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Adam Kincaid is an imposing figure of a man in his mid-forties. Muscular and standing over six feet tall, he moves with the ease and grace of a professional athlete. While choosing to remain silent most of the time, when he does speak it is in a rich baritone. That smoothness of his voice is in stark contrast with the severe scarring about and across his right eye. This scarring is partially hidden by the black eye-patch he wears. Adam resides in a mansion called Brandywine outside of Paragon City.

Adam was found by Henry and Agatha Kincaid after the June Flood of 1849 on the banks of the Illinois River near Beardstown. His age was estimated as two years old at the time. As no one came forth to claim Adam, it was assumed his parents and kin drowned in the flood and so Henry and Agatha adopted Adam as their own.

As a young man, Adam showed promise with numbers and so became an Accountant , working first in his father’s store and then as a Banking Clerk in Chicago. It was there at the age of 23, that he came to the attention of Alan Pinkerton of Pinkerton National Detective Agency. Adam assisted Pinkerton Operatives in catching a ring of counterfeiters, which included the Bank’s Vice President.

Leaving his clerk position, Adam joined Pinkerton’s and for the next 8 years became one of their most successful undercover agents. However, it was during his final year with Pinkerton’s that Adam began to question the motives of the Agency, especially when it came to strike-breaking. Going outside of the law to catch criminals such as bank robbers or telegraph wiretappers, Adam had no problem doing. In fact, he had used his fists for persuasion more than once. It was when Pinkerton started to use his operatives to infiltrate miners’ meetings and then those miners ended up murdered by Company thugs that Adam began to question his boss’s decisions. It was in 1877 with the Molly Maguires being caught and hung on uncorroborated information provided by a Pinkerton undercover agent, that pushed Adam into breaking with Allan Pinkerton and opening his own Detective Agency, Kincaid’s Specialists.

In 1882, Adam was hired by Opal Shipping Line owner, Douglas Armstrong to find his son Raymond, who had become involved with the occult and had gone to the Indonesia Archipelago in search of eleven ancient stones said to hold the secrets of creation. In 1883, Adam found Raymond on Dieng Plateau at an ancient Hindu shrine to Shiva. With one of the eleven stones in his possession, Raymond convinced Adam to accompany him to the Buddhist Shrine, Borobudur, which is a built to as a model of the Buddhist cosmology. At Borobudur, they were ambushed by figures that stepped from the shadows, Raymond was killed and Adam was left for dead.

Adam followed his attackers to the Island of Krakatau. There he discovered a secret base hollowed out in the side of the volcano’s crater and full of equipment far beyond the science of the 19th Century. It was also there that Adam learned the secret of Time Travel, what real Evil was and on August 27, 1883 he witnessed the power of just one of the stones. 35,000 people died in what the World has called one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history. Adam knows it was no act of nature.

Now Adam is in pursuit of the Shiva Stones and to stop whoever is attempting to possess them all. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Future, Present and Past of the Multi-Verse depends upon his success.

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