Young Eagle

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In the fabled underground city of Oranbega.
Young Eagle
Player: @Gamma Ray Girl
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 34
Personal Data
Real Name: Young Eagle
Known Aliases: Grandmother Eagle (1910-1921)
Species: Human
Age: 19 (approximate) - while active in Paragon City 2005-2006
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Native American (Comanche)
Occupation: Wandering Adventurer / Tribal Spiritual Conduit
Place of Birth: United States, Oklahoma Territory, Spring 1859 (unconfirmed)
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Paragon City 2006: Single / Oklahoma 1901-1927: Married
Known Relatives: Wind Speaker (husband, 1886-1927), Brown Bear (grandfather, deceased), Standing Bear (father), Open Sky (mother), Two Hawks (brother), Blood Sun (brother), numerous other relatives.
Known Powers
Rapid healing. Heightened senses. Astral projection, spirit visions, and dimensional travel.
Known Abilities
Highly skilled melee combatant, tracker, and hunter.
Katana (dated to 19th century Japan), Leather/buckskin clothing (apparently 19th century Comanche craft)
*Powers and abilities unconfirmed, see “Paragon Asylum” section.


Birth and Early Years

Born on a moonless night in 1859, third daughter of Chief Brown Bear, the Comanche child named Young Eagle was marked from birth for an unusual destiny. The tribal medicine man had foretold that a champion would be born, and be guided by the Bear Spirit to vanquish evil. Prophecy also indicated she would be separated from family and nation to travel the world and assist those in need.

Young Eagle quickly showed herself to be no ordinary child. She learned English from white prospectors, and the tongues of several neighboring tribes. She mastered riding, weaponry, medicine, and tracking almost immediately. At 10 she was more than a match for the Comanche’s strongest braves, and the youngest ever to lead their war parties. She spoke with the Bear Spirit and tribal ghosts constantly, and did not realize this was unusual until she departed the Oklahoma Territory for Boston at age 12.


Eagle traveled the world, finding new allies and foes everywhere, and constantly refining her battle skills. She fought anarchists in Boston, evil Freemasons in London, slave raiders in Ethiopia, ninja assassins in Japan. Everywhere she stayed more than a few weeks, she learned a new weapon, a new language, or a new craft. Despite being a teenager wandering alone, Young Eagle was a confident and capable 19th century hero, resolute and confident in doing the work of the Great Bear Spirit. Her greatest difficulties and rare defeats came when her link to the spirit world was occasionally clouded, resulting in sometimes aberrant or unrestrained behavior on her part.

Eagle returned to America in 1876, excited to see her family and homelands again. She never got there. After detours through Chicago and the Dakota Territory, she followed a trail of dark magic to New York Iroquois hunting grounds and tracked down a powerful warlock named Black Hart. After a protracted battle in an underground cave system, Black Hart defeated her, cast her down an icy chasm, and left her for dead.

But the Great Bear Spirit was not done with its champion yet. For 130 years, Young Eagle slept encased in the ice, as the cave system collapsed and shifted around her, until her frozen prison rose above ground and she awoke, freed from her slumber by an industrious group of Boy Scouts.

Paragon City, 2004

The distant future of 2004 brought many strange new things. Eagle had difficulties adjusting to a world of cell phones, traffic, and concrete horizons. In addition, her link to the spirit world had become increasingly fragmented, filling her head with psychic static and giving her dark, disturbing visions. She attempted to continue her war against evil, but unfamiliarity with the 21st century and her increasing mental confusion led her just as often to conflicts with the police. Usually her skills and wits kept her one step away from being captured, but one summer night, after cracking the skulls of a smuggler boat’s crew, she fled the flashing lights into a dead-end alley, and had nowhere left to run. It took 15 of them to get the cuffs on her and get her in the back of the squad car.

Faced with an apparent madwoman, wanted for aggravated assault, assault of a police officer, and resisting arrest, with no ID, no family, no address, howling about spirits and claiming to be 150 years old, the judge had little choice. Eagle was tranquilized, straitjacketed, and sent off to the asylum.

Paragon Asylum

The next few months were a blur. Drugs. Restraints. Nightmares. Men in white, telling her they could make her better. Dark visions. Escape attempts. Blackouts. More drugs. Solitary confinement. Countless doctors, telling her she could be cured, if only she would stop believing in spirits. Sometimes she came to almost believe them. Maybe she WAS just a broken, confused young woman, retreating into a fantasy to escape some abuse or trauma she couldn’t even remember. The spirits did not speak to her as often these days. Maybe they had always been the product of an insane mind, and she was slowly getting better.

Letter from Arnold Reed, PhD, staff psychologist at Paragon Asylum: (to be inserted)

Paragon City, 2005-2006

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Disappearance and Historical Record

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Allies and Associations

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