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The Abyss

Abyss is a substance discovered in the galaxy of Syriana. Its exact origins are unknown but its existence provided proof of The Supernatural amongst the galaxy's residents. It's the closest thing to black magic in the galaxy, let alone magic at all. It usually appears as a cloud of purple and black fog.

The HIZ (Heaven is Zeal) science department picked up multiple traces of life inside a single small dosage of Abyss. Scientists described it could be, for a lack of a better word, trapped evil spirits or demons in the form of concentrated darkness. Abyssmal injections were practiced on some of the most twisted criminals in Syriana. The longest survival time was twelve minutes and thirty six seconds. Each of the subjects' skin would turn pale white and stay that way or move onto a dark gray color. Black "tribal" tattoos would crawl across their skin like snakes. Their eyes would roll into the back of their head or redden until they explode. Eventually the Abyss completely consumes the mind and leaves a lifeless shell of what they've become. Abyss was put off from use until the famous Mokadara Project.

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