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Origin: Magic
Archetype: Corruptor
Powersets: Sonic Attacks/Time Manipulation
Security Level: 10
Name: Caprice Giovanni
AKA: Acapriccio
Birthdate: 7 November 1995
Hometown: Praetoria
Height/Weight: 5'4"/122lbs
Hair/Eye Color: Brown/Hazel(Gold when using magic)
Status Unknown

Caprice Giovanni was a star of the stage, opera and musical alike, her voice captivated audiences, evoking emotion and awe in all who heard her. She had a good life in Praetoria and seemed destined for a bright future. She thought the Resistance misinformed and violent, an opinion reinforced by an attack on the theater she was performing in during the premiere of the show. The audience was hand picked by the Praetors, an elite social group, and the Resistance took offense to their display of wealth. She was supposed to be in her dressing room as the Powers Division were called in to deal with it, but one of the young chorus boys pleaded that he could not find his brother and so she was in a hallway with clear view to the street below when the Powers Division savagely beat and killed Resistance members without warning. It was with great shock and horror than soon the theater company received a new musical to perform extolling the virtues of the hard working Powers Division and their struggle to arrest and reform the misguided citizens lured into the Resistance.

She refused to be a part of the production, but it soon became apparent that was not a choice. Threats, being followed, still Caprice knew that the citizens adored her and could not tell them lies. Still she did not trust the Resistance to help, and tried to hide on her own and tell others what she saw. It wasn't long before she was found however, and the punishment for her crime was to take away her most precious possession. Kidnapped and beaten, they made sure she was fully aware when her vocal cords were slashed and ruined. Healed enough to live, she awoke outside the defenses of the city. It was there the Carnival of Light found her, and got her to First Ward.


Caprice was trained by a sympathetic mentor to use time magic in exchange for her aid in the resistance against Tyrant, a dangerous force but it allows her to roll back time to when she had her voice. With her growing skill it quickly became apparent that while she always had a natural effect on others with her voice, the application of actual magic made it a weapon to hurt or heal, captivate or paralyze. She uses both to oppose the Praetors and save the people of Praetoria and First Ward from the horrors they don't yet know.

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