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Jerry Yeager
Player: @USA Steel
A.K.A.: Jer-bear
Species: Metalhead
Day of Birth: March 28th
Height: 6'
Weight: 255 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Long Light Brown
Nationality: German/English/Irish
Occupation: Laboratory Support Specialist
Location: Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Married
I have been a contributor to this community for many, many years and love coming up with cool stories and new ideas.

---- Random Facts:

  • Has an IQ of 187
  • Is a buddhist
  • Despises L33T speak
  • Has been playing COH since it first came out
  • Has over 100 alts in COH!
  • Prefers his coffee with cream and NO SUGAR!


What's My Story?

A lot has changed in my life since City of Heroes shut down under Cryptic/NCsoft. I am no longer a big-time gamer and no longer live in New Jersey. I've gone through many trials and tribulations in my life. But, I am so happy to be back in City of Heroes.

The first server I tried in city of heroes was the Liberty server back when the game first launched. I moved over to Virtue after learning that the Virtue server had a strong community of like-minded players that enjoyed good character depth and development. Captain Coldsnap, was the first character I leveled all the way to 50 and I put much time and work into the character's background and story-arc.

Now that City of Heroes has relaunched, I am excited to, once again, roam the streets of Paragon city. I am calling the Everlasting server my home and hope to find some old friends. Although Coldsnap has been re-created, I plan to work more on my other characters - giving them some much needed attention. Please feel free to contact me in-game if you would like to team up or even just to chat. I am always up for a good chat over a beer or two!


Air Force One: Natural Blaster, Assault Rifle / Devices

Bio to be updated soon…

The Birchman: Magic Dominator, Plant Control / Thorny Assault

The Birchman is the manifestation of our worst fears. A being of terrible malice and hate, the Birchman's purpose on Earth is to destroy all that does not derive sustenance from photosynthesis. The Birchman is not a man or a woman; but a thing: merciless and horrific in its malcontent.

Incapable of feeling remorse or guilt, The Birchman stalks mankind and their beasts of burden with a cold, alien ferocity. Indeed, the Birchman is a being capable of causing great harm to all that walk and breathe on this good Earth.

The Black Widow Spider: Science Arachnos Soldier, Crab Spider Soldier / Crab Spider Training

Bio to be updated soon…

Captain Coldsnap: Natural Tanker, Ice Armor / Ice Melee / Arctic Mastery

From the frigid planet, Olympia, 300 light years distance from our temperate world, Captain Fylor “Coldsnap” has come to destroy the sworn enemy of his race: the Rikti. Empowered by the warmth of our world and inspired by the deeds of the Freedom Phalanx, Captain Coldsnap is relentless in his pursuit of justice. He has made the plight of Paragon City his own, in a mission to stop the Rikti and bring peace to Earth.

The Crime Boss: Natural Mastermind, Thugs / Poison / Field Mastery

Bio to be updated soon…

The Diving Beetle: Mutant Scrapper, Claws / Invulnerability

Bio to be updated soon…

The Deadliest Catch: Mutant Brute, Savage Melee / Regeneration

The Deadliest Catch, as he has come to be known in the Rogue Isles, is a wereshark: Also known among changing breeds and skin-walkers as Rokea. After years of wandering the seas, it was a fateful encounter with the Arch-villain, Mako, that would shape his future. Named “The Deadliest Catch” by Mako (a fitting name considering his reputation for killing fishermen on the docks under full moonlight), The Deadliest Catch became more than a folk-tale haunting the shores of the Rogue Isles; he became a villain in his own right and the right hand of Mako himself!

Fire Whirl: Science Controller, Fire Control / Storm Summoning

Bio to be updated soon…

From Beyond: Natural Peacebringer, Luminous Blast / Luminous Aura

Bio to be updated soon…

The Little Jade Buddha: Magic Defender, Empathy / Psychic Blast / Psychic Mastery

The story of this little jade statue come to life is one of magic and awe-inspiring mystery; for none alive truly know why this jade figurine has come alive to take to the streets of Paragon City. Whether by magic, karma, or some other powerful esoteric force, the origin of his awakening is not certain; but, what is certain is that the Little Jade Buddha is here to thwart evil at every turn as a hero for the good people of Paragon City.

The Living Light Bulb: Science Corruptor, Energy Blast / Thermal Radiation / Fire Mastery

Bio to be updated soon…

Lord Quetzalcoatl: Magic Dominator, Fire Control / Savage Assault

Bio to be updated soon…

Monsoon Man: Science Sentinel, Water Blast / Regeneration

Bio to be updated soon…

The Nightside Eclipse: Science Warshade, Umbral Blast / Umbral Aura

Bio to be updated soon…

The Rock Formation: Science Tanker, Stone Armor / Stone Melee

A smattering of rocks, sand, and dirt that has been brought to life by the power of a strange meteor from deep space after it crashed on Earth, this strange hero is a gentle giant, here to stop the Hamidon and the forces of the Devouring Earth!

The Secret of the Ninja: Magic Stalker, Ninja Blade / Ninjitsu

Bio to be updated soon…

The Statue of Liberty: Magic Tanker, Willpower / Mace

From across the great harbor, through the ocean sound, a slumbering colossus stirs. Awoken by an ancient magic hidden away within the texts of freedom, the Lady of Liberty is more than just a symbol of justice, hope, and freedom; she is the vessel through which it is enforced. With her torch of justice and wielding the will of all free men, the Mother of Exiles is now a hero fighting for the future of all mankind!

Top Speed: Magic Controller, Gravity Control / Time Manipulation

Bio to be updated soon…

USA Steel: Technology Sentinel, Energy Blast / Invulnerability

My 1st character EVER in COH, created week 1 of the game's release! Originally a tanker on the Liberty server, but a Sentinel is more fitting for the concept I had in mind.


BuddhaBox: Character Sheet for Jade-Based Characters

Coldbox: Character Sheet for Cold-Based Characters

BrightBox: Character Sheet for Light or Sun-Based Characters

LuminousBox: Character Sheet for Luminous Characters

RockBox: Character Sheet for Rock-Based Characters

SeaFoamBox:Character Sheet with a Sea Foam Theme

WaterBox: Character Sheet for Water-Based Characters

PeacebringerAttributes: Attributes for Peacebringers

PeacebringerAttribute1: Skill Level 1 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute2: Skill Level 2 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute3: Skill Level 3 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute4: Skill Level 4 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute5: Skill Level 5 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute6: Skill Level 6 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute7: Skill Level 7 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute8: Skill Level 8 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute9: Skill Level 9 for the PB Attribute Maker

PeacebringerAttribute10: Skill Level 10 for the PB Attribute Maker

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