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There's not much here, there probably never will be, but if you came here, chances are you want to know something about the retard one of whose entries you just browsed to get here. Unfortunately I'm kind of bi-polar on the whole sharing of information bit. On the one hand, I can be terribly extroverted and on the other hand I'm intrinsically private. Never mind that I can't objectively speak about myself and will sound needlessly grandiose no matter what I write. But anyway, here goes.

Hi, I'm Eisregen. That's German for sleet in case you wondered. It's awesome, phonetically, especially if you can manage to roll the R.

Labels now. I'm agnostic with indifferent tendencies but a fondness for various and sundry polytheistic religions. I'm a Moral Relativist, a bit of a Social Darwinist and kid gloves don't usually fit me very well. I also tend to think about what I say before I do so. That has the effect of me usually being right on stuff, with the added insult of being an asshole about it. I'm a fun guy to be around in other words. Even conservatives tend to like me when I start speaking out on self defence and vigilantism, two things I ardently support.

Still reading? I've been playing pen and paper RPGs since the year... ah hell, 1984, though until maybe 1988 there was little actual role-playing involved. But that's okay, I was just a kid back then after all. I've been around various MUDs and MUSHes online, but never liked MMOs up until I read about CoH. Was there in Beta, have been around ever since. Other MMOs come and go, but CoH always stays.

Which is funny cause at base I really reject the Hero-Villain duality of four colour comics. I build all my characters as people with motivations and a certain threshold as to how far they'll go in pursuit of their goals. I also reject the idea that any sane person considers themselves 'evil' or does things 'for the sake of villainy' alone. It's been my experience that people have a hard time not to think of their point of view as 'right' and other peoples' points of view as 'wrong'. 'Evil' is always what the other guy does. As such my menagerie of characters contains a guy who wants to fix the world at any cost to anyone, including himself, a mutant supremacist who's deeply caring of his people but with no regard for humanity and a messenger of ill omens who'd rather be a rock star. I'm not claiming any of these concepts to be unique or even original, but these are the people I'm comfortable with. People who may very likely be objectively wrong, but find a way to make things work for themselves.

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