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Wonder Witch
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Security Level: 15
Personal Data
Real Name: Tamara Trent
Known Aliases: Wonder Witch
Species: Human Witch
Age: 37
Height: 5'7"ish
Weight: Mmmm...no.
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Mother, Witch, Hero
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Talia Yorke (Mother), Rodolphus Yorke (Father), Tandy Yorke (Sister), Tucker Trent (Husband), Tabitha Trent (Daughter), Tessa Trent (Daughter)
Known Powers
Molecular Acceleration
Known Abilities
Spellcasting, Divination, Potion Making
A bevy of magical materials, artifacts, tomes, equipment and other trinkets, both from her own days of heroism as well as her family's stock.
No additional information available.



Early Life

Tamara Yorke was born to one of the unlikeliest of couples: Talia Willows, a mid ranking Cabal witch with a natural power over the wind, and Rodolphus Yorke, a mid ranking member of the Legacy Chain who specialized in fire magic. Their attraction to one another proved distracting to both, and their positions forbid them to ever be together. However when both were recruited into the Midnight Squad by sheer coincidence, they finally gave into their passions.

Fearful of the mixed child growing inside her, Talia went to the only one she felt she could trust: Mary Macomber. Faced with losing one of her closest Coven sisters, Mary struck a deal with Talia. Since the baby would only take after her mother's side of the family and be bestowed with a weather related power, the child would join the Cabal when she finally came into her powers. For this, Mary would hide the secret of the baby's father, protecting her from the ire of the coven.

When Tamara was born, she displayed no signs of innate magical powers from her mother or her father, other than a natural talent for magic. Talia and Rodolphus spent the next twelve years on edge, waiting for the moment Tamara would display her powers. And lo, on her thirteenth birthday it happened: after arguing with her best friend, Tamara flung her arms upward in anger and released her powers for the first time, causing the ceiling to heat an burst into flames.

Finally it had happened, the moment they were all waiting for. Unfortunately, divination is not the Cabal's strongest area, and Mary never foresaw that the young witch's powers would not be related to the weather. Unable to hide this fact, Talia was forcefully ousted from the Cabal, never allowed to return again. Rodolphus left the Legacy Chain in a less violent (but still saddening) way, forsaking his own destiny. Disenfranchised and feeling betrayed, Talia and Rodolphus turned to the only haven they had left: The Midnighters. Turning their anger into passion to teach their daughter to be the most powerful witch she could be, they would continue their legacy one way or another.


Once she came into her powers, and once her parents had left the protection of their respective organizations, Tamara became a target for many a force of evil. Under her parent's tutelage however, she blossomed from an awkward and shy child into a confident young woman.

Super Hero

With the occult knowledge of the Cabal and the arcane studies of the Legacy Chain, Tamara had come into her own as a force of good magic. And growing up in the City of Heroes does little to quench one's thirst for adventure. So at 18, Tamara raced to register for her hero license. Taking on the name Wonder Witch, Tamara was inducted into the Midnight Squad and started her heroic career.

Her career would bring her into conflict with many of Paragon's villains, most prominently the Circle of Thorns and other magically inclined groups. But it would be the invaders from above and beyond that would end her career.


The Rikti Invasion. It affected all in the world, but the magically inclined seemed to suffer the most. Tamara and her parents joined the fray. Talia helped with closing portals appearing in Paragon. Tamara helped to repel any invaders and destroy as much Rikti tech as possible. But it was Rodolphus, her father, who would go towards certain doom. After fighting rank and file, he was recruited into the Omega Team, and ultimately died during the mission. Her faith in magic shattered, Tamara and her mother spent the rest of the war recovering their wounds and grieving.

Marriage & Family

It would ultimately be a retired football player turned sports caster that would pull Tamara from her slump. She had saved him from a renegade Rikti Drone, and it was love at first sight. Tucker Trent proposed within six months, and they were married within another two. However between her trepidation of heroics, and Tucker's apprehension of magic, Wonder Witch laid down her mantle, giving up hero work for the life a house wife and, not long after, mother.

On August 16, Tabitha Trent was born to two happy parents, and a very happy grandmother. She has spent the past six years with her mother ever watchful for signs of magic, knowing full well that it is on its way. Her baby sister Tessa would just three years behind.

The Return of Wonder Witch

Just as one invasion took her out of hero work, another would bring her right back in. Visiting a friend in Galaxy City, Tamara was caught in the first wave of the Shivan attack. Forcing her to call on her powers for the first time in years, Wonder Witch begrudgingly returned to work. What she has yet to do however is tell her husband, who she suspects would not be particularly pleased.


Molecular Acceleration

Or simply put, the power to make molecules speed up. This is Tamara's birth power and served her well during her initial hero career. With it she can accomplish a number of feats:

-She can cause molecules to quickly accelerate at range so that they cause her target to melt, burn or catch fire, depending on the material. (Flares, Fire Breath)

-Tamara can achieve spontaneous combustive explosions of great force. Since developing her combustive power, this is her most common and useful form of attack. These can range from her basic blast (Fire Blast) to a more focused and powerful hit (Blaze) to a more widespread blast wave (Fire Ball).

-Before developing the combustive aspect of her power, Tamara's mother helped her develop a way to accelerate air molecules. With this technique, she could wave her hand and accelerate the air to fling an enemy away or strike them with a blast of wind. She has mostly given this method up, as her spells allow her to control the wind much more precisely. However, she still uses it to enhance her spells and attacks From time to time.

-Similarly, her father trained her to use her powers to on weaponry, accelerating the throw of a knife or strike with her fist for more damage.

-Tamara can also use her powers on herself, providing her a form of pseudo super speed, meaning that she can run very fast but is still slower than most others with super speed. She has also fine-tuned this technique so that she can enhance her overall agility and jumping (Prestige Sprint Dash, Ninja Run). She can also briefly increase the speed of her punches so that she can land many in quick succession (Sand of Mu, though I wish I could change the FX...).

-Can cause a person's molecules to accelerate to repair physical damage. (Aid Other, Aid Self) This is somewhat unreliable, however, and can sometimes fail if Tamara cannot concentrate.

-Tamara has also become proficient and precise enough in her powers to use them for more mundane tasks around the home and other practical uses. For instance, she can cause water to boil near instantly, melt ice, light candles, light a fireplace, etc.

-Tamara has discovered that, under the right conditions, she can focus hard enough to combust the very air in the space all around her, causing a massive explosion. This is, however highly dangerous, causing much collateral damage, and proves to be very draining and potentially fatal to Tamara. (Self Destruct)

Spellcasting & Magic

As the daughter of a former Cabal witch and former Legacy Chain sorcerer, Tamara received a very unique and formidable education in the magical arts.

Her mother taught her the ways of the Cabal, the spells and formulae that guide winds, call fog, and summon storms (Storm Summoning). She was also taught basic witchcraft, such as the elements, festivals, rites of passage, crystal use, divination, potion making, the art of writing spells and more. Some spells include:

-Wicked Winds (Gale): A cursed wind used by the cabal that flings enemies back and even has the possibility to bring up their darkest thoughts and memories to the forefront (Psychic damage proc).

-Winter's Grasp (Snow Storm): A curse that summons a localized snow storm around a victim, causing mayhem for all within it.

-Could Riding (Steam Jump): Before witches can fly they must crawl. Or glide, more accurately. This Cabal spell allows Wonder Witch to ride air currents for a short time. It is weak, however, and can give out at unpredictable moments, forcing it to be used with caution.

-Spirit Binding (Red Wisp Pet): A ritual that binds a spirit to a location, person or object. Her mother taught her this ritual after the death of Tamara's father, so that he may be with her in times of need. His willingness to do so made the incredibly difficult spell all the easier.

-Spirit Rush (Blackwand): A dark spell that calls upon a fallen spirit to rush a target, causing them pain and trepidation. Though known, Wonder Witch rarely uses it, as it is dark magic and requires communing with a spirit to call on. She refuses to force the only spirit she keeps in regular communication with, her father, to perform such a task.

Her father taught her the ways of combat, and how best to use her powers in a fight. In addition, she learned the more arcane knowledge of the Legacy Chain, such as manipulating energy, summonings and bindings, mental spells, wards, and the art of crafting magical objects. (Most of her other powers and temp powers) Some spells include:

-Apprentice Charm: A basic offensive cantrip taught to many arcane art workers. Though known, Tamara rarely uses it, favoring her inherent powers.

-Light Bolt (Nemesis Staff): A Legacy Chain staple, this fires a quick bolt of light energy that repels an opponent, useful for getting them out of your face.

-Earth's Renewal (02 Boost): A Legacy of Earth spell that calls on the earth itself to heal and protect someone, as well as enchant them with enhanced senses.



While she still relies on her magic a large majority of the time, Wonder Witch is capable in the area of martial combat. Trained by her father, Tamara has learned some of the things taught to the Legacy of The Sword. As such, she is capable of fighting unarmed, with knives, daggers, swords, axes, crossbows, and a few other types of weaponry. While her training is not nearly on par with many other melee combatants, Wonder Witch can at least hold her own long enough if she needs to.


Despite the more flamboyant nature of her powers, Wonder Witch has come to rely on stealth for many a mission. Using a combination of weather magic for cover and her innate power for speed and agility, Wonder Witch can bypass entire groups of people with her only trace being a quick wisp of smoke passing by.


Tamara's desire for a "normal" life as well as the fun of magic and heroics cause her to be conflicted and wispy washy on the matter of her hero career. This can lead to a complex about not spending enough time doing one or the other, and causes her to constantly consider putting Wonder Witch away for good. Her husband's dislike for her chosen profession and magic all together doesn't help matters much either.

As for her powers, Tamara's natural molecular acceleration powers require the use of one or both of her hands, and can possibly be detained through simply binding them in some fashion. Also, she needs to be able to have a clear line of sight to use them, and if attempting to use them through glass or some other physical barrier will damage the obstruction first.

Additionally, after so long out of the hero game, Wonder Witch is still getting used to using her powers offensively again, leading to the occasional misstep and mistake.

Finally, like many spellcasters, the use of spells require words, gestures, and sometimes material ingredients to enact.


During her first run as a hero, Wonder Witch specialized in the more mystic villain groups, having been targeted by many of them throughout her life.

Circle Of Thorns: Perhaps her longest running feud. They were the first to send spirits to try and coax her to come to them as a little girl, and later tried to kidnap her outright. Wonder Witch has foiled many a Circle plot, and she has a special place in her heart for the Circle of Thorns. A very very mean place.

The Cabal: To the Cabal, Tamara is practically an abomination. While only a few attempts have been made against her by Cabal sorceresses, Tamara has felt their collective animosity for taking one of their sisters away from them her entire life. She still has an ongoing bounty on her head.

The Hellions and Skulls: These two have provided Tamara with much entertainment. Not really giving either much credit, she does recognize the potential they have. As such, she tends to arrest those she finds lurking about, but not before showing them what REAL magic can do.

The Legacy Chain: While unable to take direct action against her due to her status as a hero, The Legacy Chain watches Tamara VERY closely. They lie in wait for her to fall in line with the witches of the Cabal, or finally loose control of her powers and wait in smug silence.


Talia Yorke: Tamara's mother, and former Cabal sorceress. She has been there for her since day one and supports her heroic endeavors no matter what. While she doesn't particularly approve of her choice of non magical husband, she keeps her opinions to herself. Mostly.

Rodolphus Yorke: Having returned to his daughter in the form of a red spirit wisp, Rodolphus aids his daughter with secrets from both this world and beyond. He can do all the typical spirit things, plus he retains a small fraction of his former magic and can use it to bestow a blessing upon Tamara.

Hopper: Hopper is the family familiar. A former Red Cap rascal, Hopper is fiercely loyal to the women of Tamara's family, and has even become close to Tamara's husband and become fiercely protective of him and Tabitha. With the added ability of self teleportation, a massive talent for digging, and his rather large axe (axe of undead slaying), Hopper is a highly useful assistant to the family.

Tully: A leprechaun that was brought by a spell gone awry, Tully petitioned Wonder Witch’s help in saving his clan. In return, Tully will sometimes accompany Tamara to give her a bit of added luck in her endeavors.

The Midnighters: Rodolphus' family has a long legacy with the Midnighters Club and the Midnight Squad, and Talia and her mother were both members, leading to a very natural membership for Tamara. She has been a member for over 20 years and has made friends of various high profile members.

Looking for Contact

Wonder Witch is always on the lookout for those who she can help with her extensive mystical knowledge.

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