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Action Trooper
Player: @Epelesker
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 33
Personal Data
Real Name: Justin Goodman, Jr.
Known Aliases: Ace, A-Team, Junior, Trooper
Species: human mutant
Age: 15
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: rust orange
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: student
Place of Birth: Denver(?), Colorado
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: (too young!)
Known Relatives: Tracy Goodman (mother), Justin Goodman, Sr. (father, KIA First Rikti War)
Known Powers
Reality manipulation: animation
Known Abilities
Various action figures and toys



Soldiering On

Justin's powers originally manifested some time during the first Rikti War after hearing the news that his father, a respected military officer known for a sometimes uncanny intuition, had been reportedly killed in action. His mother, Tracy, was shocked yet very accepting of her son's strange powers, and the two eventually moved to Galaxy City a year and a half after the fighting concluded in order to be close to what was considered Justin Sr.'s final resting place.

It didn't take long for the two to adjust to the Paragon City lifestyle, and for Justin to make his first friend in Jason Brandt. The two kids went to school together and while they didn't have any particular rivalries, Justin was slightly jealous of Jason's athleticism. In any case, he also was careful to hide his powers despite often bringing his prized military action figures with him at nearly all times.

To Action!

On the day of the meteorfall that brought the new Shivans to Earth, Justin was on his way to visit his mother at the office where she worked but got caught up in the evacuation. He was forced to use his powers to animate a toy soldier to protect himself from the creatures, ultimately escaping to Atlas Park via a Longbow helicopter with no idea of whether or not his mother or his friend had also managed to flee the destruction.

Although he knew and accepted that officially registering as a hero would force him to take on great responsibilities throughout the rest of Paragon City, Justin's main motivation for becoming the Action Trooper was to have a way to search for his mother as a top priority. Now homeless, he tirelessly scoured city wards in a desperate search, using his powers to survive days on end without food or water and to protect himself from the cold of night. He was determined, though it wasn't long before he began to harbor silent doubts about the reality of it all.

He was able to reunite with his friend, and the two eventually revealed secrets about their powers to each other. (Jason had inherited the sonic bombs of his mother, and the technology of his father, combined with a minor ability to manipulate time, to become the Stop Watcher.) Justin also met singular members of the Golden Age Heroes over time, with Liberty Eagle offering to use his Longbow connections to gather information, Brass Bolt and Lady Lazuli letting the boy have a temporary place to stay, and Silent Mask (with his partner the Dancing Orchid) and Gold Falcon, who were able to help defeat a Paladin construct that threatened to overwhelm him.

Gold Falcon also gave Justin encouragement and inspiration, and a lesson that he should never feel alone: a truth that has become the driving force in his invigorated efforts. It was because of this, and all the help that the Golden Age Heroes had offered him, that Justin ventured to join the team, so that he would be able to repay what he felt was something he owed to them.

The Finding

Through the efforts of GAH member and Longbow operative Liberty Eagle, it was discovered that Justin's mother had indeed survived the events of Galaxy City, if barely. She is currently convalescing in critical condition in Crowne Memorial Hospital.

Powers and Abilities

Action Trooper has (for either a lack of proper explanation or actual fact) a psionically-enhanced ability to alter reality, mainly focusing his powers on his extensive usage of toys. With it, he can cause figures of people and animals to animate and grow to life-sized scale, and is able to operate other toys based on equipment as if they were like their real counterparts. When a particular object has an extra effect, it is imagined and projected as psychic force: in this way (as an example) he is able to recreate the sight and sound of gunfire and explosions without the use of actual ammunition, thus never causing actual harm to anyone subjected to it.

Action Trooper seems to only be able to manipulate the toys that he owns, but whether it is a feature of his powers or a conscious choice is yet to be determined. Also, any toys that are affected by his powers will return to normal if he is knocked out or mentally drained.

He is also able to use his power under concentration or duress to transform himself into a solid plastic state, rendering himself completely immobile and statue-like. Whenever he solidifies himself, he keeps his senses of sight and hearing and loses his ability to taste, feel, smell, and speak until he returns to normal. In addition, while changed in this way he does not need to eat, drink or breathe and he also does not age: in combination with this facet of his powers he can theoretically survive for many weeks on just a single meal.

Action Trooper considers himself athletically fit and a good marksman.

The Action Squad

Justin most often uses his amazing powers to animate any number of these action figures, which are among the boy's most prized possessions. They were passed down from his father as a collection.

Other Information

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