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Abbey Cadavera
Player: VisualCoffee
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 47
Personal Data
Real Name: Abigail ((REDACTED))
Known Aliases: Cadavera, Soul-keeper, Walker of Life and Death
Species: Human/Deceased
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'8"
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: English/American
Occupation: N/A
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Croatoa
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Spiritual manipulation, Spiritual communication, Spirit summoning, Invisibility, Intangibility, Possession
Known Abilities
Two skulls with feminine bone structure, various reagents for spells, spell books.
No additional information available.



Before the Incident

Abbey was once a plucky young girl growing up in the Salamanca neighbourhood. As an only child and daughter of a single mother she was very humble and always so full of life. At an early age she discovered she had the unique ability to see and communicate with spirits, which fuelled her interests into the supernatural. In her teen years she had a small clique of friends with similar interests, who would routinely go out and investigate supernatural phenomena in Croatoa. Through this group she discovered a sisterhood of witches known as the Cabal, and once more her own family had ties to the Cabal. Over time she grew distant with her friends, and was accepted into the sisterhood of the Cabal. It was there that she freely practised her talents and learned so much more. She progressed well into her senior year of high school, some of the Cabal matrons taking notice of her, even some considering her a prodigy. This made some of her other sisters jealous of her talents. A few of her rivals made a secret coven with the sole purpose of destroying her, and they succeeded. One the day of her birthday after all her celebrations she was abducted by the coven. In a profane ritual taking place during the witching hour, she was murdered and soul bound to the material plane. Investigations by police turned up nothing, no body or evidence, only that she had gone missing which was not something new in Croatoa.

After the Incident

Though Abbey was dead, she could not pass on thanks to the coven of rivals binding her soul. She watched as her murderers grew up and became successful matrons within the Cabal, everything she had deserved and they had taken from her. She watched as her own mother wasted away from grief and eventually could no longer bear it and committed suicide. Hate and fury festered within her, her only desire was vengeance. This attracted wicked spirits to her, giving her power to act. One by one, Abbey came to each of the coven, haunting and hurting them, before finally killing them and banishing their souls. Through her acts of torture she learned of the two who first orchestrated the coven, who coincidentally became the most successful of all the members of the coven. She came to them and tortured them, but when they finally begged for death, she murdered them and bound their souls to their own skulls, which Abbey has taken as mementos, where they will exist in agony forever until released. With her revenge complete, she no longer had a purpose, and rather than feeling peace and justification, she only felt a longing emptiness.

The Rikti War

Abbey wandered for what seemed like eons, watching as the world evolved. The supernatural war in Croatoa went public, and her former happy resort home was blanketed in darkness. Her sisters no longer practised in secret, their numbers now walking the streets in ridiculous outfits practising their art. She felt weak and hopeless to do anything, until the Rikti came. She watched as these invaders attacked and killed thousands, seeing their tormented souls rise from their fallen bodies. She saw as the heroes of Paragon fought with all they had but it still was not enough, entire neighbourhoods under the control of the Rikti. The war continued on, and she was powerless to stop them. That was until the initiative put forth by Vanguard, the Alpha and Omega teams. When the Alpha team struck and their members fell, she could see their rising souls powerless but with purpose, seeking to continue the fight. She too felt she had to do something, so she struck a pact with the fallen heroes, binding their souls to her and in return they can act through her to fight and protect again. At the moment of binding in a flash of eerie light Abbey was able to materialize herself into a semi-permanent physical form, and so Cadavera was born calling the souls of the fallen to fight again!


Abbey seems most of the time as very distant, as if perpetually distracted by something. Some mistake this as being absent minded. She can be quite cold and aloof at times, but do not mistake this for being uncaring. Her former plucky personality sometimes shows itself, able to comprehend certain humor and even show a smile or fascination with something. Try as she might to be helpful people still feel an uneasiness around her. If angered to a certain point, she can become a torrent of vengeance, causing violent supernatural phenomena to happen around her.

Powers and Abilities

Abbey has always had the unique ability of communicating and seeing spirits, which has given her unique particular skills in her unlife. She can call upon spirits and manifest them into the physical world for an amount of time to fight for her. These spirits are usually fallen heroes from the Rikti War, though she is capable of summoning even more powerful ones, including horrors and ones who have spirits under their own control. She was also a skilled witch member of the Cabal so is quite adept at curses and blessings, but seems to have lost her knowledge of controlling the elements like so many of the modern Cabal do.


She has realized that her soul is beginning to fray and deteriorate, causing her to act rashly and act unnaturally. She has traveled to the Rogue Isles to consult with one much like herself, the infamous Ghost Widow. She is currently seeking to return to Paragon City to investigate a way to stop her soul from deteriorating and being consumed by the abyssal Nether.

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