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Ebony Mesi
Player: @Vampire of epicness
Origin: Magic/natural
Archetype: Stalker
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: Abyssal, Aurum Blade
Species: Chaos God empowered human
Age: Fifty, Though she has been frozen for a couple million years
Height: 5.9
Weight: That's not nice.
Eye Color: her right eye is black with a blue iris, Her other is a normal blue color
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Egypt
Occupation: Assassinations and Vigilante justice
Place of Birth: The temple of Arum-na Egypt
Base of Operations: Luxor
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Long gone.
Known Powers
The ability to warp reality, teleportation,Manipulates chaos energy.
Known Abilities
Skilled in Jeet kun do, Jujitsu, Aikido, Dragon, Tahtib and Sebekkah
Throwing knives hollowed out and filled with poison and of course her rift blade of Sehkmet


OOC: Work in progress information

(I am godawful with VV, Please if you spy any grammar errors, Functions to make my life easier or feel like editing/rearranging story bits to make more sense. Feel free! Also if you have a question because of how awful i am with writing a story, Do that too.)


In the temple of Arum-Na, a cult following the order of Sehkmet had a civil war between those who were loyal to the cause of chaos and destruction led by Atzu Azibo, while the other side led by Hrato Haji Believed that the forces would end all life and was determined to stop Atzu.

The temple of Arum-Na was not a easy warground to conquer, For the destruction goddess Sehkmet had once invaded the temple and had warped it beyond recognition, Wormholes and mazes littered the majority.

The original four leaders of this cult were told of "great treasure that would give all of my powers" by Sehkmet. Atzu and Hrato were two of them, The others: Anzu Rayun and Eshe Fedil were murdered by Atzu in his quest for power.

Years later the war continues, Both sides are losing men while the women are forced to look for the treasures. Jenidaya Mesi, Atzu's Current love was trying to find a way out of the tomb, not caring about the war, Atzu, Nothing, She refused to let her possible daughter live like this. She found a dead body holding the a blue stone, She didn't know why but she felt the urge to pick it up and hide it.

Chapter 1

Years passed. Commander Atzu had crippled Hrato's defenses and is about to begin the final assault

Ebony Mesi, Age twenty six. Has proven herself to Atsu by defeating Hrato's elite guard barehanded with fighting styles "Sebbekah" and "Tahtib" Atsu Believed that this was due to his own "Warrior blood" mixed with Jenidaya's "Quick learning". Atsu insisted that Ebony spy on Hrato She accepted. Knowing she will probably get killed, Jenidaya went to Atsu and demanded that he reconsider. Atsu began to calmly tell her it would be fine until he saw the stone glowing through her robes

"What is that!?...The treasure GIVE IT TO-"

Jenidaya was killed before she could even speak by a dagger to the throat, thrown by a spy of Hrato. Atzu pulled out his sword and charged the man

Ebony walked in to check on everything, she looked down at her mothers corpse and took the rock before her dad would notice.. She held in her tears and hate. She hated her life, She hated war, She hated her dad and she hated the temple. Atzu searched the room panicked trying to find the stone. Ebony left without a trace.

One day later The final assault was about to proceed

"We have been fighting for half a century men! It's time we end this! Hrato will die, The treasure will be ours!"

The charge was made, Limbs flew, blood splattered, and steel flashed everywhere.

Ebony was about to make an assassination attempt on Hrato preparing for atzu's arrival A disturbing voice was heard "The power your mad father seeks is not his to have...Not Hrato...Not anyone in this tomb. But you.... Your special. You are of my chosen."

"Wha-" "Arknum! Atzu is here! Stand by me!"

Ebony was disguised as one of Hrati's elite guard at the time. Atzu entered the room alone.

"Atzu! You are a fool for entering my domain for you are now outmanned."

"Ha! You are the one who is outmatched, Ebony. Kill Him."

Ebony went to strike Hrato, But he turned around and shot electricity at her and she flew into a wall

"Atzu, I have the treasure now. This blade will be your death."

Ebony recovered. Atzu was now using his shield to defend hratos lightning strikes.

"But, How?...You have given up your way! This war has been pointless all this time!?"

Hrato laughed "No, In fact i only just found this. It goes to those who are "Chosen" The voices from the gods have told me so! It has awakened me. Now i see that the only way to destroy my enemy is to become my enemy..." he looks at ebony's body

"The stone your deceased daughter carries was the only way to stop me. It is no treasure." Hrato believed that Atzu knew about the stone.


Ebony heard this, Somthing had kept her alive, A voice... "Oh no you dont, Death is not want i want my "chosen" to experience...Get up. Finish him..." a evil laugh fills Ebony's head

Hrato screamed "IMPOSSIBLE! How are you not dead!...oh it doesn't matter now. DIE!" Hrato sent a electric blast after Ebony, She reflected the blasts and realized she was not in control of herself.

Hrato did not waste breath questioning it, He continued his electrical assault to no avail, Ebony dived toward Hrato and got impaled by his rift blade "Thats more like it. Off to Osiris with you."

"Ebony!" exclaimed Atzu

Ebony felt all of her vision failing "USE THE STONE" was being screamed at her by the voice, She knew she was a goner, But she gave it a try. The stone merged with the blade, and Hrato dropped it, Screaming.

Ebony pulled the sword out of her stomach, Bleeding profusely. Her father's men entered the room, she held the sword and looked up. She saw Hrato's body burning into ash and bone.

"Sleep now,chosen one. For it's time we depart this tomb." The last thing Ebony saw was a giant explosion of lightning, tornados, blackholes and flame, She blacked out before any of them hit her.

Chapter 2

To be created on May 10th-2011

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