Adala Walter

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Adala Walter
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Adala Walter
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: '
Weight: '
Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: bright brow
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: fighter
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: married
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
Known Abilities
master fighter

Famous for being a champion fighter. Always has bruises and cuts on her.

Known Fighting Styles:

Sambo, Ninjutsu ,Modern Army Combatives ,Tang Soo Do ,Wing Tsun ,Jeet Kune Do ,Krav Maga ,Eskrima ,Bando ,Aikido ,Jujutsu ,Pencak Silat ,Hapkido ,MCMAP ,Brazilian Jiu-Jits ,San Shou Kung Fu ,Kyokushin Karate ,Hung Gar Kung Fu ,Bando ,Aiki-jujutsu.

Favors: Krav Maga.

One of her stroungest memories:

You are in a small confined room, it is brightly lit and the floor is plush white carpet. The walls are white with a border of grey along the middle and bottom, there is no window in this room. You can smell a soft perfume that lingers in here. There is a bed in one side of the room with a large blood stain on the sheets, looking down at yourself you can see that your all white clothes are also covered in blood and your body hurts all over. A man walks into the room holding a baton in his hand, after a moment he hits you and you fall unconscious.


Adala Walter is a rogue government experimental agent. The government of the year 2100 wanted a super agent they could count on to get any and all missions completed as well as be easily replaceable. She was cloned and artificially aged to the age of 10, they then began feeding fake memories into her mind. Making her have memories of learning 20 fighting styles with out ever having done a thing. When she became 14 they started "Toughing her up", they beat her to unconsciousness nearly every day, doctors and trainers would make sure she didn't forget how to fight and that she was not "damaged beyond repair".

One day Adala seen a chance to get away, the guard with her medicines dropped his baton trying to hold to many things. She reacted before she even had time to think about it, she grabbed the baton and took him out in a blink of an eye. After it was over she was somewhat in shock; she had a real chance to get away, something she had never had before. She locked her room door behind her as she left and used all her training to try to sneak out of the base, however she found herself in a room with a portal and no way out. Guards gathered at the only door to the room telling her to stand down, she took the only way out she could... the portal. The portal she jumped into turned out to be a experimental time machine which took her to the year 2006. She was finally free... or was she? For a while she lived as a beggar not knowing what to do with her freedom.

At the age of 18 two years later she found she could easily count cards and win every time at blackjack, but that didn't last long they tried to kick her out and she took down 5 security guards before a man stepped in and told them to back down. This man took her out side and asked her where she learned to fight, all she could say was "I don't remember". Later the man got her into fighting tournaments, she would fight anyone willing to put money on the line. Eventually she moved up in the game and became famous for her fights, she fell in love with the man who helped her and got married to him. She took in a young girl she met while in the streets as a beggar and started a family. Soon however her fame got to the ears of the government of 2100 they sent there perfected agents after her and took her husband, ever since that day she has been running hiding and fighting in tournaments to keep a flow of money and protect her daughter. >

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