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Aezora in Mercy
Player: @Anko
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Dominator
Threat Level: 22 ( Still leveling! )
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Anko
Species: Nether in the form of a humanoid shape.
Age: Unknown
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: White
Hair Color: Shades of black
Biographical Data
Nationality: None
Occupation: Villain
Place of Birth: Netherworld
Base of Operations: Kings Row
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Energies of the Netherworld.
Known Abilities
Using nether to damage the body and essence of a living being.
No additional information available.

Character Descrption

Aezora is what some would consider the "evolved" form of a being who used to go by Anko. She still carries all of her past experiences and memories, but has since changed and matured. The form she has now is the long term result of changes that had been taking place within Anko since her creation. Her "evolution" can be described as a teenager going through puberty and maturing into an adult. During her early stages she was a puppet. As she ventured out into the world and became curious, it shaped her. When she learned of emotion, it controlled her. Now that she has matured she has come into her own and knows exactly what she enjoys and what she wants. No longer is she just a dark figure in the corner who lacks ambition.

Anko, or rather Aezora is the complete form of the nether energy she is made up of. Her old body was eaten away by the energies she wielded and after constant use for nearly everything in her life, they took over. Her natural appearance is what could be described as a demon of some sort. Her figure is seductive, soft to the touch and one might even say attractive. But like a demon she has hellish qualities to her in her natural form. Horns, a tail, scales over key areas for protection, thicker areas that add onto her own destructive power as well as intimdate those she faces. This is just one of many forms however. Just like before she can shape her body to fit for different situations. Only now instead of small alterations she can extend it to her entire being. However, she usually remains in her dark colors and carries the same general appearance to make her recognizable among those she knows.


Aezora's abilities come from the nether. The expected darkness control is there. She wields it against those in her way with the expected methods of blindness, fear and just overall terror. Hers are a step above what she could do in her immature form. She can no exert her will onto others temporarily from a short distance. Those under her control are possessed by her desires and will act out on her behalf. Controlled targets change visually as well to fit this change. Their form darkens, eyes go white and their body is surrounded by what could be described as a mist. This isn't permanent though and the visual effects quickly change when the possession fades.

Another aspect of her is her leech-like qualities. She enjoys taking in the life force of her prey. This can often be fatal if it is done often or on a large scale. This puts her in the same catergory as a vampire of a succubus, but not quite ont he same level. She doesn't feed off of blood or emotion(although can and usually does in certain instances), but can just simply pull the life out of another to nourish her own form. Also, unlike other leeching creatures, she doesn't need this ti keep existing. It does, however, make her stronger each time she indulges herself in it.

She can wield the nether to her desires. It can be used int he old fashion to strength melee blows or can be formed and expeled from her body. For combat purposes she keeps this discharge of darkness to her hands. While the nether is a sort of energy she can give it physical traits. She can bind someone in place with it or even form dark horrors that will do her bidding for brief moments in battle. Like all uses of the nether she can invoke fear in her targets as well through use of this energy.

Unlike most people of the nether she can use it to shape and change her appearance. Since her body is basically this energy that has taken a human-like shape, she can alter it to give her different qualities. She never becomes anything less than what is considered a humanoid shape however.

Aezora is very much intune with the emotion and presence now. She can pull feelings from someone she is near and if close enough or allowed to, read thoughts. She can also feel emotion left behind in her settings if they are fresh enough. Such as resting her hand on a wall where someone hit in anger and be able to feel the imprint of rage that lingers on.


Unlike her pervious form, she is very open to what she feels and wants. She is become more seductive and even perverted in nature. She isn't against teasing or even doing a bit more than that if her partner catches her eye. One trait she did carry over from time to time is her silence. She enjoys observing, watching people from afar or even at a close range. The social aspect of life intrigues her, but she doesn't involve herself too much in such things at times.

While she is very much into showing emotion, she doesn't partake in all aspects of it. She feels jealously is a wasted, ugly emotion from past experiences with it. This also applies to situations that draw similar emotions out such as drama. She tends to avoid these moments when possible and will usually wave off the situations if they call for her involvement. The opposite is also true in some cases. Happiness is welcome, but dull after a while. To draw her in she typically enjoys the more sinful type of emotions. She isn't against partaking in acts of the body, but doesn't always involve herself. Sometimes just observing or hearing about it is enough to quench her own desires.


This is just a rough outline of the character. I'll fine tune it over time and as I RP her out to get a better feel for this concept. Anyone who knew Anko is welcome to bring up that part of her as well. She will recognize those people, but some may not recognize her because of her change in appearance. Anyone who was close to her(or who could read minds, emotions, etc) would have a better time at realizing who she is.

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