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The AED(Arachnois Espionage Division) Fury Project involves Project Fury. Four Arachnoid soldiers, trained to be completely obedient and loyal, participate in AED's reasearch of this project. The soldiers are code named: FURY OMEGA I, FURY ALPHA II, FURY BETA III, and FURY ZETA IV. Every six hours, these soldiers are required to take a sedative. They carry enough on them for weeks at a time, and should they somehow not be able to access it, they will go feral and begin attacking every living being in sight. Therefore, it is highly recommended you do not try to capture one of these Arachnoids. As far as their voices, unlike other Arachnoids, their vocal chords were not removed. This is because, as previously stated, they are well trained, and are required to give and receive orders. These soldiers are currently under the command of Fortunata Sanguine.

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