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Moved here from the UK server (Union) after trialling here and finding it way more active (probably due to NCsoft not advertising the game in any way here). Had previously quit out of boredom for years (started playing originally when City of Villains came out, having previously passed on City of Heroes due to the impression the bad advertising gave of it being very cheesy and aimed at children), visited a few times since about a week ago and finding the variety and depth great.

I did ask for NCsoft to transfer my account, even to ask to management (having kept my account subscribed for years even when not playing, so been a customer for many years...) but they just flatly refused so yeah, had to restart from scratch. S'ok tho, the RP stories are more interesting than the gamey parts anyway. :)

Lilith the character

See more: Lilith.

I don't just RP Lilith, but I tend to make a lot of my characters related to her in some way and use her as a foil. I also love the idea of different aspects and forms of the same entity (co-existing at the same time), and play with that a bit sometimes. Please don't think I'm the type to play a powerful character just to abuse it, I really do think manipulately is more fun and leads to more RP. :) Lilith rarely actually reveals herself as Lilith and would never do it publicly - I play her pretty much as I'd expect her to act if she were real, e.g. more effective to manipulate humanity when most believe she is a myth. Hates people like the midnight squad etc and would prefer they just left well enough alone, liking to throw a lot of misinformation around for groups of the like to enthusiastically pursue. ;)

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