Advent Singularity

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Advent Singularity
Player: @Trapassin
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Mastermind
Threat Level: 37
Personal Data
Real Name: Eleanor Slovotsky
Known Aliases: Creybane, Furia
Species: Human
Age: Estimated at 22
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 117 lbs.
Eye Color: Emerald
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Technologist and Inventor
Place of Birth: Greenwich, UK
Base of Operations: Paragon City, USA
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Robotics, Dark Matter Manipulation
Known Abilities
Extremely high intellect and resilient body structure. Minor resistance to all forms of psionics. Absent-minded in anything not involving robotics or related fields.
SatCom Control Unit that gives her direct access to her Robot Dropship. Personal shield generator that can be used to absorb minor impacts. Cybernetic Wristbands enabling the creation and control over Dark Matter. Two retro-fitted revolvers.
No additional information available.

Advent Singularity is a Villain of the Rogue Isles, specializing in Robotics and Matter Manipulation. She is the lead tech specialist and former co-leader of Division Eight.



Advent began her life growing up in Greenwich before her family moved to Paragon City in the United States. She excelled in all aspects of her education, but showed an extensive interest in mathematics and technology. She moved through basic schooling quickly and graduated from Paragon University at the age of sixteen. From there, she went on to be hired on as a researcher for the Crey Corporation, building experimental robot suits and helping develop others for use by the Paragon Police Department.

She found her work to be menial after only two years, and when her requests for more freedom in research and funding were denied, she immediately wrote up her resignation and made plans to move out into the Nerva Archipelago for more reclusive work. After acquiring land grants to begin construction of her new personal lab, she began to empty out her old Crey one to salvage what little independent research she had been able to do on the side. When she was dismantling an old robot, a massive explosion ripped through the lab, badly maiming one of her arms due to a fault in the robotic structure.

As she managed to pull her way free of the rubble of the still-burning ruin of her lab, Longbow had already arrived on the scene. They took her directly to the Atlas Park Hospital to have her treated as one of their liasons explained the charges that were being brought against her by her former employer, the Crey Corporation. Things ranging from theft and money laundering all the way up to stealing company documents and technology were all stacked against her, and the jury she faced was unable to see past the smoke and mirrors of the allegations. She was sentenced to fifty-seven years in the Zig, without a chance of parole.

Breaking Out and the Rogue Isles

After only three months in the Zig, Arachnos made their grand attack on the installation. During it, Advent quickly made her way out after reacquiring as many of her old gadgets as she could. Using her control of Dark Matter, she manipulated the Radar Systems to go down temporarily so the flier she was boarding could escaped without being pursued. While en route to the Rogue Isles, she met another inmate, Kal Miser, a former Special Operative for Paragon whose unethical treatment of mutants had landed him in the Zig. He noticed her abilities with robotics and other systems, and told her of his plans to create a new group focusing on eight different areas, a type of Division Eight.

She readily accepted, and he disappeared upon arrival at Darwin's Landing. From there, Advent began her work for Arachnos through both extermination and research, even managing to get a small lab of her own from Lord Recluse. When she felt she'd done enough, Advent broke away to track down Kal Miser again, discovering that he had indeed formed his own group, Division Eight. She joined immediately, and set to work on developing a small research and construction base for them to use as a base of operations.


Advent Singularity possesses multiple "superpowers", although most are derived from her own mind.


Using her intelligence and acquired knowledge of robotics through both her education and Crey, Advent is able to single-handedly create blueprints of dozens of robots. Although she can only issue commands to a few when she is outside of her Lab, she constantly swaps them out of her Phase Dropship, which allows her to call upon her robotic guardians at almost any time. Her Tactical Support Monitor (TSM) also gives her the ability to do emergency field repairs as well as upgrading the systems that her robots have access to.

Dark Matter Control

Her inquisitive personality led Advent to the development of her Black-Hole Bracers, thin pieces of armor that wrap around her wrists that allow her to create and manipulate Dark Matter. The very use of it causes those targeted as enemies to have their visions and minds clouded, and through a certain calibration she can even create a singularity which expands into a Black Hole. Other uses allow her to bind the matter into incredibly durable material for repairs, or as a jump-start to an organic body to accelerate the healing process.

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