Adstrictus Vestitus

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"...he was a crusader, the ultimate Martyr, even in death."
Adstrictus Vestitus
Player: @Titepants
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: ??
Personal Data
Real Name: Audaemus
Known Aliases: The Dread Crusader, The Chrononaut, The Ultimate Martyr
Species: Revenant
Age: ~2500
Height: 8 ft.
Weight: 250 lbs
Eye Color: Eerie red light glows from within his helm, where his eyes, if there at all, should be.
Hair Color: Unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Cimeroran
Occupation: Martyr and full time mace-swinger
Place of Birth: Cimerora
Base of Operations: Cimerora
Marital Status: Who wants marriage when you're dead? Nobody, thats who.
Known Relatives: Probably died thousands of years ago.
Known Powers
Destroying things.
Known Abilities
Adstrictus has the full capability to destroy, dismember, maim, and annihilate.
A morningstar mace, and a full-fledged set of rusted and decayed body armor, after being submerged in the ocean for 2500 years.
No additional information available.

The Five V Crusades

Although the Five V Crusades are little more than legend and common folklore to those of Cimerora, their history has established them a legacy that will cease to die for hundreds of years to come.

Established about 2600 years ago (nearly 600 B.C.), The Five V Crusades (known widespread for their barbaric propaganda--specifically launching corpses into the cities of those who opposed them) were, an 'intellectual' movement and the birth of what is now recognized as modern philosophy and the early begginings of what could have been notated in 600 B.C. as superpowers. Founded on the motto of 'Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici' (While alive, through the power of truth, I have conquered the universe), the Five V Crusades were formed in an attempt to "purge the land of it's...stupid lesser evils, to forge a world capable of the destruction of those greater", and create a world run by intellectuals. Those who did not believe in said ideals were massacred, or enslaved.

Although the general populace approved of this system of living, the Five V Crusades died out and eventually submerged into Roman culture. However, the legacy of the zealotry of the Five V Crusades lived on for hundreds of years before being dusted under the multi-cultural mat of pre-American history.

Of Audaemus and Time Travel

Although unspecified, Audaemus was undeniably alive and young during the period of Imperious' overthrowing. Due to this unstable period of time, and its association with the Midnighter's Club and Ouroboros' methods of time travel, Audaemus was undoubtedly exposed to alternate means of problem solving and methods that may or may not have been considered taboo amongst his Cimeroran brethren.

Somewhere during the year that Romulus attained dominion over Cimerora, Audaemus escaped his present and traveled to the past, in an attempt to forge a better future (it is commonly speculated that Audaemus had intent to bring the crusades to Cimerora, to raise the army of intellectuals from their long-dead graves). Somewhere during his expedition to the past, Audaemus did come into contact with the Five V Crusades. However, Audaemus never returned to his present.

Because Audaemus presumably died in the past, his birth in the future was, for lack of a better term, incorrect. His life, up to the point until he traveled back in time, was not supposed to exist, and, according to reality, was wrong. This in itself creates alternate realities and breaks in the span of time, thus utterly destroying ones specific reality. It's because Audaemus destroyed his own reality by living, dying, and living again in a convoluted reincarnation cycle that he was able to do the impossible--to bring himself back from the dead.

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