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Perhaps what separates United Underworld from other super groups is its unique, dynamic power structure that allows for all its members to have a chance to lead. In this way any worthy villain with a notable scheme may have the chance to put their plan into action, supported by all the power and resources United Underworld has to offer.

Council of Chaos

The power to rule in United Underworld extends from the Council of Chaos, a two-tier body politic made up of primary and secondary members. Herein lies the heart of the organization, consisting of its most valued and capable affiliates. All share a vote and the right to speak on matters that pertain to them, but it is among the primary members that a leader can be chosen. It is the goal of United Underworld that all villains in the group be invited to the Council and, eventually, join with primary status.

Supreme Leader

The most important role is that of the Supreme Leader. This is because they are not expected to merely sit idly by but rather spearhead some new initiative for the group to take. It is that villain's chance to unveil his or her latest scheme, whatever it may be, so long as some form of profit or advantage can be gleaned from it. In this way everyone who sits in the leader's chair may conduct their meetings, guide the group, and find support in whatever they wish to do. Likewise, everyone else has the responsibility to assist without the burden of absolute authority.

Such leadership is decided by the primary members of the Council of Chaos. No one will be appointed against their will. In such meetings when a leader is to be chosen, those who desire the post can state their intention and even argue their case until a vote is called and made. Their tenure as leader will proceed either until their plan has reached fruition, or has failed, or a span of time lasting no longer than 60 days has passed.

Active Plan

What qualifies as the plan the leader puts forth can be almost anything. This can include running a standard Strike Force team, or any other mission arc, or a series of such teams. Crafting one or more AE arcs for the group to run is also encouraged. Going into special zones in the game, like PvP areas, and participating in zone events are also possible. The most important thing is that there is an RP context surrounding the event. This can be done by hosting a preliminary meeting explaining the details, or providing a new angle for completing a particular Strike Force, or even using the context provided in the game so long as it is played out as a genuine occurrence. Finally, it is not actually necessary that the event include any aspect of game content. It can take place entirely in a RP format, including the people of the SG along with anyone else be they player or NPC.

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