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The performance over, the theater is dark and silent. The rustling of curtains is heard as the stage lights come up to a gentle glow.

Entering from stage right, and stepping center is the Atomic Superwoman, her arm wrapped around the waist of her hulk of a husband, their two teenage children in tow. They join hands, and all four bow deeply to the crowd.

Mother, father and brother step back, leaving only the Teenage Witch center. She takes a single bow of her own, kneeling to pick up a bouquet tossed from the crowd. She stands, smiling wide, despite the tears forming in the corners of her eyes. She steps back and joins her family.

Next from the wings is the Goblin and the Cowgirl. They enter, holding hands. The Cowgirl bows, and the Goblin cranes his head to the side, making a show of admiring the woman’s ass in her tight leather pants, much to the delight of the crowd who responds with cheers and catcalls. She turns and laughs as he bows to the crowd, and they step back.

The Wizard is next, stepping center from the wings, his steel grey eyes scanning the crowd. He simply forms a fist with his right hand, and touches it to his heart, giving the audience a solemn Roman style salute. He steps back to join the rest.

The Demoness enters now, her arms crossed in front of her chest. Her eyes heap derision upon the crowd, eying them as one would eye something unsavory on the heel of a boot. The crowd goes wild, loving her for her scorn. She scowls and joins the other actors.

Finally, the gentle giant enters. The mountain of a man trods center, raising his fists above his head, giving the crowd an enthusiastic cheer.

The other players join the giant, save for the Wizard who simply steps off stage and onward to the next performance. They join hands and bow once, twice, three times in unison, before stepping back as the curtain closes, and the lights go dim for good.

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