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United Underworld is a villain group composed of a rogue's gallery of costumed super criminals. Since many of the group's goals revolve around accumulating wealth, power, and the destruction of Paragon City, it is only natural that they frequently run afoul of the superhero community. In fact, for this reason our members may deliberately pick out certain celebrated heroes and ensnare them in our sinister schemes! However, we are aware that not everyone may be on board for such a tragic turn of events, or might carry legitimate concerns over the quality of characters played with or the RP involved. For this reason we present this OOC document to serve as a consent form.

The Right To Menace

Compliance with the Right To Menace form simply means that your group or character is willing to interact with and accept the actions of United Underworld and its members in a reasonable RP fashion. This does not mean that you will instantly become a target for harassment, but rather are considered to be fair game within our sphere of influence and able to be interacted with in the pursuit of entertaining RP.

Rules of Engagement

Additional Information

If you would like to officially label your group or character as agreeing to the above terms, or if you have any other comments or inquiries, including specific ideas or stories you think should involve United Underworld, please contact @Drimble Wedge in game via private message or e-mail.

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