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@Doctor Fear
Player: That'd be me
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind (INTJ)
Threat Level: I don't have any movement powers available yet, so I'd have to say 10. 12 max.
Personal Data
Real Name: Not Available At Your Security Clearance
Known Aliases: Doctor Jest
Species: Allegedly human, but I sometimes have my doubts.
Age: 35
Height: Tall
Weight: Deleted For Security Reasons
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: No thanks, I got enough problems.
Occupation: Professional Geek
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Base of Operations: My hidden lair
Marital Status: Married to @Private Cute Boots
Known Relatives: This space intentionally left blank
Known Powers
Commanding a Robot Army (sorta)
Known Abilities
Leap tall servers in a single bound.
A complex array of computers, bag of polyhedral dice, messenger bag filled with more gaming books than should ever be possible to carry, a pocket watch, tool kit, and robots

This is a work in progress. I will be expanding it soon.


Gaming Background

I started my gaming with the Red Box D&D set at the tender age of ~10, way back in the early 1980s. I would have started a few years earlier but since my mom didn't understand Role Playing, she assumed I wouldn't either. She still doesn't understand it. I played mainly D&D in those early years, with a few forays into Gangbusters, Paranoia, and a few other early titles. I moved on to Palladium Books products like TMNT and RIFTS, playing RIFTS for several years before eventually moving on.

Current Gaming Activities

These days, I play a wide variety of different games, but since Real Life requires so much time, and since my mental bandwidth isn't what it used to be, I tend towards lighter, easier rulesets like (but not limited to) Castles and Crusades, WUSHU, Feng Shui, Savage Worlds (written by none other than Shane "Captain Mako" Hensley!), etc. I have always typically been the GM with a few forays into being a player, mainly because no one else ever wants to GM. I use MMOs to scratch my player-itch.

I currently play CoV, Tabula Rasa (while it lasts), and Warhammer Online.



I consider myself a pretty heavy RPer. I simply will not play the game OOC unless I am extremely bored, and even then it kinda annoys me and makes me grumpy. I actually feel almost embarrassed to have my words coming out of my character. It just seems... silly. I try to keep OOC chatter to a minimum, and even set up an OOC global channel for OOC conversations so they won't appear over my character's head.

I have had some great game sessions simply spending time in Pocket D or the Monkey Fight Club in Sharkhead or even our Supergroup Base just talking in character with others.

I think of myself Mature Roleplayer, but I define that term different than most people seem to. I mean "Mature" to be "well adjusted", "able to separate fantasy and reality" and "doesn't let IC things effect OOC feelings". Others seem to consider "Mature" to mean "roleplay our characters are having sex in a letters to Penthouse fashion". I'm not really interested that. Should something intimate arise for a character, I prefer a more tasteful "Fade to Black" scene framing. However, I don't consider any topics of discussion off-limit: Controversial topics don't bother me (as some of my characters' pages will demonstrate), and I am offended by nothing but people who try to ruin everyone else's fun (you know the type). One of our online friends calls this "responsible roleplaying", where any subject matter as a topic for discussion or a theme for an RP situation is ok, but overt titillation is not.

That all said, I do also like missioning, but I like doing it in character, as do my favorite people to play with. We'll Roleplay even within the mission, sometimes even in the midst of a fight, which adds allot of immersion to the game for me. However, we're also tactically sound and rarely carry debt, so while it may sound reckless, it really isn't.

I generally don't respond to tells or invites that use alot of OOC jargon or acronyms, as I can't map that to something my character would understand. If you see one of my characters online and would like to interact with them, either on a team or just for RP, please approach them in character. A little effort goes a very long way with me.

One quick word about Godmoding. I don't tolerate it at all. Godmoders get /ignored very quickly.

Game Play

My highest level character is a level 50 brute, Achilles Effect. I think who your character is when they reach 50, and what they endured to get there on a personal level, is much more interesting. A character should be more than the sum of their XP.


From a gameplay perspective, I like the game to be both challenging and the fights, especially the "boss" fights, to be big, epic affairs. Additionally, as much as I enjoy RP, I still like getting lots of XP, especially with a new character so I can skip alot of early content I already did dozens of times before (yes, I said dozens... I have so many "alts" that I don't really even have a "main".... in fact I don't really understand the concept of "mains" and "alts"... all my characters are "mains"). As a result, I typically run on Relentless as soon as my character can handle it. I rarely run on less than vicious past level 10 or so. There's something much more satisfying about beating down a bright purple EB!


I never used to PVP because it simply wasn't fun. I do enjoy PVP when it's done right (i.e. Warhammer Online is a great game just for the RVR/PVP). With the very promising changes to PVP in i13, I am going to be giving PVP in CoV another look.


All my characters on Virtue are Villains. Most of my characters on other servers are Villains too, for several reasons. For one, playing Villains is just more fun (try going "Muahahahahahaha!" and tell me that didn't feel good. Go on. Try it). Second, I think the gameplay experience in CoV is superior to that of CoH and enjoy it more.



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