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Evil prevails only through the apathy of good men. Don't expect me to sit idly by as the criminal element exploits the people.
Player: @Acadian
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Jean Luc Desjardins
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 29
Height: 6"5
Weight: 280 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: American/Canadian dual citizen
Occupation: Professional Trainer of Longbow Recruits.
Place of Birth: Maine, United States
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: His families identities are kept secret
Known Powers
Super Strength, Inhuman Durability, Flight
Known Abilities
Skilled Tactician, Advanced Problem solving, Super Sonic Flight, Earth shaking strength, Withstands most forms of damage.
Advanced Impervium Fiber Super Suit. Tactical Utility belt, Anti Gravity shoulder mounts.
No additional information available.

Acadian is the first character I reached level 50 with on Virtue. I've always wanted to make and epic superman/statesman like character but I was short on ideas. Then suddenly in a day dream while in the bathroom I beheld a great vision. It was perfect. Flag based super suit, patriotic, and relate able, because I have Acadian family history. So there you have it. My most favorite epic character I've ever made in CoH!



Acadian is an extroverted business man type. Always ready to take up the role as leader and any given moment. When on duty Acadian puts the safety of his fellow heroes before his own and can come off strict with a team that lacks cooperation. Off duty you will find Acadian a very approachable and friendly once you start to talk with him and you might find he is actually quite witty.


While off duty Acadian spends his spare time at his Apartment in Steel Canyon or he visits The D to indulge in the spirits and meet new heroes.

Acadian likes to collect rare comic books, trading cards and action figures from his favorite Sci-fi universes such as, The adventures of Tek Jensen: Alpha Squad 7.


Before he was known as Acadian, Jean Luc was a just an above average high school Student. He acceded in sports such as wrestling, soccer and the math team. Jean graduate Valid Victorian of his class and gave a rousing Speech to his class and the community. Shortly after graduation Jean was approached by a E.L.I.T.E. representative and was offered a recruitment into the new "Heroes of Tomorrow" program funded by hero corps and supported by Portal Corps. Always wanting to be a great hero like Statesman, Jean gladly accepted the offer. From the ages of 18-23 Jean took part in the "Heroes of Tomorrow" training and educational programs. Jean did exceptionally well in every subject and graduated at the top his classes. Soon after graduating he became one of the youngest Longbow Lieutenants in Longbow's history. After 6 months of Longbow duty Jean was again approached by an E.L.I.T.E. representative and a Portal Corp representative. Jean was offered a "new kind" of training from an alternate dimension, Earth 919. Earth 919 was far more advanced then Earth 1 in every conceivable way. There the training and education and well, just living there in general was almost too much to take in. Earth 919's programs took Jean's mind and body to levels he once only dreamed of. After 5 years of living on earth 919, his citizenship there ended and with his training he was sent back to Earth 1 a different man and one of the most powerful heroes in Paragon.


Super Strength

Thanks to Acadian's other worldly physical training, his strength has far exceeded that of any normal man and most other heroes. His strength allows him to throw weights in excess of 50 tons making him a prime candidate for fighting giant robots, monsters and their ilk.

Inhuman Durability

Acadian body is able to withstand most forms of damage. Bullets bounce off him, baldes fail to cut him unless they are really super sharp, energy based and element based attacks tend to (if powerful enough) cause Acadian to slow down.

Increased Reflexes

Acadian's combat prowess allows him to dodge and avoid damage at times he might have had to take. He can easily take on 10 (unless they are really super fast) or more in hand to hand combat with out taking a single hit or breaking a sweat.


Acadian has learned to fly through mystic techniques taught to him during his stay at Earth 919. Acadian's flight can reach super sonic speeds, which helps in dire situation in need of quick response.

Body Mastery

Acadian has learned to make the best of any situation tactically in order to extend his stay in combat. This gives Acadian bulls eye accuracy in hand to hand combat, often able to take down unprepared combatants in a single hit.

Acadian also has endurance that would make Olympic athletes look like rejects. Acadian's high level endurance allow him to become a one man army.


Skilled Tactician

Acadian is extra ordinary when it comes to combat. His unrivaled leader ship allows fellow heroes to either deal the best of damage they can or avoid an otherwise, deadly enemy strike.

Skilled Politician

Acadian is witty and a sharp talker. Acadian tries to leave physical combat as last resort in order to avoid anything unnecessary. Solving conflicts before they begin is Acadian's specailty.

Weakness & Limitations


Acadian may posses incredible strength and a tank like body but he can't protect his mind from powerful psychics. Acadian has had to deal with being controlled buy a powerful psychic super villain in which he had to fight even his closest friends.

Can't Last Forever

Acadian may be a human tank, but he can't fight on like some of the god-powered heroes of Paragon. After all he's only human.


Maybe you should have stopped with the first 30 beers eh?

Villain History

Acadian has come to face many power villains time and time again since he moved to Paragon. These are some of the most Dastardly villains he has ever faced.


Possibly Acadian's greatest nemesis, Darkvoid was an independent super scientist who's experiments were mostly funded my Arachnos, crey, and the Council. While studying the nether realm with his own crafted portals a malfunction caused a freak accident. Strangely a mix of the dark energy and radiation transformed the professor in to a being of dark energy fueled buy radioactive fallout. Neither living nor dead, darkvoid has used his super powers to rob many banks so that he may fund his experiments.

Acadian on several occasions has encountered Darkvoid and large tenuous battles always ensued. Acadian has one most of the battles with Darkvoid in this 2 man war but the war seems far from over as there seems to be no prison that can contain him.

Thuluc Zoth Commoragh

Thuluc is a different kind of villain Acadian has faced. From the little information Acadian has been able to acquire of Thuluc is that he is definitely some sort of ancient alien being inhabiting the body of a human as a host, in order to survive the planets atmospheric pressure.

Thuluc has often been caught starting cults to his Alien God, The Mogg that often end with his cult taking to public streets and causing riots.

Thuluc seems to posses strength far greater than that of Acadian but seems to only use when he deems it necessary.

Thuluc wields what he calls his Doom Weapon, which appears to be a large enchanted mace. It has been reported that Thuluc has knocked down entire buildings in on crushing blow with his weapon

Thuluc also seem to have Electric like energy surrounding his body while in combat. He has been said to call it a "Gift of Mogg"

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