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(This page is under heavy construction.)


((The following is a copy of our recruitment post over on the Virtue Supervillan group threads on the CoX forums.))

Forum Recruitment

Name: A.N.N.E.X. ( Allied Neogenetics, Nucleic Engineering and Xenobiology.)

Currently Recruiting: We are currently recruiting active role players.

RP Level: RP-Friendly to RP-Heavy. Supergroup chat is used for In Character chat unless people use the Out of Character brackets.

PvP Level: Casual or Arena. It’s not required but some people may want to pvp.

Theme/Concept: A.N.N.E.X. is a science/mutant based group. (All origins are welcome though). A.N.N.E.X. is led by a man named Alexander Zegai who created the group to help him with the serum he is designing.

The group revolves around the lab Zegai has created. The serums that are being created are numerous. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of combinations of serums. Each serum gives a person a specific power and/or ability.

The group uses both regular humans and meta-humans for testing. The regular humans are more unwilling and are often taken captive (aka npcs) for testing while the meta-humans are mostly hired into the group to be used for testing. Only a few serums really work for normal humans. Most of the serums that are used on normal humans may either cause serious harm or even lead to their death if used. On a meta-human though, the serum almost always works. There is a 98.5% chance that the meta-human will gain a new power or ability through the use of a serum, BUT it only lasts for up to 5 hours.

The group is finding ways to make things work permanently for meta-humans who use the serums. There are also other goals in mind for the organization. The eventual downfall of Recluse is close up there in the priority list, but also the possibility of global domination through power and wealth. For now, the main goal is to make sure the serums are in working order.

Activity: We have about 8 active members right now and growing. We’re still sort of new and we are recruiting to fill our ranks again. I’m pretty active myself, on nearly every day of the week along with a few others. Our play times are usually from 6 p.m. PST/9 p.m. EST till whenever people go to sleep.

Requirements for Membership: One of our requirements is: you need to be a role player. You must also have a grasp of the English language; meaning you need to at least be able to type whole words and not just type “u.” We’re not too picky about grammar. If you’re a decent RPer and forget a coma or period, we won’t care. (although we will joke around when people make typos .) We’re mostly looking for quality RPers to join the team.

Applicants must do an in character interview. People will be able to easily approach some of our members since we have been doing in character advertising for hiring people.

Leadership: Alexander Zegai, Soulless Titan , Dimitri Dragnova

In-Game Contact(s): Global: @Reldin. (There’s a period attached at the end.)

Character: Soulless Titan or Soul Evoker (They are the same character)

Out-of-Game Contact(s): My forum account: x_Reldin_x

Coalition(s): Primal Maelstrom, Coalition of Destruction, Inevitable Evolution

We are also seeking other active, like minded villain groups for coalitions.

Other Details: For new members, I would like for characters below level 25 to run sg mode at all times and would like for people to keep running sg mode till 50, but that decision is up to the person. When we get enough people we’ll be scheduling TF/SFs to run. We have a pretty good sized base right now, worth about 1.5m prestige.

How to Join

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