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ArdynnRavenheart is the twisted, freakish monst- er, player behind the following characters, over two separate accounts. Unless otherwise noted, most characters can be contacted globally at @ArdynnRavenheart.



Ardynn: Ancient Elf, Shadow-wielder, Heroic Mentor, Jerkass.
Allison Chase: Mutant-turned-cop. - @FadeIllistyn
Ariel Laughing-Flame: Former San Francisco Socialite, now a flame-wielding cop and hero.
Carrie Anspach: Abandoned child found in Dark Astoria, currently an apprentice to Ardynn. - @FadeIllistyn
Fade Illistyn: Modernized Drow Elf living the life of a hero in Paragon.
Haley Gallagher: Reformed mad scientist, currently serving out her sentence by doing hero work.
Ilyana Alexander: Scion of an extensive, wealthy family recently saved from death by a Kheldian.
Jandra Richards: Mutant hero and lawyer working for the city, child of Patricia Grant.
Jordan Kessler: Former Crey Scientist, now a freelance hero. - @FadeIllistyn
Kwara'vas: Child of two heroes who died during the Rikti invasion. Hero, Vanguard Operative.
Patricia.Grant: Mercenary mage, adventuring scholar. Child of Ardynn.
Rachael MacAllister: Modern elf living in Paragon City. Minor city official and sometime Hero.


Christiane Palance: Sadistic vampire lady. - @FadeIllistyn
Donatella Andolini: Reluctant Mafia Princess, Mutant with the ability to generate excessive amounts of energy.
Heather Proud: Mysterious covert operative and mercenary leader, favor-monger.
Heather Takai: Mysterious covert operative, and- wait, what? - @FadeIllistyn
Lily Constantine: Half-devil Trust Fund Heiress.


Ariel Blaze: Former city official and socialite-turned-reluctant-hero, now operating in Paragon City.
Kwara Constantine: The hedonistic daughter of a famous scientist. Powers Division Psychic(?!).
Patricia Grant: Formerly imprisoned mage, All-around angry heroine.

Secondary Characters

These are characters who are not to be found in my character roster, but rather, as supporting characters. Or those mentioned in backstories, etc. This section will be fleshed out later, as time permits.

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