Aero the Arrow

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Aero the Arrow
Player: @Jared Eugene
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 44
Personal Data
Real Name: Aero Politzei
Known Aliases: N/A
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown(w/ dye.)
Biographical Data
Nationality: German (Legal US Citizen)
Occupation: Hero/ Human MD
Place of Birth: Aßlar
Base of Operations: Berlin
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: All of his family still exists.
Known Powers
Kinetics, Archery
Known Abilities
Kinetic Control, Psionic Control, Super Speed, Minor Regeneration
Bow and Arrows.
Aero speaks with his German accent at times, but he is learning to pick up the English language quickly.




Aero Politzei grew up in Berlin, even though he was born in Aßlar. He grew up knowing the full extent of his kinetic controlling abilities. However, strong power doesn't come without a price: Aero was born blue, and will always remain blue. When living in Berlin, Aero went to a private school, one of the best, unfortunately controlled by Arachnos. There, he met his only friend, Penny Weiß, who never made fun of him for his skin. There, he began to date Penny, but ended at the age of 17, when Penny was recruited by Arachnos. He began to strive himself, and graduated from school at that same year. There he began to work on his MD, which he achieved 4 years later, incredibly early.


Aero worked as a doctor in many hospitals, even in France, Spain, Italy, and Russia; but the last one he worked at, became filled with AI's. He saw many humans, and meta humans. Aero had begun to realize his full powers, and was using that to aid his work. In fear, Arachnos kidnapped Aero to ensure he wouldn't become a hero. They sent Fortunata Penny Weiß. once he was kidnapped, they realized who each other was. Penny put him in minimum security watch, hoping he'd be broken out or escape. Luckily, a group of 'Longbow' took Aero from Arachnos, and into their own base. There they began to drain Aero's mutations, and in incredible fear, he drained every ounce of Kinetic Energy from the base, and ran nonstop to Paragon City. there Aero pleaded his case, and was given a temporary visa to live in Paragon City. He took the citizenship test a week later, become a citizen of the US. There, after a month or so, he met Penny, who had renamed herself Morgan, or Owl-Fi as a hero name. After Morgan was kidnapped by the Rikti, Aero joined The Jadewire, hoping to help them find her. All attempts has been futile as of yet. When the mind lock of Berna broke from Owl-Fi, Aero did all he could in his medical power to save her, which he did. He brought her from an induced coma, saved her synapses from death, and kept her vitals normal during the whole scene: causing extreme anger in her father, leading to unjust accusations. The Statesman himself asked Aero to go on a task-force, his team succeeded, but Aero awoke with an injury. There was two of him: German (Everything doctor and uptight about everything, and will do only what the law allows him), and American (laid back and will do anything he can to help anyone, but he has no medical knowledge).



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