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The White Widower
Player: @The Widower
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Arachnos Spider, Arachnos Widow, Stalker, Corruptor, Mastermind
Threat Level: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: "White"; "Widower"; "WW"
Species: Human
Age: Early to mid-twenties
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 200lbs
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Soldier; Advanced Individual Operations Specialist
Place of Birth: Unknown location within the Republic of Canada
Base of Operations: Fortress Montreal, Montreal Island, Quebec, Republic of Canada
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: None; all deceased
Known Powers
Latent psychokinetic abilities
Known Abilities
Veteran soldier/mercenary, sharpshooter, master martial-artist, master fencer, genius-level IQ, high resistance to psychic assault due to Arachnos Soldier and Widow training
Various small arms, various Wolf/Bane/Crab Spider equipment, various Night Widow equipment, and a cloaking device equipped in most of his combat gear.
No additional information on file.



Origins: Born to Serve

The White Widower hails from a dimension referred to as "Matriarchal Earth". It shares most of it's similarities with Praetorian Earth, due to the Dominatrix's indirect interference with it. One of the Praetorians' many subjugated realities, Matriarchal Earth suffered a terrible genetically-engineered plague that wiped out roughly 87% of Matriarchal Earth's male population. By the time the dust had settled, the Dominatrix had already established a power-base there and hand picked several female lieutenants. These... "Matriarchs" (as Portal Corp employees have come to call them) then raised an army to conquer the world by capturing and enslaving what remained of the male population.

In Her Service

The White Widower was one of the "lucky" ones to have been immune to the virus, and thus enslaved by the Dominatrix's minions. After what remained of his family was slaughtered for refusing to hand him over willingly, he spent much of his late childhood forcibly enrolled in Dominatrix's "Re-education Centre for Good Men and Boys". While "attending" the Centre, the White Widower was taught the virtues of the submissive male... and wracked up several infractions for "Conduct unbecoming of a good and submissive male." The punishments for these infractions were intense and severe.

Fortunately for the White Widower, a group calling itself the "Carnival of Light"- not to be confused with the Praetorian Carnival of Light, though they are incredibly similar- launched an assault against the facility. They freed whom they could, though some young men were so psychologically damaged from their time at the Centre that they actually expressed a fanatical loyalty to the Dominatrix, and fought against the Carnival only to be telepathically transformed in to servants of the Light. Fortunately, the White Widower recovered from his imprisonment.

Origins: The Will to Power

For a time, the White Widower fought alongside the Carnival of Light. The more he got to know them however, the more he discovered that serving the Carnival wasn't much better than serving Dominatrix and her Matriarchs. While it was true that the Carnival didn't believe in the enslavement of men, they still held to a belief that men should not be allowed to hold positions of power; it was men who had been responsible for the cause of all wars preceding the plague.

Men's Liberation Movement

Sensing his dissatisfaction and disillusionment, a Ring Mistress known only to him as the "Madame of Mystery" told the White Widower about a group of men that were mounting a resistance... a "men's liberation movement," one could say. Parting ways with the Carnival of Light, the White Widower traveled to Montreal Island, located in the south-eastern parts of the Republic of Canada where he met up with a ragtag group of guerrilla fighters.

Under the leadership of a man calling himself the "Weaver of Hope," the White Widower and his new found comrades became the founding members of the Arachnos Organization. Though he would have never expected it, the training he had received at the Re-education Centre- and the weapon-training he later received while working for the Carnival- landed the White Widower in command of a highly specialized Tac Ops unit. Within a year of it's founding, the Arachnos Organization became a potent force in the fight against gender-based oppression.

By the time the White Widower found himself in our dimension, Arachnos had three major bases: Fort Hydra in the Free-Man's Isles, and the entirely-fortified islands of Montreal and Japan.

Origins: Accident or AWOL?

For reasons unknown, the White Widower was tossed through a tear between dimensions. At first it was believed that the White Widower intentionally fled his reality to escape the horrors of war. However, given that he ended up here, on Primal Earth, and immediately joined Arachnos, this theory has lost a lot of plausibility. It's plausible that the White Widower's intense hate for the Dominatrix may have transferred to Ms. Liberty... but there are some who believe things aren't even that simple.

The "Canadian" Problem

Recently, a strange Canadian superhero called Colonel Canada has been running around the Rogue Isles. He seems to sound an awful lot like the White Widower, but without the villain's gruff tone. It's also been implied that the individual in question is a Mutant.

What this strange canuck is doing in the Rogue Isles, no one knows, but he's definitely gunning for someone.

Personnel Jacket

The White Widower has progressed through the ranks of the Wolf Spiders quickly due to his experiences on Matriarchal Earth. The latest intelligence suggests that the White Widower is either close to becoming one of the infamous Arbiters of Arachnos... or may already be one. A record of his achievements can be found in the Vanguard's file #878-B.1, supplied by Arachnos and presented below:

Basic Combat Training

Basic Wolf Spider Training completed; Wolf Spider Assault qualified;

Special Forces Training & Qualification

Wolf Spider Tac Ops qualified; Wolf Spider Huntsman qualified; Blood Widow Training completed;

Advanced Individual Soldier Training & Qualification

Crab Spider Longfang Backpack Operator qualified; Night Widow Training qualified; Bane Spider Training completed; Fortunata Training completed;


The White Widower has expressed an interest in attending Bane Spider training and qualification courses. Evidence of latent yet powerful psychokinetic abilities, however, have caused him to be recommended for immediate inclusion within the ranks of the Fortunatas. No further training is requested or recommended at this time.


The White Widower has been assigned as a "confidential liaison" to the Shadow Spiders, as several high-ranking officials have expressed concern as to the competency of it's current leadership. Due to suspicion that the White Widower may not be as loyal to Arachnos as he claims to be, he is being monitored closely as well. We feel that in this way both problems will take care of each other.

Signed, Arbiter Daos


The following is miscellaneous information that is considered OOC.

Character Name/Archetype Variations

Despite the minute differences in name, all of the below are the same IC character. Anyone who wants to get in to contact with the White Widower (either ICly or OOCly) should be aware of this list:

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