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Born in hell Advocate has very little idea of what is or is not acceptable in the realms of man, this often agrivates her and makes her abit standoffish or just plain hard to get along with. She does have her moments however where she can seem sweet, even sticky sweet but these are often over shadowed by her darker side, flogging old folks, stealing shipments of lollipops intended for an orphanage and other such petty things often amuse her.

Early Life

She was born at a level of prestige that makes her seem like the spoiled little rich girl. Her father is one of the commanders in hells army, her mother a damned soul of a magazine model. Thus she was born, hating both parents, cruel because of the fact she was a half breed born to a powerful devil. Her father always ignored her, she was never good enough for him, in time she just quit trying to impress him seeing she would never ammount to anything in his eyes. Years passed, Advocate developed the powers of a "Dark Muse" able to toy with the minds of her victims. Now at last a very young Advocate had something to use as an extension of her pain, hatered and disatisfaction. By the time Advocate was full grown there was noone in her fathers domain who would dare speak ill of her for fear she might steal their secrets directly from their heads and use them against anyone who tried.

An Intimate Betrayel

A very strange thing occured by the time the words of fear attached to her name reached her fathers ears, he had begun to lose his war against a rival for his domain and as such he needed alternatives to secure his power. It was then Advocates father looked to her, the duaghter he had once ignored was now his most prized tool in ending a war for he knew the other commanders weakness for females, especially ones he could control. It was at this time he had his duaghter summoned to him, he could end her relentless torment of his fortress staff AND his eight hundred year rivalry just by getting rid of his flesh and blood. Advocate was crushed, after nearly six hundred years of being ignored as a weakling she left her fathers audience chambers to find out all he wished of her was to inform her she would mary a crueler male.

Names and Power

Advocate would not allow herself to mary such an individual as her fathers rival, she put a plan into effect to remove herself from danger by letting slip her most valued possession, her diary which contained her TRUE name. She sent it to a realm she didn't care which one using the power of one of her fathers harem girls to teleport it. After that it was only a matter of time she knew before someone would use her name to summon her to whatever world it reached.

Mercy and the Merciless

In a dark room the Hellions chanted attempting to summon their prize who they believed had the answers to opening a portal between the world and hell, they could use the power promised to them in the strangely written book to take over the neighbourhood one block at a time. They were particularely careful to create the summoning circle as directed, the screaming girl in the middle of the circle was bound just so; it all was as their dark writer suggested. Within minutes the girls body began to change becoming far more idealistic and pale. Her hair turned shock white as virgin snow and her mouth opened to display a row of fangs. Unnerved they chanted fearing to stop now, they were frightened but knew stopping would be worse than continuing. Suddenly the weaker members of the summoning circle stopped chanting, their brains slowly leaking out of their ears as the figure in the circle howled in pain and agony, her transformation nearing completion. The few that were left continued to chant as another wave of psychic energy engulfed them, they wanted to stop but found they no longer could. One by one they dropped to the floor like spent fruit flies as the figure in the center of the circle rose to her feet and walked toward the one Hellion remnaining. He looked at her cruel naked beauty and mouthed. "My Desire..." nervously. The figure smiled as she looked down at him nearly eight feet tall. "Oh aren't you a darling..." she purred, stepping past the circles edge. This confused the Hellion as he believed she could not cross the summoning circle, it was then he felt his heart sink even as her eyes turned black as night. "I've been meaning to pick your brain on a matter... a girl does need to know how to live in her new home..."

Advocate let herself out of the Hellions hideout dressed in their ill fitting clothes, a stop to a nearby tailor would be first on her list. She looked up into the nights sky seeing the moon for the first time in her existence, angels lived there, she could see why, it was beautiful and vast. Advocate swore to bring the stars down to her feet at that moment.

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