes. With this new found strength his search for Maman Brigitte has become easier, She is indeed somewhere in the Rouge Isles and it is only a matter of time before she is found and punished for the heart ache she has caused him.


If you would like to see Uncle Skeleton's female counterpart please visit BaronessSamedi

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