Abdiel Adarta

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Abdiel Adarta
Player: @Intraman
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 26
Personal Data
Real Name: Abdiel
Known Aliases: Adele Adarta, Ab (A Flat), Abby.
Species: Mortalize Etheric / Human
Age: 21
Height: 5'4~5'5 (?)
Weight: 118 lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: French American
Occupation: Vigilante
Place of Birth: Bordeaux, France.
Base of Operations: Overbrook, Paragon City, RI.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Undying Willpower, Inhuman reflexes.
Known Abilities
mastery of swords
duel Main-gauche, Throwing Knives.
She is known to use other types of short swords, and will occasionally resort to martial arts if the situation calls for it.


Character History


Ether : "Existence"

Beyond what most know as "reality" exists many realms. One may know this by a simple trip to the Portal Corp. However, there is a realm outside these realms. This place is known to its inhabitants as the Etheric Realm, and those that habitat it are known as Etherics. These beings claim be in constant balance with the Absolution, or that which is all. However, they are slit between two groups. The Angelic and the Demonic. Unlike the ignorance of mortals, these beings do not fight for some ridiculous concept of objective good and evil or cosmic law and chaos. Rather, they constantly battle for a more abstract reason. One that would be impossible to define in words or symbols. Genderless and indefinite, Abdiel was such a being once.

Power, Victory, Judgement : Vae Victis

The Angelic had many strong warriors, but none such as cunning and deadly as Abdiel. Quickly raising through the ranks of the Angelic and dreadfully feared by the Demonic, Abdiel skill was brought to the attention of the personification of the Absolution itself. It had decided that a role on the battlefield was much to ordinary for the mighty Angelic, and made Abdiel the Grand Judge of the Etheric Realm, giving Abdiel authority over all the souls who would have passed through the realm looking for a mortal form to inhabit. As fair as the beings of the Etheric Realm were concerned, Abdiel was now the incarnation of justice. However, after period of time, it became far to clear to the Absolution that Abdiel's methods were often overly draconian to those souls deserving punishment. So it that is all came to another decision. Abdiel would have to know the pains of mortal existence to truly fulfil the position that was granted.

Constant : Finite

Abdiel was cast into the mortal realm and was not to return until the death of the mortal shell that was granted. Abdiel's memories would be suppressed and released over time. Unset, but undeterred, and before any of them had left the Etheric though, Abdiel's final thought was this punishment, or perhaps a lesson? With that thought, things went black.

Early Human life

Rebirth : Circular Story

Born Adele Adarta to a wealthy family from the south of France. Her family gained their wealth through legitimate and some questionable means, but this was unknown to the young Adele. Her parents soon divorced after her birth and, her and her mother moved to the United States shortly after. She would then spend the rest of her childhood moving back between California and New York City before finally, at the age of 15, settling in northern New Jersey. Though they frequently moved, her mother would always see to it that young Adele was well schooled and cultured. Adele would regularly attend operas, plays, and museums with her mother, and became quite the knowledgeable little girl.

Visions : Oddities

All her life she has had strange dreams of a frightening world that seemed so real and tangible she could not ignore them. Along with these dreams, she began to develop seemingly odd abilities around puberty. Such as usually quick reflexes and speed, and was able to solve things such as complex mathematical and logic problems with relative ease. Much greater then anyone she attained school with.

Stabbing Sword : Justice goes blind

Early on in her teen years, Adele became interested in fencing. She seemed to naturally excel at it and quickly took many regional championships. That is not to say the young girl did not know failure. Despite her natural talents she would often lose to a more experienced adversary. This would only drive her forward though. She eventually got interested in all types of swordsmanship and looked to learn as many as she could. One spring evening in her 16th year, her and a fencing friend decided it would be a good idea to have a little match with replica medieval long swords. The grass was wet from an earlier rain. Her friend made a careless over-the-head swing and Adele slipped while attempting to dodge it. The blade hit her right eye and left her forever blind and scarred. She was able to forgive her friend, but not herself. She swore to never take her one good eye off any opponent she would face nor let her environment get the best of her while she is fighting.

Enjoinment : Answers form questions

At the age of 18, Adele decided, much to the protest of her mother, to see a psychologist. While in a state of hypnosis, the doctor and her discovered that her dreams were not dreams but, in fact, repressed memories, seemingly from before she was born. Feeling insecure and extremely curious, she set out to discover what exactly these memories meant. Through various seers and occultists, Adele uncovered hints to a life of angels and demons from before her birth. These hints only formed more questions however. These magicals tried many different ways to help Adele. One being a Tsoo magic tattoo technique, thus explaining the silver tattoo under her right eye. Now realizing she was once what was known as an "Etheric" Adele decided to retake her former name of "Abdiel," she set out on a journey of self discovery and a leap into the unknown. She seeks answers from the arcane of Paragon City.

Life in Paragon City

Strong start : Frist Days

Upon reaching Paragon and finding a small but cheap apartment in King's Row, Abdiel soon headed for hero registration. Excelling at examination and earning the Isolator badge Abdiel seemed to be promising addition to the heroes of the City. However, finding the bureaucracy and the policies ineffective, she decided that she would only sparing work with the governmental forces when it was necessary and did not report to E.L.I.T.E. at all.

Instead, Abdiel found a team that was on there way to clear some gangs out of the city's sewer system. Although not particularly enthused about crawling through a sewer all day, she decided it would be a better use of her time then sitting in the waiting room of City Hall for her appointment with E.L.I.T.E. Her trip through the sewer went well and they eventually emerged in King's Row. Pleased with her work and tired from the long day she journeyed back to her apartment for a long shower and rest.

In the coming weeks she would spend them busting bad guys and running missions for various contacts, but did not have much advancement in her quest. A strange thing did seem to be happening to her though. As she fought her natural abilities seem to increase greatly. Abdiel found that she could run faster then ever before and withstand blasts of fire and electricity with barely being scratched. Eventually she developed a most fantastic ability indeed. She, for reasons unknown to her, could effortlessly leap to astonishing heights. Small buildings became like rocks across a stream, and cliffs were hardly obstacles at all. Not only physical advancements occurred but her dreams became more vivid. She came understand that her life before life occurred in what was called the Etheric Realm. These developments perplexed Abdiel in more then she already was. She needed to find some one, anyone, that could shed some light on what exactly this "Etheric Realm" was and how she came from there.

Recognition : New Friend

Although she kept her distance and business away from the Authorities of Paragon, Abdiel's reputation as a valiant and just hero spread among the Heroes of Paragon. Positron eventually contacted her looking for someone to lead a task force in an investigation of the Vahzilok. Abdiel was unsure whether not to accept the offer as she didn't know to many other heroes and was unsure in her ability to lead. Luckily for her, a rather curious yet powerful hero known as Psi Cicada offered to help. This strange, yet adorable, little bug possessed amazing mental abilities which Abdiel hoped could help her understand her memories. Ci Ci, as he prefered to be called, proved to be an valuable ally through out the task force. His defensive powers often times saved Abdiel from defeat. Unfortunately, after the task force ended, the two went their seperate ways. She hoped they would run into each other again some time in the future.

About a week after the job-well-done, Abdiel decided that she was sick and tired of the smog-filled King's Row and was able to find an appartment in Overbrook. After living there awhile she heard rumors of some type of time device that may help her unravel her past, though she was unsure exactly how.

..To be continued.


Adarta Family History

((Coming soon))

Creator Commentary

Origin of Ab

After a long absence from COH I found out that i11 was released and had some major additions. I found the Duel Blades and Willpower sets perfect for the way I like to play melee characters and decided I would reactivate my account. Then came the problem of thinking up a good character. I had made RP characters in the past, but never really did anything with them. So this time around I decided I would put more preplanning into the design and really give it an attempt.

From a seed grew a forest

So I knew what sets I wanted to use and what origin, but I had no idea for a backstory or what the character would be like. However, upon looking up deity names and such I finally found a site where I could put in a symbol and it would show a list of Angels that are represented by that symbol. Since I knew that I wanted to have the character use swords I put "sword" into the search box. Lo and behold the named "Abdiel" came out. After reading the information the site had on it I realized it was prefect. Now I just needed a last name.

Looking at the wikipedia list of dieties, I found "Andarta", which was a Celtic warrior goddess often worshipped in southern France. I thought "Abdiel Andarta... well that certainly flows nicely." But! when finally done making her appearance I had accidently forget the "n" in "Andarta." This turned out to be fine, because "Adarta" has just as nice of a flow. Every part of her outfit has a reason. Abdiel and Andarta were both figures who represented judgement and justice so the eyepatch and hair over one eye (not visible in her current picture) are representive of "blind justice." Abdiel is also often represented by various dark reds and by the season spring, so hence her red clothing and her losing her eye in spring. As for silver parts. I've always seen silver as a color and material that showed strength yet flexiblity. Plus it looks good with dull reds. There is a reason for her having blonde hair and blue eyes, but that connection has something to do with her family's darker past and something I have yet to fully shape, but the general theme is something like "the past doesn't always effect the future," and perhaps "the more things change, the more they remind the same." Conflicting meanings, yes, but the world is a conflicting place.

Fun Facts

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