Vice Gat

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Vice Gat
Player: @Mythra_Flux
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 21
Personal Data
Real Name: Vice Tyran Kura Gat
Known Aliases: none
Species: Palin
Age: 29
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: none
Occupation: Army Colonel
Place of Birth: Castle Gat on Xeomara
Base of Operations: Sharkhead
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: The Palin Empress (wife), Hydra Gat (brother), Amram Gat (father)
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Twin Blades



If you ever met Vice, most likely you would tell him to "lighten up". Vice takes everything seriously even when he is relaxing. He is a born soldier; absolutely committed to his duty.

Character History

The Boy from Xeomara

Whenever a Palin child is born, the child's name is chosen as a result of what the Palin priests prophecy about them is. When Vice Gat was born the priests' prophecy was that he would be a man of peace. Vice's name means peace bringer. Vice's father was a minor noble lord from the backwater planet of Xeomara. Because he was the son of less important noble. Vice never developed a haughty view towards common Palin. Neither did Vice's younger brother Hydra, and the two boys spent a lot of time mingling with the commoners in the two towns that surround Castle Gat. The commoners regarded them as two of the neighborhood boys rather than the sons of their lord. Vice and Hydra were schooled at a young age by their father in matters of war and philosophy. Often their father would have them shoot at targets while at the same time reciting lines from Palin holy books. Other than this the two boys had a relatively simple and normal life on Xeomara.

Audience with The Emperor

Vice's father and the Emperor of the Palin, had a special relationship. When they were young, both men studied under the teaching of the famous mystic and warrior, Coazi. Vice's father and the Emperor saw each other as brothers untied by a common factor. The Emperor commonly invited Lord Gat and his family to stay at the Palace on Palin. There Vice met the daughter of the Emperor, Princess Shaashmei. She was four years younger than him and at first Vice considered her a child compared to himself. As she grew up, Vice saw that she was anything but a child. He saw that she was in fact a strong and mature person, capable of handling tough situations. She would make an outstanding Empress, if that was her destiny, and Vice would be honored to serve her. Over a period of 14 years the two grew close, but never to the point of any romantic interest.

A Gift from Father

When the War for Galactic Supremacy broke out between, the Krish, Joosween, Palin and Loki, Vice was only 25 years old. The Palin believed that the war was the fulfillment of a great prophecy that said the Palin would one day rule the heavens. As the son of a noble lord it was expected that Vice would serve as an officer under his father. The Emperor had only granted Lord Gat the rank of Shook Tee, the equivalent of a Tarren colonel, because the Emperor only required he raise one regiment from among his people. Being the eldest son, Vice would have be given the rank of Hauz Tee or major. But Vice's father had another idea. Lord Gat arranged for Vice to be given the rank of Shook Tee and with it the command of the regiment. The Emperor agreed, and Vice became the commander of the 24th regiment of the third Palin Army.

On the Sands of Mithra

Vice led his regiment well for the first three years of the war. They became known as the "Xeomarine Killers " and they were the toughest regiment in the third army. When the third army attacked the Krish held planet of Mithra, the Killers were the first ones to land. The landing ships carrying them came under intense fire. A beam from one of the Krish partial cannons struck the ship that Vice and twelve other soldiers were riding in. The ship burst into flames and crashed miles away from the battle, killing all twelve soldiers and burning Vice severely on his chest and right arm. The injured Vice wandered in the Mithra deserts for a week before being found half alive by a low passing ship. The news of his survival was of particular interest to many Palin and it sparked instant fame what would grow as the war went on.

Fort #3

The Loki planet of Aydon was the center for most of the race's manufacturing. If it fell to the Palin the Loki war effort would grind to a halt. Manufacturing on the planet was centered around a large city called Mag Mell. The city was protected by six forts, to take the city all six forts would have to be captured. For days the Palin Army attacked the forts from both the ground and from space. eventually five forts fell, the only one that remained was fort #3. The fort had with stood all bombardment from the army. It was decided by the Palin high command that the fort would have to be taken by troops. Vice volunteered his regiment for the attack. Vice led the regiment to just outside the fort's walls where they took cover beneath some bluffs. When Vice gave the order for them to charge the fort the regiment refused to move. Vice pleaded with them, telling them that they had been through worst than this. Still the regiment refused to move. Frustrated and ashamed of his men, Vice told them that he would take the fort himself. Vice fought his way inside the fort where he alone killed all 25 Loki soldiers inside. When he limped back to his regiment, badly bleeding from three gun shot wounds, his men were on their knees praying to him. They believed that Vice was the war god incarnate. Vice refused to look at any of them.

The Road Home

News of Vice's achievement on Aydon spread everywhere within the Palin Empire. His name became a household word overnight. The entire Palin military hailed him as a hero, the greatest Palin warrior in over 1,000 years. The matter came as to how Vice should be rewarded for his service to the Empire. The high command of the Palin army suggested that he be made a full general, equal with them.The Emperor dismissed this suggestion, he had a much better reward for him in mind. Gat was summoned from Aydon by the Emperor to deal with a "personal matter," as the Empersor called it. The matter was Princess Shaashmie's marriage. As a reward for his outstanding service, the Emperor offered her to Vice. Vice accepted, he was not going to refuse his Emperor nor pass up the chance to marry the girl he had loved ever since he left for war. Vice returned to Aydon and informed his regiment of the engagement. He also told them that he would continue as their Shook Tee even after he married the princess. Every solider in the regiment was happy at the news, exempt for Vice's younger brother Hydra. Hydra believed that since Vice was going to be a prince, he should give up command of the regiment and devote himself to the service of the princess. Hydra suggested that he should lead the regiment. Vice simply told Hydra no. Hydra did not take no for an answer, he attacked Vice and the two brothers fought savagely. Vice escaped from the fight without a scratch but Hydra was badly hurt. He ordered that Hydra be sent back to their father on Xeomara, where he would remain for the rest of the war.

Death and Rebirth

The wedding of Vice and Shaashmie was an event that reverberated through out the Empire. The entire active Palin military stopped fighting for one standard hour to observe the event. By now the Loki, Joosween, and Krish had surrendered. The wedding party was also considered a victory party for the Palin race. On their wedding night, Vice and Shaashmie did not sleep together. When Shaashmie saw the scars on Vice's body she fainted in terror. The next day was one that Vice would never forget. The Emperor had a heart attack and within a week he was dead. Vice's new loyalty would be to the Emperor's son Leto. He never liked Leto but as a good soldier he would serve him with honor.Leto suddenly disappeared and Shaasmie took the throne. Vice had once dreamed of her as Empress and now it was a reality.

From Palin to The Earth

Vice was ready to go back to Aydon and prepare his men to attack Earth, but before he could do that the empress gave him a different mission. The two them left for earth with an entourage of the Empress's hand maidens. the Empress brought with her a treaty for the earth governments to sign. The treaty would end the War of Galactic Supremacy and guarantee the safety of earth from the Palin, as long as Shaashmie was Empress. Vice's feelings were mixed on the treaty. He was glad the war would be ending but he was also disappointed that the Palin had not taken the whole galaxy. The four major governments of earth signed the treaty. As a token of her good will, the Empress ordered Vice to stay on earth and help the Tarren bring peace to their planet . By ordering Vice to do this, his name prophecy came true, he had become a man of peace.


Vice's power comes from years of physical and mental training. His body is in top physical shape, which as a Palin soldier, he must maintained at all times. His fitness has made him faster than the average Palin. He can run at an incredible rate when he is out in the open. He was trained in self respect and confidence by his father who was himself trained by a famous wise man. It was this mental training that led Vice to enhance all his natural power.


Vice is a fantastic soldier but the wars he has fought in have left him scared both physically and emotionally. His war wounds cause him great pain and he refuses to take medication for it because he doesn't want to become addicted to it. Post traumatic stress is currently a major part of his life. The Palin call it "war madness" and they also consider it a sign of cowardice. Vice has a recurring nightmare where he is on a dead planet with the sky raining down blood. He has kept his mental illness a secret from everyone, including the empress.


The Palin military is centered around the rifle and Vice is an expert shot. However he was forbidden from bringing a Palin rifle to earth for fear the technology would be stolen. Instead Vice relies on his training in the Palin martial art called Ma Hi. Ma Hi has three forms: weaponless, duel blade, and single blade. Vice is adept in all three forms be he prefers the duel blade form overall. He fights with two a three foot long swords called a Lathards.

Extras and Trivia

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