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Aiden Licht is the eldest son of the 'First Family in Space.' This family was sent to orbit Mercury's outskirts, and to observe a strange nebula forming near it. Aiden, and his curious persona decided to obtain a sample of the nebula debris, without ground-control's, and his family's consent. During hibernation time, Aiden snuck out of the ship, and attempted to sneak back a vial, but he was shocked violently by cosmic lightning. Luckily, his father was able to pull him in before real damage was done. The mission ended early, cancelled, and they were sent back. Medical reports, and several tests find that Aiden has a high electric capacity within him. This allows him to achieve high speeds, frictionless, and he has also attained the ability to control the stability of his own molecules, making him vibrate through soilid objects, or making himself completely unbreakable by reinforcing his own molecules. Progressing tests find that Aiden keeps increasing in speed, unstoppable, so naturally he calls himself Accelerate!
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