Absinthe Rose

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Absinthe Rose
Player: Roughtrade
Origin: Science
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 25
Personal Data
Real Name: Abagail Diamatto
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 25
Height: 160cm
Weight: 52kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: orange
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Spoiled Brat
Place of Birth: NYC
Base of Operations: '
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Marcone Family
Known Powers
Plant Control & Telepathy
Known Abilities
Dyne Strength



Name : Abagail Diamatto

Place of Birth : New York City

Origin : I was born with these, yanno, telepathic powers. And then I experimented with some drugs, Dyne and stuff, and added in some really good stuff I found made with Devouring Earth spores and it expanded my mind. I can control plants and stuff now. Better living through chemistry!

Supergroup : I’ve hooked up with a lotta different types around the Isles. I don’t get along well with the Spiders, but I’ve gota lotta connections all around Port Oakes and Sharkshead and some family ties over in Independence Port. These days I do odd jobs for this outfit called Malfeasance that’s run out of Cap a Diable.

Archetype : I control things with my mind. Men. Boys. Certain women. Plants.

Occupation: I like to keep my hand in the recreational pharmaceuticals game. For that, I usually work out of Pocket D or King’s Row.

Base of Operations : I got a place in Port Oakes, a suite of rooms in Uncle Emil’s villa.

Hero or Villain : I’m a bad, bad girl. Wanna spank me?

Brief Physical Description : Well now, here’s where it gets a little weird. The drugs that changed me turned my skin green and my blood green and turned my hair orange. They also gave me some pretty big boobs, like a full two cup sizes upgrade. But I’m still short and sweet.

Brief Personality Description : I'm a real wild one, an' I like a wild fun. In a world gone crazy everything seems hazy, I'm a wild one. Ooh yeah I'm a wild one. Gotta keep it loose, gonna keep it running wild, I’m a real wild child!

Goals and Motives : Have fun. Get high. Make Money.

Opinions on Important Factions : Most of them are real downers. I’m loyal to my family, ‘cause blood is the only thing that counts. After that, eff ‘em all.

Quote : Give us a kiss!

Claim to Fame : If you know me from anywhere, it’s from the society pages. Hanging out with celebs, selling drugs in Pocket D or kicking your ass back in the alley.


My mom is second cousin, once removed, of Emil Marcone. I grew up in the Family, and learned really quickly how to get what I wanted from boys. When my boobs developed, so did my telepathy and it got even easier to get anything I wanted. High School was a breeze; most of the time I just snitched the answers to test questions from the mind of the nearest brainac around me.

In college I was dating this biology major and we started making up this wild trippy drug from Devouring Earth spores. Like LSD on steroids. We started shopping it around the University and ran up against some Trolls who thought they could take over our business. A little mental push, along with a generously low cut blouse, got their leader to see things my way. When my bio-major boyfriend went all jealous, I had to cut him loose. I think they buried him in the Hollows.

That’s when I started doing Dyne as well as the Petals. And it turned out to be a really good thing for me, because when all those chemicals combined with my DNA it had a radical change and made me what I am today.

Drug Trade

While not particularly smart girl, Abby is smart enough. Using her telepathic talent she picked up tips on how to make her own drugs and after enjoying some on her own she has gone into business. She can often be found in Pocket D making deals or handing out free samples. Her main specialty is in various psychotropic compounds but she dabbles in mood altering and 'combat drugs' because the market for them in the Rogue Isles is so good.

'Rosepetals' A hallucinogenic compound that also causes violent outbursts. Users perceptions are distorted and their adrenaline output increases by a factor of ten.

'Ultradyne' A variation on superdyne. Increases strength and speed of the user and significantly reduces mental facilities, like superdyne, but a much shorter period of effect. Useful as a 'combat drug' and popular with members of the Council. Does not have the green skin side effect of superdyne, but can cause immediate heart attacks and seizures in as high as ten percent of the users. One of the major side effects of repeated use is the user becomes extremely susceptible to any sort of mental conditioning. Combined with simple 'brain washing' techniques and other drugs it makes an almost perfect, low cost, super soldier. Almost perfect if you don't mind having ten percent of them have their heart explode when they get angry.

'Statue' Euphoric dreaming ensues with a side effect of completely shutting down the voluntary muscle response. Not quite a catatonic state, user is aware of their surroundings but is unable to respond.


Abby is one of the few villains I have that really is unrepentantly evil. She’s a psychopath, or at least severely disturbed. She’s not completely ‘Joker Level” insane but she is wildly unpredictable and crazy as hell by most people’s standards.

Abby is telepathically active, if somewhat undisciplined. She projects a nearly constant telepathic buzz. Other telepaths can easily tell her current mood, not that she does much to hide her feelings most of the time. She is capable of reigning it in with concentration but will not do so unless somehow forced. When she’s ‘on her meds’ (and she is rarely off them) her telepathic talent is greatly augmented.

Abby creates and sells hallucinogenic compounds; a weak version of the concoction which boosted her powers. She calls the elixir "Rosepetals" but the street gangs that use is have taken to calling it "Pink Rage" due to the violent outbursts it tends to induce. People under it’s influence are uncoordinated and belligerent, but they feel invulnerable and while under it’s influence are stronger and feel no pain.

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