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Blaze Sanctus.jpg
Player: @Virfortis
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Blaze Ignis Sanctus
Known Aliases: Lloyd Dale
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 270
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown/Gold
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Freelance Tech
Place of Birth: Light's Brotherhood Medical Facility
Base of Operations: Light's Brotherhood Facility, Missouri
Marital Status: Dating
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Holy Augmentation/Energy
Known Abilities
Sword, spirit-sense.
Broadsword or Zanbato, taser, various explosives, hidden blade, tech helmet.
A Paladin, capable of seeing a person's spirit, though does not force his beliefs on others, merely lives his life the way he wishes. His faith is what sustains his abilities, to lose it would kill him.



Blaze Sanctus is still very much a work in progress. Given that even I am surprised at how much he has changed, I'm still developing everything from the start, and may redesign his character many times before finding what I really like. The basic premise is that he is a holy warrior in an unholy city, and his more old school etiquette makes him seem older than he really is. Feel free to leave a comment in the Discussion page!

Light's Brotherhood

Created in A.D. 437, Light's Brotherhood was formed out of the need to combat the Transgressors. Hiding as holy men, or a loose organization, it was not until the beginning of the first crusades in Europe that the need for Light's Brotherhood to exist as an organization came into being. Both armies amassed in what is now Lowen county, Kentucky, for a battle that, the Brotherhood hoped, would stop the Transgressors before they became too serious a threat. The outcome of the battle was never discovered by later historians, but the fact remains that the Transgressors and Light's Brotherhood remained at large for centuries. Both factions have also become very secretive, leading to many people believing neither exist. Although the Brotherhood shares no official denomination, the Christian origin remains a cornerstone of its beliefs.

Blaze Sanctus

Aspiring to attain the rank of a Knight in the Brotherhood, Blaze began a life long course of rigorous training. His master, Dale Long, took it upon himself to educate Blaze academically, physically, and spiritually. Blaze did not attend public school, opting instead for a training program combined with studying at night. The effort paid off, leaving Blaze proficient in multiple sword combat styles, and learned enough to be accepted into the Brotherhood Academy. The only thing standing between Blaze and his achievement of a Knight was a two year world-aid trip. He would need to go into the world for two years and live in another city, as well as help the city in some way. Blaze dubbed his trip "The Phoenix Project." On August 25th, 2011, Blaze set out for Paragon City by road, bringing his battle suit with him. Blaze's lack of experience often becomes the downfall of him, as he misinterprets messages easily, and tends to over-exaggerate, or over-analyze a situation. What might be seen as a stern response from someone, can be taken as a death threat by him. His mind works in a binary system with it comes to people, as he feels someone either likes him or hates him. This lack of social skills is attributed to his being raised outside of the school system, opting instead to train and study himself, and a seemingly inherit distaste for the general population, which in his mind shares a constant mob rule mentality.

The Phoenix Project

Blaze Sanctus was to spend two years in Paragon City as a registered hero. Given the rise of the Rikti threat, Blaze felt that not only his mind, but his body would be tested in helping to save the city. Knight's were a home defense force, and given that there had been no dangers to the Brotherhood in over 200 years, becoming a Knight would require another set of skills and abilities. He could easily accomplish both his physical and mental training in Paragon City.

Paragon City

It only took a few hours in the city for Blaze to realize he stuck out like a sore thumb. Never mind that he was head and shoulders taller than the majority of people he met, his verbiage and vernacular seemed like they were from a completely different time. Blaze decided that the best course of action was to obtain a tech degree from the Founders' Falls University. During those two years, he could better the society by doing hero work behind the scenes. As he found though, studying itself became a chore. His work ethic seemed light-years ahead of what is considered the average college student, and he became smothered in college offers and people wanting to know too much about him. He had considered dropping out of the university, when fate struck in the form of a Family kidnapping. As he was surveying Independence Port, Blaze saw the Family kidnap a young woman. The woman, as it turned out, was recently married to a Paragon Police Department detective whose more recent investigation into the Family had cost him his life. The Family claimed his damages were to be billed to her, but Blaze intervened by killing the Family boss, and rescuing the hostage. In the most inconceivable stroke of bad luck, or perhaps fate wanted him dead, a stray sniper bullet, loaded with an incendiary round, struck the thin wall of the warehouse Blaze was escaping from and hit a package of drugs. The paper packaging ignited and quickly ignited the fumes in the drug room. Blaze and the woman barely found cover before the entire warehouse exploded.

Blaze put his cape away for a while, hoping the heat would subside. It wasn't until a month later, when the Family hacked the Hero registry and discovered many secret identities, that Blaze's alias, Lloyd Dale, was targeted for a hit. On his way out of the university, Blaze sensed something was wrong, and triggered the ambush before he was caught. Blaze escaped, though with a grievous would in his shoulder. It all seemed like the world was crashing down on him, until he defied the call of death and ran for the rooftop of the tallest building he could find. Barely making it to the top, he tried to rest until he was recruited by a group of strange individuals, claiming to be a secret organization.

Tragedy Strikes

On September 13th, 2011, The Light's Brotherhood Facility was attacked by Shivans. Although no real reasoning behind this attack has been determined, factions such as 5th Column, Council, Crey, and Family, quickly swarmed the devastated city. The entire city housing the facility was destroyed, leaving no known survivors at the time. Blaze, still a new member of The Codex, requested help going back and finding the holocron data his master would have left for him. During the search, the locket of his life long friend, Rose Horoko, was discovered. The group fought their way to the facility and collected the information from the library just as a rush of 5th Column emerged. Blaze opened a portal to the Paladin Sanctuary, only to find a hidden message his master had left. Blaze was elevated to the rank of Master Paladin, being the only one still alive, and took the data he obtained to use to build Light's Brotherhood again. After some time, however, it became clear to him that to try and reinstate the organization would simply cause conflict. Today, the Brotherhood is an ideal carried on by Blaze, and he shares its wisdom with those who are interested.

The Codex

Blaze felt internal conflict for some time. While he wanted to continue his hero work, he was unsure of how to do it without being exposed to the media. His lack of experience, coupled with an increasing paranoia brought on by the feeling of being alone, caused him to introvert even more. Though he quickly became friends with such Codex members as Muppy, Lady-Jade, Hellfrost, and a select few others, his lack of social experience brought on numerous issues with higher ranking officers. Everything came to a head when Blaze rushed out to save his friend Azuren, only to find him unmasked. In a last ditch effort to save Blaze, Azuren tried to teleport them to safety before the building they were in collapsed. The media surrounded Blaze, and he panicked. Not knowing what to do, he tried to throw the media off, making them think he was part of some anti-paparazzi organization, giving the news a dramatic speech. Even though his plan worked, there was still the fallout of what he did. Misunderstandings abounded, and Blaze wondered if he would be forced from The Codex. Being secretly taken out of a mission by Lady-Jade only furthered his suspicions. It wasn't until Phaize intervened that his mind was put at rest, and since then he's proven himself an effective, if somewhat still green, operative. His trust in the overall structure of The Codex is still a bit shaky, but becoming steadier rapidly. With recent events, Blaze is finally beginning to feel like a member again, though the looking haunt of failure still stays attached to his mind.

Rose Horoko

Presumably lost in the destruction, Rose had survived and escaped to Pragaon City to find Blaze. Her attempts at searching for him proved disheartening, as his public trail ran cold at the faked death of his alias. It wasn't until she saw the news stories about Blaze's media attention that she realized he was alive. Though the press quickly tried to get rid of the story, just seeing him gave her hope. Her search redoubled, she was contacted by Codex agent Sonja, who brought Blaze along. The two reunited, Blaze began to feel much more at ease. The development has caused one side effect though, as Blaze is now fiercely protective of Rose. With a recent attack on Rose's life by an unknown sniper, Rose was placed under lockdown at the Codex Sanctuary. Blaze will stop at nothing to ensure Rose is safe, and will trust only a select few others with her well being.


The Transgressors are a cult dedicated to worshiping and manifesting the seven deadly sins. During the One Year Conflict in what is now North America, Greed, one of the seven demonic heads of the Transgressor Council, was nearly killed by a Sanctus Paladin. As it turns out, Blaze was brought back in time, saving him from an explosive server room, so that he could aid the Paladins and continue living his life when the battle was over. Blaze fought for a year, but never told anyone on the outside what the outcome of the battle was. Greed's vendetta against Blaze, having wounded him so severely, stewed for almost 900 years. During that time he raised and trained a demonic assassin, Raphael Daemon, with the sole purpose of killing Blaze when he arrived again in the timeline. When Blaze was found again, through the Family hit on his life, Raphael set out for Paragon City and established a legitimate gambling business as a facade for more lucrative illegal businesses while he sought contacts and information on Blaze. Coming up short, he decided to call Blaze himself out over the Paragon Times. Blaze met Raphael in a fencing training hall, and the two dueled by fencing for what seemed like an hour, neither landing a blow. Blaze eventually won the duel, and Raphael swore the next time would be to the death. Since then, Raphael has exchanged his physical body for cybernetic augmentations, giving him a superhero edge. In a recent battle, his abilities, combined with tactical prowess, proved more than a match for the strike team of Blaze, Jade, Hellfrost, Minh, and Phaize. Raphael was forced to retreat due to being outgunned, and made his way to the Bermuda Triangle. Blaze watched as GENI, the Codex AI, tracked Raphael's ship to the Triangle, making his mission more urgent than ever. The Bermuda Triangle is a location in both Brotherhood, and Transgressor lore, that can be used as a gateway to Hell. If utilized, demons would no longer need to be summoned, providing an army thousands of times more powerful than what Earth itself could combat. Due to the efforts of the Codex, Raphael and one od the seven heads, Greed, was defeated. The other 6 are not expected to intervene any time soon, as Greed's efforts were of a personal nature, not group business.

Greed was quickly dispatched by the Codex, but the portal had already been partially opened. With little alternative, Blaze held off the energies while the team escaped. In a last ditch effort, he managed to close the portal before it became out of hand. He now spends his time in the Codex Chapel, waiting for more Transgressors to arrive. He can sense a Transgressor from many miles away, meaning if one ever comes to Paragon City, he'll know it.

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