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"We can't all be royal subjects of the kingdom of stupid."
@Chernobyl Blue
Player: The Kathy
Origin: Natural, so far as I know.
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: Fluctuates.
Personal Data
Real Name: Kathy
Known Aliases: Bloo, Kaffy
Species: Humanoid of sorts
Age: 26
Height: 5'3"
Weight: None of your damn business :)
Eye Color: Blue-green
Hair Color: Dark blonde. Too dark.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Sore wa himitsu desu. <3
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Empathy/Mind Control/General Badassery
Known Abilities
The grace of a cat, the ability to soak up emotions of nearby people, graphic design skillz, writing skillz and the ability to enjoy things that most women don't.
A cup of coffee, the iPod, the Honda Accord, a pewter biohazard pendant, a fantabulous graphics tablet and a bottle of Naproxen.
Kinda ambiguous between hero and villain here. Whoops!


The Face Behind the Name

Why Chernobyl Blue?

You see that picture on the right of the beautiful irradiated man? That's why. "Chernobyl Blue" is the name of the color of his hair (a very particular shade of Aqua type blue). I've been playing this character on CoH since June 2004, and he has been a part of my own personal works since 2000.

He's a level 32 Defender on Protector (Which I will not transfer, because in September 2007, when the name change option became available...his name went from "PQD Chernobyl" to "Chernobyl". Like hell I'm going to give it up!)

I'm a very peculiar gal who has to say that this mad scientisty of mine is my favorite character, enough to where I have gone as far to wear a biohazard pewter pendant and nearly tattooed myself with the symbol and the Cyrillic "Chernobyl" on my shoulder. I gave up that last venture; the pendant is a less permanent fixture.

I like all sorts of things in this color, including "Chrome" Cologne, Jones Berry Lemonade Soda, clothes and various shades of nailpolish (which look ghastly on me and I don't wear).

Characters on Virtue


Arm of the Law

Level 50 - Natural - Tanker (Willpower/Super Strength) See his own VirtueVerse entry: (Arm of the Law)

Rich Slaughter

Level 21 - Natural - Tanker (Willpower/War Mace) See his own VirtueVerse entry: (Rich and Mitch Slaughter)

Taxibot Joules

Level 27 - Science - Defender (Radiation Emission/Electric Blast)

Clarice Voyant

Level 28 - Science - Controller (Mind Control/Empathy)

Wynryth Dashir

Level 38 - Magic - Controller (Plant Control/Thermal Radiation)

Ulrich Winterborne

Level 30 - Blaster (Ice Blast/Ice Manipulation)

Wardance Rhythm

Level 47 - Tank (Shield Defense/Dark Melee)


I've always been a bit partial to the "badguys" and was really thrilled in fact when the game released the Villain set. Many of my villains are, in essence, more "revolutionary" or "anti-heroes", rather than the tried and true devious types. Their deeds are too dastardly to be considered good guys for sure, but many of them have the truest and best of intentions.


Level 33 - Mutation - Fortunata. See his own VirtueVerse entry: (Fortuneteller)


Level 35 - Science - Corrupter (Sonic Attack/Sonic Resonance) See his own VirtueVerse entry: (Technabomination)


Level 21 - Natural - Brute (Dual Blades/Fiery Shield)

Jei Akagi

Level 50 - Natural - Stalker (Ninja Blade/Ninja Reflexes)

Genesis Finale

Level 50 - Science - Dominator (Gravity Control/Electrical Assault). See her own VirtueVerse entry: (Genesis Finale)

Chernobyl v1.0

Level 30 - Technology - Corruptor (Radiation Blast/Radiation Emission)

Marcaim the Rose

Level 35 - Magic - Corruptor (Dark Blast/Dark Miasma)

Zenith Tech Eil'reth

Level 42 - Natural - Corruptor (Fire Blast/Kinetics) See his own VirtueVerse Entry: (Zenith Tech Eil'reth)

More to come soon!! :D

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