Aeon Aegis

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Aeon Aegis
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: Changing
Personal Data
Real Name: Vanessa Abilgale White
Known Aliases: Aeon (most commonly used), Aeon Aegis, Aegis, Galaxy Aegis.
Species: Meta human (Mutant)
Age: 20
Height: 5'9
Weight: 118 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Shiny Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: French / American
Occupation: Trainee, experiment and lackey for Dr. Aeon
Place of Birth: Rouen, France
Base of Operations: Aeon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Father: Omega team hero, Golden Aspis (Real name: Jonah White - desceased - Died fighting along with hundreds of other heroes in the Alpha Team's assault on the Rikti)
Mother: Bénédicte Abigale (desceased - Died from cancer in 1991)
Known Powers
Manipulation of probability / Entropy force expulsion
Known Abilities
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After his wifes death in 1991, Jonah White ( Aka. Golden Aspis ) resigned after a decade serving as hero in Paragon City. He simply left America to raise his only child into a more mundane life in a more peaceful part of the world. He brought his four years old daughter Vanessa back to the birth place of his wife in Rouen, Franch.

Since Vanessa's birth Jonah had hoped she would not inherit his genetics legacy as he knew it would be huge burden and responsebillity for a child. In 1997 it became clear that she had developed a mutation, as a mere touch from her, suddenly almost caused a fatal heart attack to another kid she was playing with at the beach durring a summer holliday in Florida.

Despite being a mutant origin himself, Jonah saw this as a disabillity for his daugther rather than a gift. Reluctant to let her explore and develope her abillites, he isolated her in his mansion in Rouen, keeping her away from sunlight and away from people. Instead than going to school and playing with other kids she spend her days sleeping in a dark room, while staying up at nights rechieving home teaching from her father.

In 2002 the Rikti invation errupted. As the Rikti war evolved, Jonah felt obligated to cancel his otium and put the cape back on once more to join the newly founded Vanguard. He returned to Paragon City, bringing Vanessa along with him. Well aware that his own chances of survival would be slim at best, Aspis left Vannesa in the care of a facillity made for the children of the fighting heros, and joined the Alpha Team.
Aspis was in the first wave of the Alpha Team heroes, launching a frontal assault at the rikti. His body was never found. The only thing which was recovered was a twisted and melted piece of his chestplate with his insignia escutcheon engraved on.

Vanessa was devastated by the loss of her father. As the war ended and the slow process of rebuilding Paragon City began, she was sent to a foster family willing to handle and care for a gifted teenager. She was started at high school the following summer 2003.
Beeing an old friend of Aspis, Back Alley Brawler decided to take Vanessa under his wings and put her into training with his rookie heroes, so she could make benefits from her mutation and the help her turn into a benefit for Paragon City as well.
Vanessa's abillities was very vertisal, but she seemed to lack any major control or direction. Remembering her father as a man with superhuman strenght and physics, he decided that she should focus on her physical training. Having high hopes for her potential carrier, he came up with the name Galaxy Aegis for her as her heroine alias.

Back Alley Brawler's efforts and hopes for Vanessa ended up scattered. Her dusky years in isolation had made her vunerable, shy and somewhat crippled her social skills and manners. She couldn't focus at the lectures and didn't get along well with the other students neither at her school or at the training grounds.
She did not have the stamina or fortitude to keep up with the much stronger physically gifted rookies she was teamed up with. Eventually she was injured durring training and became hospitalized.
All this added to the despair of the loss of her father made her feel useless and unwanted. She skipped school and training and ran away from her foster home.

Vanessa quickly came into bad company and ended up getting initiated into a gang who quickly saw the potential of exploiting her abillites for criminal purposes.
Her criminal carrier was shortlived though as she got wounded by police gunshots captured and arrested, durring a failed raid on a pawn store.
The pawn keeper had kept a shotgun underneath the counter. Vanessa paniced durring the hold up as the store owner reached for it while hitting the alarm. She hit him so hard her hand went though his head.
The PPD was quick to arrive outside the store ,so Vanessa and the gang was met by a rain of bullets as they tried to flee the scene.

Despite Back Alley Brawlers best efforts and Vanessa only being 16, she was trialed for murder and setenced to serve time as an adult among the dangerous criminals in the Ziggurat.

Nearly three and a half year later she escaped the Zig, aided to escape, by henchmen of Dr. Aeon. The Doctor, who had informants inside the Zig to keep an eye open spotting potential gifted ones, had grewn an interest and curriousity about the wayward girl and her mutation.
The doctor made her 'repay her dept to him' by serving him as his lab rat and lackey, esuring her that disobidiance at any level would be punished with a slow agonizing death.
To mock Back Alley Brawler in his failing in turning Vanessa into a heroine, Dr. Aeon boasted puplicly with Vanessa being a hero girl he had reshaped and formed into his own image and changed her alias into Aeon Aegis.


Dr. Aeon. - Even though she secretly despises him, she continues to serve him out of fear.
Dr. Aeon does not attempt to hide that he only keeps her around as a toy for experiements, amusement and facination, so Vanessa tries hard not to displease or aggrivate him.
Even though she hardly will admit it to herself, her short time as Aeons experiment have made her learn more about her own potential than she ever could imagin. It made the time she spend in Back Alley Brawlers training grounds, seems like four months of fruitless toil and pointless, punishing millitary excercise.
Dr. Aeon have inventend a temporary, but effective solution to her out of control mutation, using a mutagene inhibiting drug to keep the effects of her powers easy for her to control and surpress. The drug have some side effects though, which often causes her to have nausea, headaches and a short focus span.
Even though she is proud of her new alias Aeon Aegis, she dislikes it when someone asociates her with the doctor.


Her attitude

Vanessa speaks english with a visible french accent. Even though she understands english perfectly well she often tends to use use french substitude words for simple english words. Wether this habbit is intentional or not is hard to say, but she seems to be more prone to use french words in her sentences at times where she feels insecure or if she is around people she don't know. Some people think it's cute other find it annoying. If asked, she will claim she can't help or control it.

She usually seems shy and complexed about herself. To people she does not know or trust, she often tries to hide her lack of confidence under a paperthin layer of arrogance and attitude. Trying to pose as a selfconfident badass when she feels she needs to impress someone. She is often quickly irritated and angered if she feels someone bothering her.
Her hot temper does make her violent at occations. Even though she tresures her life and health, her selfpride and running mouth often brings her into serious trouble. She have been beaten up hard, occationally by someone stronger than her, because she didn't knew when to back out of a developing argument or fight.
On the other hand she is generally very forgiving and carries little grudge to anyone. Also if she got beaten up in a fight because of an argument she is willing to yeild her oppinion or take back her words in most cases, adimitting she was wrong. If she kicked the butt of someone else, she believed she could because she was right. No hard feelings afterwards on her behalf either way.
She can be sarcastic and rude at times if someone says or does something she finds utterly stupid.


Vanessa loves animals. She often preffers to spend her time in the company of a dog, cat or another furry creature, rather than being around humans as she finds their company less complicated and more rewarding. She tends to regard animal lives as worth more than the average humans and will attack and attempt to cause serious harm to anyone killing, tormenting or abusing an animal in her presense. She is a sworn vegetarian and even though she does not attempt to force others to agree with her about animal welfare, her easy going 'forgive and forget' nature does not include animal abusers, which she loath almost as much as the Rikti who killed her father.

Personal problems

Vanessa do not like to talk about her problems, but it's filed in her prison psychiatrist's case archive, that she suffers from 'Electra complex' due to her only growing up with a father figure, which she now has lost and also due to the social neglect during her teenage years. She still seems to grief heavy from her loss.
It is also noted that her isolation have crippled her social skills, which makes it hard for her to read and interpret peoples intentions. This has made some people exploit this naivete over the years. Something that left some mental scars on her and has caused her to become wary of any selfless act of kindness towards her or people just being nice in general.


Weaknesses and Limitations

OOC Notes

-"Aeon Aegis" has English as second language IRL and is prone to misspellings and grammatical errors etc. If you find some errors you wish to correct or wish to alter a flawed sentence into better English, feel free to do so. Having fewer flaws in my profile only makes me happy.

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