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"You. Shall. Pay."
Player: @iynx
Origin: magic
Archetype: blaster
Threat Level: 0 (believed to be deceased)
Personal Data
Real Name: uncertain
Known Aliases: unknown
Species: unknown
Age: estimated 30 to 40 by the time of her alleged death
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: unknown
Occupation: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: believed to be Kings Row, Paragon City.
Marital Status: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Weeper was seen using powers similar to high ranking Skulls and Circle of Thorns.
Known Abilities
Necromancy, demon summoning, witchcraft, flight, invisibility.
NOTE: believed to be slain during the Galaxy City invasion in 2011. Body or anything to prove her death has not been found.



Weeper's true identity was never publicly revealed. Weeper operated in Paragon City, she was mostly seen in Independence Port, Founder's Falls and Kings Row. Her alignment is still debatable to some point, she did clash with some Paragon heroes, notable with her arch-nemesis Caladra and it is obvious she was responsible for murdering several Hellion gangmembers. Saying that she was a "Skull who became a vigilante" is highly disputable because she committed murders, and used stalking, threatening and public vilification to reach her goals.


Weeper was a slender woman who hid most of her distinctive features under black cape and a hood, letting people usually only see her Skull mask and two glowing eyes.


Weeper was spotted first time in early 2003, Kings Row, but at that time she was regarded as just one of the Skull, who were taking a hold of more Paragon City areas. During the following years, Weeper was believed to be an active front line combatant when the Skulls fought with their enemies and claimed their turf. After that Weeper, who obviously was a Skull and followed their mandate, somehow drifted into a position where she was doing things, that could be seen as acts of vigilantism, if not even heroism to some point. For example, only years before her demise, she had publicly vowed to expose the person behind controversial deaths of a number of female Paragon City reporters, heroes and models. Using hijacked TV-transmissions and vilification, she had already ran other male predators and power abusers out of their facades, and had them quit their jobs or at least, put a huge question mark on their public persona. But again, even if she apparently acted in favor of the press (by trying to expose a murderer who was targetting female reporters) at the time, she was maligned as a crazy, androphobic villain with zero credibility.

Modus Operandi

While Weeper did partake in Skull gangwars against the Hellions, she also went after her victims alone using tactics and approach divergent to her gang. Most notably, she stalked her victims for weeks if not months, crying under their windows during the nights, sending them threatening messages and causing them nightmares with her magic. A hooded, weeping woman under a window of a hero is a mental image that Weeper became identified as. While she exposed Circle of Thorn members living their facade mundane life as Paragon City businessmen and domestic abusers pretending to be loving husbands and impeccable heroes of Paragon City, she often also -allegedly- accused her some of her victims falsely, and made many enemies within the heroes of Paragon City.

Reception and power level

Weeper never gained any significant notoriety among the civilians of Paragon City. Most of the public media belittled her and painted her as a forgettable crazy villain. She was able to hijack TV-broadcasts and cause social and mental pressure to her victims, but she rarely engaged in actual toe-to-toe combat outside gangwars. By heroes, she was considered below Arch-Villain level and thus left to the PPD and street-level heroes to be taken care of.


Weeper is still recognizable name among the Skulls. She always put her gang above all, and helped the Skulls establish their current turf in 2003. Within the gang, she was known as a fierce, ruthless crazy woman who only few dared to cross their path with. Skull leaders, who were around in the 2003, are said to know the true identity of Weeper. Skulls active in Kings Row during 2003 to 2011 also know, that she had two kids, who were with her in Skull hideouts and even during some rituals. But when she went to actually hurt people, she left the kids to be taken care of by her fellow Skull brothers and sisters. Weeper was respected among the Trolls, for reasons unknown outside Troll and Skull circles.


First and foremost, Weeper was an enemy of the Hellions. Weeper made a lot of enemies within the heroes of Paragon City. It is undisputed she unveiled some really abominable individuals hiding under facade of a Paragon City hero, but some of her accusations were found out to be false, thus damaging the public image of certain very influential heroes. As a Skull, Weeper took part in confrontations with the PPD. During her villain career, she has a record of murdering 3 and severely injuring 12 officers of the PPD. Caladra, who worked tightly with the PPD, became the Arch-Nemesis to Weeper. It is well-known Caladra, when she raided a Skull hideout, beat Weeper and made her and her gang retreat from the hideout. Then, Calandra adopted a young child Weeper had left behind in the hideout. Her act was controversial and highly criticized, but as a respected hero of Paragon City, well-connected with influential heroes and favored by the press, Calandra was able to keep the child.


Weeper apparently perished in Galaxy City during 2011 invasion. According to rumors, she was last seen locked in combat with her arch-nemesis Caladra.

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