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About Me

My global handle is @Xoza and I run the Ordo Imperialis Gaming Community and its Supergroup. I play on the Homecoming, Everlasting server.


Name Origin Archetype Primary Powerset Secondary Powerset Pool Powersets Bodytype Outfits ((Notes))
Agent 47 Origin Sentinel Dual Pistols Super Reflexes Stealth Male Suit & Tie Inspired by Agent 47.
Alex Denton Technology Defender Kinetics Radiation Blast Nanoenhancement Female Techsuit Inspired by Alex Denton.
Arcon Technology Arachnos Soldier Crab Spider Soldier Crab Spider Training Speed Male Arachnos Arbiter
Arcstalker Origin Stalker Staff Fighting Electric Armor Electric Mastery Female Hunter Armor Inspired by Destiny Hunter.
Ashrah Origin Sentinel Electrical Blast Electric Armor Electric Mastery Female White and Gold Aristocracy Inspired by Ashrah.
Azureus Technology Blaster Dual Pistols Ninja Training Speed Male Inspired by Azureus Rising
Bull Rush Mutation Tanker Shield Defense Savage Melee Charging Foes Large Minotaur - Cowboy
Chell Science Controller Gravity Control Kinetics Teleportation Female Inspired by Chell of the Portal series.
Chrono Legionnaire Technology Corruptor Beam Rifle Time Manipulation Dematerialization Male Inspired by Chrono Legionnaire.
Cybernet Origin Mastermind Robotics Force Field Energy Female Cyberpunk
Dni Magic Controller Illusion Control Time Manipulation Temporal Ages Female Inspired by Chell of the Portal series.
Fayth Origin Stalker Street Justice Super Reflexes Freerunning Female Street Clothing Inspired by Faith.
I'zumi Origin Stalker Psionic Melee Willpower Mind Control Female Inspired by Izumi.
JC Denton Origin Sentinel Beam Rifle Regeneration Nanotechnology Male Long Coat Inspired by JC Denton.
John Hancock Origin Tanker Invulnerability Street Justice Celestial Male Various Inspired by Hancock.
Lady Raiden Magic Blaster Electrical Blast Electricity Manipulation Flight Female Inspired by Raiden.
Lectra Origin Scrapper Dual Blades Electric Armor Fighting Female Inspired by Elektra.
Meditation Mutation Dominator Mind Control Psionic Assault Flight Male Robes Remake of my very first City of Heroes character at launch.
Mei Zhou Origin Dominator Ice Control Icy Assault Ice Mastery Female Cold Weather Inspired by Mei.
Mendalara Technology Defender Pain Domination Dual Pistols Flight Female Inspired by Star Wars Mandalorian
Nebulae Mutation Brute Radiation Melee Fiery Aura Defense Female Daughter of Nebula
Nebulum Science Warshade Umbral Blast Umbral Aura Teleportation Female
Nina'Ja Natural Stalker Ninja Blade Ninjutsu Acrobatics Female Tsoo Outfits
Novae Science Blaster Fire Blast Fire Manipulation Flame Mastery Female
Novaeh Origin Tanker Fiery Aura Fiery Melee Fire Mastery Female Based on my first fire farm character.
Praefecta Origin Sentinel Energy Blast Energy Aura Energy Mastery Female Praetoria Based A Praetoria Powers Division Hero
Rayn Science Corruptor Water Blast Storm Summoning Flight Female Inspired by Rain.
Seven Six Origin Mastermind Mercenaries Traps Leadership Male Inspired by Soldier 76.
Tanya Natural Blaster Dual Pistols Devices Munitions Female Inspired by Tanya.
Teras Kasi Origin Scrapper Kinetic Melee Willpower Speed Female/Male Martial Arts Inspired by Teräs Käsi
Teslia Origin Dominator Electric Control Electricity Assault Electric Mastery Female
Voidstalker Origin Sentinel Archery Dark Armor Flight Female Hunter Armor Inspired by Destiny Hunter.
Xoza Natural Peacebringer Luminous Blast Luminous Aura Teleportation Multiform Being of light with Praetoria, Roman nobility and celestial origin. Primary Character
Yuri'ko Mutation Arachnos Widow Fortunata Training Fortunata Teamwork Flight Female Widow Inspired by Yuriko Omega.
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