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Rare scarfless pic of Ree. (( <33 Jord ))
Aegis Verve
Player: @Saucy Mynx
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Tank
Security Level: 20
Personal Data
Real Name: Rhiann Howard
Known Aliases: Ree, Freckles, Red
Species: Human
Age: 18
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Citizenship: Welsh/Praetorian
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Imperial City
Current Residence: Imperial City
Marital Status: Dating
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Mutation allows her to draw energy from the environment around her and channel it though her body, usually through her fists while she fights.
Known Abilities
Hand to hand combat
Also carries a special gauntlet with a feature that takes her energy and concentrates it into a defensive shield.


Before Ree.

John and Adeline Grey were happy in love. After attempting for three years, Adeline finally found herself pregnant. It was news that was received with joy and wariness. John was a rogue member of Powers Division, able to draw energy and throw it at his opponents. As a mutant, Adeline had developed her psychic abilities over the last twelve years and was, before marrying, part of the Carnival of Light which kept the resistance blocked from the Seers' prying minds. Even after the wedding, Adeline had agreed to continue helping in that endeavor. The shift in her hormones and change in her body threw her abilities slightly off kilter. It was decided that the couple would deliver their daughter at a friend's house.

Unfortunately, the best laid plans of mice and men.... It was January fourth. Adeline was out running errands ten days before her due date when her water broke mere blocks from the bank. Her labor began to go unexpectedly fast and those around her rushed her to Cole Memorial Hospital despite her protests. In desperation, Adeline called out to John through her psychic channels. Things were not going to plan, and even less so when her call was caught by a nearby Seer. Her psychic abilities were noted... they were strong and something Praetor Tillman wanted in her Seer network.

John arrived at the hospital minutes before the tiny girl with downy red hair was born. They were thrilled with the pathetic cries, the tiny fingers and toes and little nose. The first few hours with their daughter was heaven. It wouldn't last, however. A contact sent a message to Adeline informing her that the Seers were interested. The couple conversed, debated options and six hours after their baby was born the couple slipped out of the hospital with the infant.

Unbeknownst to the couple, several truly loyal members of Powers Division were stationed throughout the hospital. One of these was Darien Blain, a man with the remarkable ability to pull himself into a sort of bubble that protected him from being seen, heard or sensed by psychic abilities. Darien followed John and Adeline to their home in Neutropolis and waited across the street as they settled in. He called his people and within the hour a group of Seers and Tilman's followers descended upon the house.

Declaring Adeline was at risk without proper training, as well as stating her duty to be part of the Seer network, the PPD began a fight that would draw several Resistance members from nearby. It did not end well. The final tally would include seven members of the PPD, three Seers, five resistance members and John - all dead when Adeline was taken into custody.

The infant now needed a home.

And Then.

Knowing the abilities of both of her parents, it was decided that in the interests of Praetoria the infant be placed with a couple who had proven their loyalty. With her mother's psychic powers, they wanted to be sure there would be no difficulty in aquiring her for the seer network should she develop them herself. In the event that she displayed a mutation similar to her father, then she would be in a place where joining Powers Division would be encouraged.

The infant was placed with Marcus and Ryder Howard. Marcus was a well-known surgeon and researcher at Cole Memorial. His wife Ryder a known technopath working at Neuron Technological Industries. They had been married for ten years, and had entered the adoption process after Ryder had miscarried four times. They were prime candidates, and within a week, the new parents of the child they named Rhiann Grace Howard.

The couple was thrilled, and decided to raise her as their own without any mention of an adoption. As far as they were concerned, she was their daughter and their family felt the same way and would respect their decision to keep the adoption out it. They took her home, Ryder taking a full six months to lower her workload and do any remaining work from home as they acclimated to the growing family. She Rhiann was a quiet, easy baby to care for and quickly settled into her routine.

Having been informed ahead of time that her parents were both known mutants, it came as no big shock to Marcus and Ryder when a rather severe temper tantrum was suddenly accompanied by a burst of energy. Rhiann's tiny little hands balled up and then lit up with white light as she hit the ground and cried. The addition of the raw energy to the two-year old's hand cracked the Spanish tile in the kitchen.

And Theeeeeen.

That would be just the first in a long line of incidents involving Rhiann and her burgeoning mutation. She was unable to control when her body drew the energy in. Sometimes it happened only when she was in heightened emotional states, other times it happened when she was completely relaxed. One such incident left Ryder's most recent project - a palm sized mini-computer prototype in shambles.

The couple was very understanding of it, though it frustrated Rhiann to no end. She was self-conscious and felt awkward. In spite of this, Marcus and Ryder began to talk about her mutation like a gift, encouraging her to learn to control it and -in time- use it for Praetoria under the Powers Division mantle.

Rhiann's abilities matured. As did her temper. As the former strengthened, the latter mellowed. By the time she was fifteen, she enlisted with Powers Division. Hoping to protect her privacy for a while, her parents insisted she work under the moniker Aegis Verve. Her mother built her a special gauntlet which, when her powers were channeled through it, was able to create a full shield of energy that would absorb most attacks.

Aegis began being taken on lower end tasks, nothing too dangerous to start. She was a super, but she was still a child and learning the ropes. Within two years, however, the attention given her grew exponentially. Her name began popping up in papers, reports and gossip. The red-headed fighter for Praetoria was becoming popular. Loved by the Loyalists and lightly resented by the Resistance.

And Then and Then and THEN.

For three years, Aegis continued to work for Powers Division. Her parents never more thrilled with her dedication, they even overlooked it when her grades slipped. The longer she did it, however, the less she enjoyed it. It was expected, it was 'right' and so she did it. And then they made her kill a couple people. There had been casualties before, damage and injury - sometimes fatal. Being told to specifically remove someone in a permanent way was completely different.

Still, Aegis went through with it. She chased the target down, a known Resistance member who had been blowing up buildings where the Praetors kept supplies and files. She was to send a message, and instead got one herself. The eighteen year-old fought the man. He couldn't have been more than five years her senior. He had no super-powers. No mutation. No magic. Just a couple pistols and a pair of wide-open eyes. The whole time they fought, he talked to her, trying to get her to see what he saw.

After half an hour, he ran out of ammunition and into a corner. He was sore, tired, and in a last-ditch effort to get the young girl to understand he gave himself up. She walked toward him with her gaze hardened and landed the final blow. Unleashing a strong energy enhanced punch to his stomach, she met his eyes. As the pain of the impact subsided from his face his gaze softened and he whispered. "I forgive you... you're young still... escape it." He died soon after, leaving Aegis internally unsettled.

She called her supervisor and waited for the clean-up crew to arrive, then promptly left. Aegis ran home and Rhiann threw up. She couldn't do it anymore. She was not sure that she agreed with the Resistance completely, but she knew that she no longer agreed with the Loyalists. His words echoed. 'escape it'... the more she thought over things, the more she wanted to take his advice.

Aegis continued to work for Powers Division for another six months, though it was less often than it had been. Asking quiet questions had gotten her nowhere close to leaving. She couldn't just quit Powers Division. She would have to leave Praetoria... somehow.

The Rogues.

Her answer came around Christmas. She'd been poking around Studio 55 and heard a few people laughing about the snow lodge beyond the portal. Curiosity overcame her and she followed them through. Rhiann found the Pocket D ski-chalet and gleefully spent an hour playing in the snow before heading toward the fire and a drink. She was rustling around behind the bar when she a couple guys began to talk to her. Gadieo, Laz, Ben and Klay were standing next to the firepit. A game of Who Can Stay Quiet Longer began with her and Gad. It escalated over time, Gad's silence nearly being broken when a large red robot joined the group, tickling and poking him. The game finally ended when the robot produced a syringe. The sight of the needle caused Rhiann to pass out, falling from her perch on the robot to the floor.

She came to and they all began talking. The boys were all from Praetoria, but had recently left for various reasons. She half-mentioned thinking of leaving herself, and Klay presented her with a card before leaving. If she was serious, they would help her. She pocketed the card and began to think on it. Over the next month, Rhiann continued to hang out with the group. Meeting more of their friends. One of them turned out to be Cody, who she was quietly becoming attatched to. She had met him during her last few months of working with Powers Division. He was sweet and though he was self-conscious about his quirk, she found him somewhat endearing and more than a little helpful when running tasks.

She made her decision not long after. As long as she could bring her dog with her, she was leaving Praetoria. The Rogues agreed to help her. It took a month for her to get things ready, but finally she did it. They hauled her stuff through the portals, stashing it at their time-locked base. She was given a special watch which would allow her to get into the base, and that night, Cody helped Ree get the gangly Great Dane through the portal. She left her family behind and started a new life in Paragon. She helps the Rogues whenever she can, working at a comic book shop in Skyway City during the week.


Personality and Appearance.

Standing at roughly five and a half feet, Ree's head is topped with a long mane of rusty red hair. It is obvious that her lighter skin is covered in freckles, but for the most part she keeps it covered, hiding whatever smile she may or may not have on her face behind a scarf. It is rare to see Ree without the scarf, and her reasons for wearing it have so far been a secret. Peering out over the scarves is a pair of vivid blue eyes, seemingly backlit by a white light. She has a slim body with little curve to her, something which she alternately hates and likes about herself.

Abilities and Weaknesses.

Aegis's mutation is the ability to draw ambient energy from the immediate vicinity and push it through her system into attacks. There's debate on whether she could use it to throw the energy over distance, but she does not seem interested in finding out. She trained to use her powers this way and is more than happy to continue to do so. Thanks to a special bracelet/gauntlet her mother made, Aegis is able to focus some of the energy into a framework that creates a near-impenetrable shield. Able to use the shield as not only defense, but a rather nasty attack, this has become an integral part of her fighting style.

The energy drawing enables her not only to fight and protect herself, but also allows her to get around faster. Discharging the energy into her feet helps to propel her bodily around the environment, moving at heightened speeds. While not as fast as a 'speedster', she can outrun most cars.

With all of this, Aegis is human. Sickness, broken bones, mind control... she is susceptible to all of it. At this point, should she be caught without her gauntlet, she is unable to create the full shield. She is testing things in her freetime, hoping to be free of her reliance on the equipment, but it is slow in coming. Without the gauntlet, her defense is markedly reduced.

Beyond that, she sufferes from a fear of needles. Seeing one will more than likely cause her to pass out.

Notes of Interest.

  • She has a rather sizable collection of scarves to help cover her face.
  • She has a 1 1/2 inch scar that runs along the underside of her jaw and another on the ring finger of her left hand. It runs along the entire length of the finger, but is usually hidden because it is along the side next to the middle finger.
  • She always wears a gryphon-shaped ear cuff of silver on her right ear, but has no piercings.
  • Ree will likely never get her ears or anything else pierced as she has a rather huge fear of needles. It typically leads to fainting.
  • Ree has a habit of making friendship bracelets. You know the kind made of embroidery floss and all the knots? She's only ever kept one of them, the others she simply leaves where she is when they are complete. She knows one has been claimed by Cody, the others? She just hopes someone enjoys them.
  • Ree is left handed.
  • Though she has her license, Ree hates to drive. She prefers to energetically propel herself around the environment, and feels the car is too stagnant.
  • Ree has a serious love for cookies and candy. She never goes anywhere without some form of candy on her. Her favorites are Kit Kats, Reese's Pieces, and big soft gingerbread cookies with white frosting. Oddly enough, in contrast to her sweet tooth, Ree has a soft spot for seriously spicy food.


Cool Guys.

  • Ben, Laz, Klay, Gad and Zach - a group of former Praetorians she met in the D. After an epic silence contest, the guys told her they'd left praetoria, something Ree had secretly been wanting to do herself. She just might make use of the card Klayton gave her... and no, it isn't just because a couple of them are cute... though she does think they are. She took Klay up on his offer and has moved from Praetoria to the Noble Rogues hideout, taking Arthur with her.

  • Cody - Sweet, if nervous, cyborg who Ree met in Praetoria. Thanks to a short in his system, he constantly spouts random facts, and though it seems to embarrass him, Ree finds it fun and uses it to further conversation. To her, Cody is remarkably cute and sweet. It is obvious that the attraction is mutual, and after a lot of nervous conversation, he asked her out. She agreed. The two have been dating for a while and Ree is pretty enamored with him to the point where he has actually seen her sans scarf - even if it was just for a few seconds. She is viciously protective of the cyborg and will jump on anyone who threatens him. Somewhat of an ironic twist seeing as Cody spends his time talking to people about internet bullying. There's no denying, however, that she loves him.
  • Hilarity - This guy is -awesome-. He spazzes and constantly snows, but Ree likes him. It doesn't hurt that he likes Cody. Meeting him in the D one evening, they began a random dance party by the bar, leading to fun conversation and good times.


People she -really- doesn't like go here. So far none.


  • Family - Marcus and Ryder Howard - There's no denying that she loves her parents. Nothing is going to change that, they are her family after all. However, Ree finds herself more and more in opposition to their views and resents the fact that they pushed her to Powers Division and into the media light. And she doesn't like being grounded. She left them behind in Praetoria with an apologetic note of farewell. She has yet to go back home to see them, internally terrified of how that will go over.
  • Matt - Tall, blonde and cranky. Maybe not so much a friend at this point, but she plans to wear him down into one. Forcefeeding him chocolate and basically demanding he tolerate her presence. She's determined he'll -if not so much like her- be less cranky to her.

The Talk.

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