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Hi there. I'm PsEG, a proud member of The Circle of Jerks and Legitimate Businessmen. The name is short for Psychotic Evil Genius, and it's pronounced like the 'seg' in segment. A lot of my fellow Jerks end up calling me 'Pee-seg' or 'Peggy' regardless.

My role on the Virtueverse Wiki involves creating and/or maintaining any pages regarding The Jerks and Legitimate Businessmen, so you don't have to worry about me correcting your character's entry because I caught you doing something lewd in the Pocket D. I expect other users will extend the same courtesy towards our pages, even though nothing forces or requires them to keep their meddling fingers out of our business. Any non-Jerk edits to our pages will be looked over with a not-so-fine comb. Fixing spelling and grammatical errors is usually OK, though sometimes these mistakes are intentional, like "Foreign Brunch." Changing content, however, will likely lead to us glaring in your general direction and fixing whatever you mucked up, unless it's somehow funny or awesome.

If you see any need to yell at me or whine about something I've done, use my talk page or another Wiki feature that contacts me. I know this whole Virtueverse dealie has a forum on the side, but I don't really have the time or patience to bother checking that; rather, I just look through my watchlist to see if anything has changed. Besides, using a forum instead of the useful features Wiki provides bothers the hell out of me, and seems like a cheap excuse for people to exert undue superiority over less obsessive users.

Finally, please remember that CoH/CoV is made to be fun. If you can't tolerate a little silliness that isn't directly harming you, you should really just relax. You'll feel better. Oh, and stop stroking your ego. It's not impressing anyone. Not even your housepets.

--PsEG 15:54, 15 March 2008 (MST)

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